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General Discussion / Re: Warren Porter's Spacer tool
Last post by Mike Shawaluk -
Most of the time, I find that I only need to add spacers to a single staff in order to get things properly spaced, although there are times when an extra spacer or two is needed on one or more of the other staves. There is probably some rule which would describe how or when this is needed, but I've never quite figured it out.
General Discussion / Re: Where are the colors from Tools/Options/Color Tab stored?
Last post by Lawrie Pardy -
Thanks Lawrie, but I don't find a sub directory 'Software'.
I have version 2.8 Beta 1 of NWC and Windows 10, if that's important.
It's not a folder, it's a registry key.  You can manually check it out with "regedit" (part of windoze), but I have no idea how to extract data programatically.  Can't be too hard as pretty much every application written for windoze uses the registry.
General Discussion / Where are the colors from Tools/Options/Color Tab stored?
Last post by Opagust -
Via 'Tools/Options/Color Tab' you can change the colors. But I wonder: where are the stored?
I have written some tools where one can set the color of an object or staff, but I can't show the exact color next to the names ('Highlight 1', ...) in the dialog box.
If I knew where I could find the color values from the Tool/Options, I could present a more user friendly dialog box.
General Discussion / Re: Warren Porter's Spacer tool
Last post by Warren Porter -
Thank you! I appreciate the feedback.

I haven't created anything to handle more than one staff at a time and only use JavaScript. If you can show me how you use it (or would like to use it), I'll see what I can do. Please attach a sample file with only a few measures to a reply (a conversion of the file to nwctext would also work).
General Discussion / Warren Porter's Spacer tool
Last post by SEBC -

I'm just popping in to say how helpful this tool has been for me over the years since I started using it. Every time I do, I quietly bless Warren.

What would be an awesome update would be the ability to space multiple staves at the same time. Is that out of question? I don't really know how these things work, just that it saves me a lot of time, and I'm grateful!

General Discussion / Re: Custom Templates in NWC 1.75
Last post by Mike Shawaluk -
Hi Mike
Strictly speaking, it's not NWC2's exporting to MIDI that is the problem.  NWC2 doesn't like a string of Instrument changes with no notes between them.  This thread explains:
Thanks for the reminder. I should have remembered this, since I did participate on that other thread.

I will let Lawry and Flurmy continue helping you with the custom template thing in NWC 1.75. Perhaps in the background, we'll figure out a way to correct the NWC 2.75 MIDI export behavior so it handles program changes more consistently.