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Tips & Tricks / Locale: Is there a chart mapping the NWC notes durations to French?
Inspired of faq #79, courtesy of NWA. Thanks for their kind support!

For spanish names (español nombres), please see ¡Gracias Ramón Pajares Box!

In NWCBritishFrench
thirty-seconddemisemiquavertriple croche
sixty-fourthhemidemisemiquaver quadruple croche
And for the rests ("silences") versus notes? Here it is:-
In NWCFrench
whole restpause
half restdemi-pause
quarter restsoupir
eighth restdemi-soupir
sixteenth restquart de soupir
thirty-second resthuitième de soupir
sixty-fourth restseizième de soupir
Hope this helps! (En espérant que cela vous aide !)
All remark will be appreciated. Toute remarque est bienvenue.
Tips & Tricks / Measure numbers
Some of us may have to augment the number of the measure; typically after a repeat section, to have a "more logical" numbering.

To perform such a thing, you may :
  • Enter a bar line
    (quick key: TAB or *)
  • Enter a 64th rest
    (quick keys: 6, -, Space)
  • Select those two items
    (quick keys: Shift+left+left)
  • Make them invisible
    (quick keys: Ctrl+E or Alt+Enter, Alt+Home, Ctrl+PGDn, Ctrl+PgDn, N, Enter)
This will add 1 to the measure numbers.
If you want to add more, simply copy (Ctrl+C) then paste (Ctrl+V, Ctrl+V...) the selection as much as you want.

You may want to add a hidden tempo change before and after the hidden measures, to keep playback as accurate as possible.
First add a tempo with a value of 750 (base: Dotted Half) to make all of this as short as possible,
then a tempo with the previous value.

You may also force the line break of the first visible bar line, in order to place it at the beginning of the staff (where you see the numbering)

If there is more than one staff, then copy the whole thing to other staves too.

Oh, and while I'm at it: if you want to have measure which "doesn't count", simply enter a text item (with the pipe "|" character, Alt+124) in a standard font, for instance) instead of a real bar line :-)

Feel free to send me (or add) comments or asking an example!

I just had an idea to make exactly the reverse thing — I mean having measures with "bar lines that don't count".
Here is how:
  • Start by adding a staff over the highest one.
  • Fill it with measures with a single whole rest you set to "never" display (set the first one to that, then copy/paste it for the others), with the correct "normal" time signatures at the proper places.
  • When you need two measures (for example) that count as one only, insert a time signature that has twice the normal current value (since the example is for two).
  • Delete one measure to keep the same length (two minus one)
  • Don't forget to re-enter the "normal" time signature.
  • When everything seems correct in the Print preview, layer this toppest staff to the next one.
See the linked file to have an example! (I made three "double measures")
Tips & Tricks / Misc: About categorizing tips
A suggestion (which is not mine, but Eric's, but as I agree...) about the tips:
naming the tip with a keyword can allow people to find the tip they need more easily.
For example, is named:
Misc: About categorizing tips

The categories previously used in Tips (User Fonts | Inserting Symbols | Printing | Editing | Transposing | Lyrics | Misc) and still used in the FAQ (Editing | MIDI & Sound | Troubleshooting | Misc) are already useful, feel free to use them; anyway I'd suggest to add:
but any user can use his/her own.

Just a suggestion, not a tip really, but it may be useful. This is entirely up to you.

This would enable using the Title Sort to also find tips by category.
Tips & Tricks / Misc: Tips: Going Directly to the Letter L
In the NWC users' tips, you can go directly to the tips starting with "L" by clicking HERE (or here, as the case is not important, i.e. "W" and "w" are seen the same for this).
You just have to change the letter after "startat=" to choose the letter you want to go to.
Copy+Paste the following text into the address location of your browser, complete it with the letter you want, and type enter!

For example, we could have (when the number of tips will be big enough) a quick access in this way:
0..9 | A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z | others

In the same way, we could display only the 50 oldest tips, which may have been reviewed since they were written...

Hope this helps!
Tips & Tricks / How to Make NWC Play Jazz
Here is a way to make NWC play jazz - see the *.nwc files I join in (1K).

In the tempo track (create one if necessary), create a measure containing MPCs (Insert: Multi-point Controller, Tempo) before each half of beat, which changes the tempo. For example, for a 60 "regular" tempo, 1st MPC contains (in absolute value) 45, the 2nd MPC (2nd half beat) contains 120, and so on. Now repeat that 4 times (in 4/4), and repeat the measure (using repeat bars), and this should give a 2/3, 1/3 feeling. You can adjust this precisely to make the 2nd half beat shorter or longer (see below for exact values).

The formula to be used to determine tempo values is :

(T1 = tempo of 1st half beat, T2 = tempo of 2nd half beat, T = normal tempo)
2/3 + 1/3 : T1 = 3/4 * T and T2 = 3/2 * T
3/4 + 1/4 : T1 = 2/3 * T and T2 = 2 * T

The generic formula, for any ratio, is :
T1 = 1/2 * T * (1 + ratio)
T2 = 1/2 * T * (1 + 1/ratio)
where ratio = length (NOT tempo!) of 2nd half beat / length of 1st half beat. For example, for 2/3 + 1/3, ratio = (1/3)/(2/3) = 1/2.

(Many thanks to Andrew to have made me think of this adaptation on the hint I gave on lazy feel...)
Tips & Tricks / Misc: Adding Shortcuts to Tabs in Template Selection
Simply name your directories as "&Voice" instead of "Voice", and you will be able to use the Alt+V key to select your voice templates.

Take care not to duplicate the hotkeys, of course. This will speed up your navigation between tabs. Please note that the "&" character must be present just once (anywhere but last) in the directory name. To order the tabs, directories must be created in the final order (or use DS.exe of Norton).
Tips & Tricks / Misc: User Group Mail List
In ancient times, you may have wanted to visit this page for information on a user group mail list:

But for circumstances beyond my will, this user group no long exists. It was not a frankly success anyhow, but it may have helped some people.

As time goes by, it comes that the need will get less and less and more and more people have internet access at home (dixit Rich., which I agree).

It would have been really usable if people on the newsgroup can add it as a Cc: address, but without having to receive it back, which was a nuisance.
If you have ideas or comments, or would be happy with such a facility, please feel free to contact me.

Note : une liste francophone est cependant d'ores et déjà disponible.