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General Discussion / Re: Scriptorium Update
Last post by Richard Woodroffe -
The Scriptorium has been updated with works submitted by :

Bertrand Vanbrabant   Alpenrose Polka, Op. 127   (Strauss, Eduard)
Richard Woodroffe   Der Fl├╝chtling (The fugitive) (Schubert)
Mike Gibson Cantata No 140 - Sleepers' Wake Chorus (English) (Bach)

If you would like to be notified every time the Scriptorium is updated, please send an e-mail  requesting Scriptorium Update
notification to scriptoman "at" tiscali "dot" co "dot" uk

A usertool can only be run within an open NWC file and can only do things with that file.
But 3 years ago Rick G. has written 2 tools:
1. for copying a staff from one file
2. for pasting that staff into another file

I think that's what you need.
General Discussion / Printing multiple songs per page
Last post by SEBC -
Is it possible to print more than one song per page? I've got some short rounds to print.
Hi Bart, thanks for your contribution.
But maybe it wouldn't need that much automation of the user tool.
I think of having the destination file already open in the same NWC window, just under another tab.
Then, it would be of great help if, after copying a bunch of staves in the source file, then manually opening the destination file tab, I could have access to the copied stuff to manually paste it into the destination file.

User Tools / Re: Copy and past measures of mutiple staves
Last post by Bart -

I know that user tools are always working from within an open NWC file, but I never saw a user tool that opens a file from disk.
But, of coarse, it is not because I never saw it, that it must be impossible. Therefore, I looked at the source code for nwcut in github, but nothing there suggests that a usertool can open other NWC file.
So, I fear it is not possible to copy/cut/paste items between files with usertools.


General Discussion / Re: Producing a "jazzy" feel
Last post by SEBC -
Just popping in to say that I'm looking forward to using a new tool!
User Tools / Re: Copy and past measures of mutiple staves
Last post by HorstH -
This tool appeared to be great for me, but now I wonder:
Is it not meant to do what I want, or am I just too stupid to use it properly?
My purpose is to merge several songs of choir music (of types varying between SAB and SSAATTBB, each of
them with piano accompaniment) into a single file, thus restoring the medley they were originally separated
from as a whole.
Copying a bunch of staves at once, including lyrics, seems to go like a charm with the tool, but I can't figure
out how to paste these to a prescribed position of a separate file thereafter.
Actually, our choir's present programme consists of four musical medleys, each of which carrying between 5
and 8 single songs. Over the past year, I had supplied our members with rehearsal files of each of the single
songs, one after the other. Carelessly, I had recently announced I would try to provide the complete medleys
as well, as they are to be performed. But meanwhile I've realized what tremendous amount of dull work this
would be, copying staff after staff, and lyrics line after lyrics line...
Can anyone help me out?
Object Plugins / Re: (version 1.0)
Last post by SEBC -
Object Plugins / Re: (version 1.0)
Last post by Peter Edwards -
Change the Class from "StaffSig" to "Standard".
Object Plugins / Re: (version 1.0)
Last post by SEBC -
Hi Mike
I'm trying to use this plug in to create a label at the beginning of verses. Is there a way to make it show up only on the first line? I don't want it on the subsequent lines of the song (I do want different labels on the beginning of each verse). Is there a different solution for what I seek?

Thanks for your help!