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General Discussion / Christmas humor.
Last post by Warren Porter -
I saw this in a Music Humor group--the copyright notice gave the right to share, so I swapped out the lyrics. Don't know how to not play the refrain in verses 2 and 3 though.
General Discussion / Re: Bracketed Staffs - common "comands"
Last post by Lawrie Pardy -
Not to my knowledge, but if you highlight the appropriate section on one staff, apply your slur (or whatever) then press <PgDn> or <PgUp> as required, the selection will follow you to the staff you go to, then you can apply the command again.

E.G. for a slur, highlight the required section (position cursor at the starting location, hold down <Shift> and move the cursor to the finish location, arrow key for an object at a time, and <Ctrl+Arrow> for a bar at a time.  Then press <;> (semicolon) which is the keyboard shortcut for a slur.

Not as nice as applying across the entire score at one time would be, but better than having to make the selection on each and every staff.

I'm going to guess you normally use the mouse for doing things?  If I'm wrong I apologise, but if I'm correct I recommend that you learn the keyboard shortcuts.  They save a huge amount of time.

For placing things like dynamics, MPC's, Special Endings etc., place the first one, copy it (highlight and press <Ctrl+C>) move to the next staff, or required position, and paste <Ctrl+V>.  This saves having to go though the dialogue box every time.

I've found copy and paste, and persistent highlighting from staff to staff two of the more convenient tools in NWC.
General Discussion / Bracketed Staffs - common "comands"
Last post by vibe -
Is there a way that I can apply for example slurs, special endings, MPCs, or other "commands" to the entire bracketed arrangement once, rather than having to insert the same on each and every staff?

General Discussion / Re: Scriptorium Update
Last post by Richard Woodroffe -
The Scriptorium has been updated with works submitted by :

Richard Woodroffe   Amphiaraos (Amphiaraos)   (Schubert)
Mike Gibson   Missa Brevis in Bb (KV 275) (Mozart)
Bertrand Vanbrabant   Schützen - Quadrille   (Strauss, Johann, Josef and Eduard)

If you would like to be notified every time the Scriptorium is updated, please send an e-mail  requesting Scriptorium Update
notification to scriptoman "at" tiscali "dot" co "dot" uk

Stay safe

User Tools / Re: ColoringBeamsSlursTriplets.og
Last post by Wilm Boerhout -
Ok. my folder C:\ProgramData\Noteworthy Software\nwc2\UserPlugins did not contain the file Beam.hmm.nwcuser so I downloaded the file from the original makers note (it says it is v0.9) and placed it there. Then ran the plugin again -- no difference in behaviour.

Although programming is no stranger to me (and vice versa), I am not at all familiar with the NWC Plugin setup, and possibly I am assuming too many things to be in place when they are not.

I am using a licensed version of Noteworthy V 2.75a.2, and apart from the above download, have not modified the install at all.
User Tools / Re: ColoringBeamsSlursTriplets.og
Last post by Wilm Boerhout -
I may be missing something in the setup then. Attached are two screenshots, showing what I see in the relevant section in NWC, and when I print (actually, you see a screen shot of my PDF)
User Tools / Re: ColoringBeamsSlursTriplets.og
Last post by Opagust -
Hello Wilm,

Can you clarify your problem?
- When I download, open and print your NWC file, it shows the stems and beams (see attachment).
- What do you mean by "the color shown in NWC is not my (modified) Color:7"
User Tools / Re: ColoringBeamsSlursTriplets.og
Last post by Wilm Boerhout -
I ran into this exact same problem, and found this solution. In the NWC file (and the clip format), it appears to work although the color shown in NWC is not my (modified) Color:7

In the printed output, the note stems and beams have disappeared (or colored white?). Note heads are still there. See bar 17-18 for first occurence.

I only recently picked up NWC again, so it might be my mistake... the purpose of all this is to create a score that supports me (on tenor sax playing the cello part) not playing the pizzicato's.