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General Discussion / Re: verse numbering
(...) object, (...)
Objects, in NWC? I'm gonna check that, it's new to me.
Ctrl+J makes appear the proper window in which we find in order to read the code (I'll write some soon I guess) but it's not there that we must go now.
the "J" key will open the "Add object" window. Select the last one (
It's there that you can do what Mike talks about. The "Class" dropdown, in the User tab.
Note that you can also fiddle with its visibility according to the staff it belongs to, in the "visibility" tab.

Marsu, happy to discover a whole new part of NWC to learn, use and create :)
General Discussion / Re: verse numbering
  personally what I do is adding the number in the lyrics.
  This said, I was using that trick 12 years ago, I just came back to NWC and maybe it does it by itself now.
But this trick works, anyway :)

I just made a quick example, you may check the following file and see its preview (Alt,F,V after loading the file) numbering lyrics example

[Edit]: After posting the other message here, I went back to my example and added a new staff to do the same with the object. The file linked is updated so you can compare both approaches.
User Tools / Re: Retrograde User Tool
Josh, thanks so much for this! For writing ricercars it's perfet :D
Until it arrives, I used QuickTime to play midi files backwards. (Option[Alt]+LeftArrow, at the end of a piece, plays it backwards. Just listened yesterday to the Duet of the Cats of Rossini that way :))
Tips & Tricks / Re: A note for jazzy songs
Thx Lawrie for having done that too :)

More over, if you want to hear swing at play time, there are several solutions (or tips) on the NWC web site.
If you find it useful, I can make a php version of the tool I did for computing tempo changes and provide it as a php user tool within NWC(2 only) instead of the web page as it is now.

Just ask ( :)
General Discussion / Re: hats off To Lawri and his Swing Dings font family
Good morning to all,
  I join my voice and hand claps to Lawrie too!!! :)

  You did a great job, and some of my musicians (I play/manage a church band) will prefer the new look I can give to the scores. Particularly my guitarist is "aux anges" (untranslatable: very happy) with the guitar chords names! ;)

  I'm glad to see that there are still people like you to provide world with their work, for the benefit of everyone.

  God bless you,

  Best regards,
    Dominique 'Marsu'
General Discussion / Re: New Forum - Nice look.
Oops.  How do I edit what I just wrote?

Usually there is a link for this (when logged).
Let me see...

[Edit] Yes, on the top right corner, there is a "Modify" button :)

I like this new forum capabilities, though what (among other things, such as the chrono order) I liked in the previous was that it didn't take too much room (one of the reason I don't like PhPBB forii! plus that they are ssllooww with too many database tables)).

And the user tips & NWC2 forum are also there, this is great :)

[glow=palegreen,2,300]Thank you Eric :)[/glow]
Do you plan to add (or create??) some mods? (I'm thinking of tabular and language mods)
General Discussion / Re: IK BEN TERUGGEKOMEN!!!
Happy new year to "ME!" then, but please be constructive :)

For babelfish result (funny in english) go here.

P.S Ton français est plutôt bon d'ailleurs, Rob ;) Ich hoffe meine Deutsche Sprache is noch nicht zu "shreklich"...
General Discussion / Re: NWC to MIDI
There is a notice/hint about this. It's better (IMHO) to use local tempo changes, as proposed in the hint (cf the tips that can be displayed when starting the software).
It concerns both Breath Marks and Fermatas.
Note that for good play back in NWC, only one of them (vertically speaking) must be set with a value.
General Discussion / Re: How do I apply 2 syllables to one note?
the underscore used "like_that" joins syllables(words); but "that _ way" it adds a no-syllable note. :)
BTW, that's what we can use for numbering verses:
1_:_First ly-rics
2_:_Se-cond ly-rics
and so on.
(in French compound signs (: ; ! ?) must be preceded by a non-breaking space)
General Discussion / Re: Guitar Chords
well, guitar chords are just like pianoa chords: when there is Dm written, you have to enter the notes that compose it (the one intended by the author. on a guitar it depends where you play it, fret 2 or higher, for example).

To have them strum at play time, there is a user tool that does that perfectly, and which is made by the author.

P.S. If for you Am (for instance) is just a finger position, go one step ahead and know which notes it is. It'll help you alot, and furthermore you'll find NWC (and music) is much more easy ;)

General Discussion / Re: NWC & Classical Guitar
Well, there are some fonts for this, namely freta.ttf, fretb.ttf...
But they're not part of NWC software itself.

I remember someone had posted one or too fonts to "compose" chords graphically, some time ago. Being at office I can't look for it on my computer.

For fingering, are you talking of numbers on black circles? Otherwise, p,i,m,a are usually used, AFAIK (for picking hand).

NWC may suit your need, just try it... the shareware version is not limited in its functionalities.

You may find guitar scores on the Scriptorium, and one or two (thanks to missing Fred Nachbaur) on one of my pages.

General Discussion / Re: Translation...?
First of all, sorry for my long absence. quite busy those months.

About a French version, consider it quite done already. Including consistent quick keys with English version, at least up to 1.55b... I didn't work on that (personal) project since this version.
Total Commander (formerly named Windows Commander) is also a typical example of multi-languages application. I've even made a "[abbr=use of the tu, singular "you", which denotes familiarity, contrary to all other applications I know.]tutoiement[/abbr]" version of it.
General Discussion / Re: Not really NWC, but on music theroy
music theory is not so complicated.
If it seems to be so, then the approach is wrong...
Consider what the writer wanted to say.
Determine what is transient and what is not.

Why is there here a D at the bottom of all the chords? Certainly not because we are in F major: we are in D minor. And sometimes, the "main" tone may be different. This is called a modulation. We are not in 13th century no more... A piece starting in E may change to A later, then G, then E again, for example. In theory the last chord should be in the initial tune, but even this is not sure nowadays.

HTH though... :)

PS. knowing all the intervals help to name chords :)
General Discussion / Re: Stuck notes
Hope you found the cause of your stuck notes!!

I wrote this 2 weeks ago, but my ISP collapsed at that time. Here it is:

I know problem of hanging notes since a long time.
However, I do not understand why this one is a problem :

Code: [Select · Download]
since the note after the bar is altered too? The last one is not, and if I do alter(sharpen?) it, then the note is not hanging anymore.
Seems a bug to me, though. Only the last note needs to be altered, whereas standard notation would recommend/authorize the first one (after the bar).
(This comes from an imported midi file, but one can do it by hand too).
What is wrong?
General Discussion / Re: Plug-in for google desktop search?
I see the point this person mentions.
The "F3" tool of Windows(tm) lacks of efficiency.

On my side I've made (12 years ago) a tool calld ou.bat (where.bat) which gives me instantly all the files search; it's the same principle of the unix locate : it keeps a list of file names (and path) up to date, and search in that list (but with regexp, such as "bach.*fl.te.*nwc$" to find the nwc files in Bach directories with flöte/flute/flûte in the full name(path+filename).)).

With google desktop serach that I've just installed (one hour ago, it needs some time to index the disk but does it in background), you can find in filenames AND in contents. Answer is instantaneous, but limited to files it can analyze (NWC files contents are not indexed, but the filename is). I think that if NW provided such a plug-in for the desktop google tool would help.

But all this can be already done more efficiently with TotalCommander, as usually ;) : searching for filenames AND contents with (or without) regexp. Even in compressed (zip, rar, ...) files :D

HTH :)
SP2 is not exactly software in the common sense, to be short it's part of the windows system, and is a major update of it.
you can download it from the µ$ site, or directly from your PC through the usual maintenance options of the XP system.

Note that there are drawbacks to this upgrade, such as more memory consumption. All details can be found on specialized sites such as Tom's hardware or µ$'s.

BTW, isn't that upgrade mandatory since some days? in a typical "let's users decide" way...
General Discussion / Re: Slashed Grace Note Display
except adding a / in a text item, there is no standard way to do it within NWC1.75.
I may think to add it in boxmark2, but it doesn't seem a good idea.

P.S. What difference between acciaccatura and appoggiatura (appogiature in French)? (Cf. this Bach Notation page). To me it seems the same, and accicacatura would then be only a more modern notation, with the same meaning.
General Discussion / Re: modification of font
There is.
It's called a macro recorder, as the one that exists since win3.0...
In your case, you may want to use AutoIt (version 2 is enough, version 3 is more tough) which can send the same series of keystrokes (or mouse events) to the application you want (here, the keys needed in NWC to perform the fonts' changes).
If you want to change the fonts in the same manner on your files, of course!
Just pick on a paper what you type usually (you may want not to use the mouse, anything can be done without it in your case), and enter it the proper way into an AutoIt script.
you may find it (freeware of course) here : There are example of script in it. You even may .Exe from scripts :)

General Discussion / Re: Printing a score from Plugin
Well, there is no need to have something else.
I'd suggest to install the 1.75b plug-in anyway ;)
or reinstall the 1.75a. There is no reason, AFAIK, not to be able to print with the 1.75a version.
It may be obvious, but did you try to print anything else with notepad, for example? Maybe the plug-in doesn't show the printer icon when no printer is available, but I don't think so.

General Discussion / Re: Importing triplets in NWC2
It seems that the tripletize script is alright, but I've not read everything about it yet.
Andrew and Gennaro made a good work!

Otherwise for 1.x version, a good old macro still does the trick very well (cf. scriptorium).
General Discussion / Re: Importing triplets in NWC2
Wow! So many things to read on the NG... And I learned (thanks to you) that we may use perl too :)
My Ambitus (range from lowest to highest note of a score) tool is already written, as I see :)
General Discussion / Re: Newsgroup Problems
I tried this morning (Greenwich time) and it was working (as receiving at last, I didn't try to post. Too much to read first).
Hope you fell on transient trouble :/
General Discussion / Re: The Release(asking when)
About renaming files in mass, I think (once more) on TotalCommander. Ctrl+M as a quick key after selecting the files (even on many directories, referring to Ctrl+B which "flattens" the tree).

However, installing NWC2 doesn't remove any previous version unless you want it. This is not true for the NWC browser plug-in versions, but it seems not a problem to me. If you really want two versions of the browser plug-ins, just install them on different browsers :)

But I can't see why you want a batch conversion from NWC1 to NWC2... I still have NWC 1.1 files on my PC (in old 8.3 name format, for many), and I don't understand what your problem can be! The one exception is the .NTW extension, which is deprecated. Saving a file in NWC2 format by accident if it is in 1.# version can not happen, unless you don't read what NWC tells you ;-)
General Discussion / Re: Scriptorium now accepts NWC2 files
Thanks David :)
Note: Domenic must be the proper pronunciation in English (as the 2 "i" here are equal in French.)
However Ertuðrul is right for the spelling :)

I'm impressed of the quality of the PHP scripts. I've always wanted to see a part of NWC code (in C/C++) but seeing the PHP scripts, I'm convinced (if ever I wasn't yet ;)) of the good quality of what Eric writes. Compact and efficient though readable. Very good work. And comments inside, too! Not too much, just what's needed. The extra comments would be necessary for people who don't want to search in PHP information sites/books.
However I wrote mine in PHP3; my ricercar is far less well done that this one (nwswretrograde). So I'll trash it, but my ambitus is still correct. I'll use the .inc for better integration though, since until then I had to paste myself in a PHP page on my website. Now Alt+F8 does everything :)
General Discussion / Re: Scriptorium now accepts NWC2 files
Ha! I just found this via the Scriptorium "new stuff" page, which is the startup page of one of my browsers (Firefox 1, namely).
"De fil en aiguille" (?? in English? from here to there?? Consequently??) I had to launch my NWC2 preview which told my it was "very old" (sic) and sent me to the download sction. I then went to the NWC2 resource page, where I discovered the NWC2 PHP User Tool Starter kit that made me discover the "User Tool" command which I now urge to experiment, since it didn't exist on my version.
I see with delight that many things happened here while I worked on my house (I now have a room for our incoming fourth, and a decent living-room (3x3.5m)) :-)
Briefly: I'll have a look on the new features, and I'll be back with the stuff I made.
For if I had no time while leaving my previous job to go to the WNC site and related ones, I made some PHP scripts on my side (ricercar, a new version of my swing tool, tripletize) without telling anyone (which was silly), and you can't imagine how happy I am to see that PHP is now an official tool for NWC!! :-D

Enough (too much?) said, a new day is starting and I have to wake up my family for school. Hope to be back soon :)

Have a nice day, all!

Marsu, back at last
General Discussion / Re: Repeats
There are 4 examples in the Samples directory.
You may look at them, play them and experiment with them to better understand how it works.

Nevertheless some special cases are not covered by these examples, so you may want to try to create the new ones, or ask here if someone already did :)

General Discussion / Re: Finale files conversion
A rough one. With a long almost-horizontal stage between the 2nd climbing part.
Said in a different manner, you can do some trivial thing quite rapidly, then learn very progressively new things, and when you know much more, you'll finally be more at ease with the program. And maybe more confident, if you happen not to crash too often. I've been told that the most recent version was more stable... on a Mac OS X at least.

If you want to write music, compose, transcribe, and so on, use NWC.
General Discussion / Re: ----Sound Fonts?----
Good thing!! It's years since I can't use SF2 fonts though I wanted to, and I really wanted to find a way without changing my sound card (an old SB16 on my old PC). SynthFont does what I expected so long :)
In the meanwhile, I used to use Yamaha Synth software, to have a decent sound.

=> Andzono, AFAIK, the only differences between an NWC file and its MIDI version are the Fermata & breath marks. But you can turn them into tempo changes to avoid that behaviour.

General Discussion / Re: Small bug?
To NWO: this explains the behaviour observed. I think I won't use the bars' audit in some cases then.
To Robin: I suppose you meant to have an additional option for this. A JSBach's score, for instance, would be cluttered by such courtesy accidentals, if it had to be set on each and every note.
To Joey: yes, it's clearer, though not mandatory. Personally  I prefer the ( ) version, otherwise I wonder if I've not missed a change of key sig (which happens in playing in first sight ("déchiffrage")).

conclusion: an extra option for "forced accidentals" would be great, especially if it would allow the parenthesis :-)
General Discussion / Re: Orchestra Instruments
for MPCs, experimenting oneself is the best thing to do.
Just change the parameters one by one, or you may not understand what happens.
You may also look at the doc written by some power users, that is still accurate for this, on the scriptorium, and a quick view to this.
General Discussion / Re: Users Guide Online
As a matter of fact, having (for once) Publisher on my office's PC, I've started to export the CR in HTML format (my own goal being to deliver a french translation of it, or a bilingual version). This takes time because as soon as an image and a text are "layered" (which happens very often), the exported result includes big GIFs instead of HTML text, so I have to modify the .Pub sourcefile to obtain a satisfactorily HTML set of files.
If some people are interested in the .pub files I've done (and am currenttly doing, but at a slow pace) in the process, or in the HTML result, just ask me.
Nevertheless, the Command Reference is still useful for many people (including me); but it's true also that it needs to be updated :)

NWCly yours,
General Discussion / Re: Requiem K 626: Lacrimosa
AFAIK, this requiem uses the "standard" lyrics for a requiem, and you may find them in many sites.
Especially if you bought good CDs, the lyrics of what you hear should be printed in the booklet, even on such classics. However, this kind of details is often forgotten, and that's really a shame.
I learned English just to understand what my favorite songs were saying (and as it was mainly 50's RnR, I was quite surprised sometimes ;), and I was delighted to see the M.Jackson or the Beatles included the lyrics on the LP's paper envelope :)
In the same manner, IMHO it is a good practice to give the lyrics in the .txt that should accompany one's NWC file that includes lyrics.

Don't forget to look at the lyrics of the Rex Tremendae, too ;)
General Discussion / Re: NWC is a mighty nice program, BUT...
On my side when I need this, I leave the mouse (pointer!) above the right arrow of the horizontal slider. As I rarely use the mouse within NWC (or in general), it's just a click (no move) away.

P.S. Good candidate for the good old macro recorder, this said :)
General Discussion / Re: the chant challenge
Nice & simple web page , Niels :)

What you can do, is to do your scores (with stems) within NWC; then use the copy special to export them as WMF (in Print Preview).
Paste them in some tool such as µ$Word, Star Office, or some graphic programs that know the WMF format (PaintShopPro does it I think). Then remove the stems by hand.
Hoping you'll have to do it once only...

And don't forget to go to the Wish List, asking for notes without stems!! :)
General Discussion / Re: Confused!!!
you'll find an example I made 2 years ago.

Hope it is a good example of what you can do with MPCs for trills.

P.S. It seems you use the term tremolo instead of vibrato. AFAIK, tremolo is a rapid alternance between two notes (typically octaves or fifth, on piano), whereas vibrato means you produce variation of height around the same note (with the voice, breath or hand according your instrument). If I'm wrong please someone correct me.
Anyway, you can't make tremolos with an MPC, but you can with vibrato (with more than one MPC usually, and with value not exceeding half a semitone (2000). You'd better use the numeric value instead of the slider, if you want to be more precise :)

General Discussion / Re: Upgrade 1.7b
  • As long as NoteWorthy Online says "version 1.75b includes additional security safeguards (which safeguards NWC against a virus attack)", I'm confident. I work with NWC software since enough time to know (by experience) that they do a good job.
  • About pen vs keyboard, and typos: it is clear that the usual standard QWERTY keyboard is NOT intuitive, as it was created to slow down the user at a time where the typewriters had needles that needed not to be mixed up. If you want a keyboard that allows you to type much quicker, use the Dvorak configuration (look into your windows help).
    And funny, what I used to write by pen in 30 seconds (with 2 minutes to re-read it as I write like a mad cat) now takes me 15 seconds on keyboard. Plus a spell checker, at least here when adding reply, just look at the top of the page when clicking "Preview"), which I like since US-English ain't my mother tongue.
    You probably have 10 fingers. Use all of them if you can. It's worth the effort!
    About the voice recognition, it's rather proved idiot... But what fun :)
An eastern-from-Rhein kid
General Discussion / Re: How can I switch lines?
It's kinda funny that some new users don't get this natural behavior of NWC. Probably an acquired behaviour from other scoring softwares?
I've never thought of how many paragraphs or chapters I want in a text document before I start to write them. And I'm ready to bet that nobody does!

Better, that kind of concept allows you to have only one file to manage full-orchestra scores and single instrument score. Just choose what you want to print at print time.
General Discussion / Re: Upgrade 1.7b
Usually with NWS products, there are advantages to install the updates. I've installed more than 15 updates of NWC I think, and was never sad for having done so. I can't tell the same from some other (more expensive) products of much greater companies who take less care of their users.