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General Discussion / Playback Settings
Last post by ItmightbeJB -
Suddenly when I hit my F5 Play button it goes back all the way to begin playing at measure #1.  It used to playback from whichever measure my cursor was in.  Can I get it that way again?
Tips & Tricks / Re: Tempo Change
Last post by Lawrie Pardy -
Insert a Metronome Mark:
Position the insertion point where you want the mark to be
Press <T>
Fill in the details in the dialogue box (E.G. Quarter, 96)
Click OK
Sorry i didnt respond earlier as i come and go only to notice later a due response on my behalf. The sfArk unpacker from the net download suspends the contents. I use Midijoke to play sf2 file on noteworthy along with a host like synthfont or other freeware sf2 or vst player versions whose purpose is to link via midi options programs together like in this case nwc with say synthfont via midiyoke. But Notewothy  viewer plays sf2 playback capability in nwc2.75a instead of going to the trouble of the previous set up which has its advantages. I still like the general midi simplex without the lore of sf2s, vsts, or any virtual instruments as well for their raw and crisp yet vast horizon capabilities say the one partial of the totality 128 GM instrumentsquared.  :o  ::)  8)  ???
Tips & Tricks / Tempo Change
Last post by BerryPatch -
I have been using NoteWorthy Composer to edit midi files to incorporate music into the slides (PowerPoint) for church hymns when our organist is not available. Some of the tunes wind up being aerobic exercises instead of songs. Is there any way to slow down the pace (tempo) of a tune?
Not as a plug-in. Users would have to download and install to play an .nwc file on your site.
The SIbelius notation program used to have a plugin that allowed embedding of sibelius files.  Visitors needed the scorch plugin to view the scores and play those files.

Does NWC2 have something similar?
Is it possible at all to embed NWC2 files in a web page in such a way that other people can view and play that file?
If yes, can you provide details how to do that for HTML5?
Thanks in advance.
General Discussion / Re: Scriptorium Update
Last post by Richard Woodroffe -
The Scriptorium has been updated with works submitted by :

Bertrand Vanbrabant   Arm In Arm - Polka mazur   (Strauss Joseph)
Mike Gibson   The Secret Sins   (Gibbons)
Richard Woodroffe   Sehnsucht der Liebe (Love's yearning)   (Schubert)
Ann Macfarlane   Magnificat   (Macfarlane)  Updated

If you would like to be notified every time the Scriptorium is updated, please send an e-mail  requesting Scriptorium Update
notification to scriptoman "at" tis   Magnificat   (cali "dot" co "dot" uk

The Scriptorium has been updated with works submitted by :

John Hooper   Regina Coeli - KV 108   (Mozart)
Bertrand Vanbrabant   For Ever - Polka   (Strauss Joseph)
Bertrand Vanbrabant   Titi-Polka, Op. 15   (Strauss Joseph)
Bertrand Vanbrabant   Jucker-Polka, Op. 27   (Strauss Joseph)
Bertrand Vanbrabant   Vorwarts!  Polka, Op. 127   (Strauss Joseph)
Bertrand Vanbrabant   Feuerfest Polka, Op. 269   (Strauss Joseph)
Bertrand Vanbrabant   Tarantel Polka, Op. 6   (Strauss Joseph)
Bertrand Vanbrabant   Caroline - Polka Mazurka   (Lumbye)
Bertrand Vanbrabant   Express-Polka, Op. 311   (Strauss)
Warren Porter   Eine Kleine Nachtmusik   (Mozart)
Warren Porter   Song Without words Op62 No 1   (Mendelssohn)
Warren Porter Waltz No. 15 in A-Flat Major   (Brahms)
Mike Gibson   Record of John   (Gibbons)
Richard Woodroffe   Die Sterbende?(The dying girl)   (Schubert)

If you would like to be notified every time the Scriptorium is updated, please send an e-mail  requesting Scriptorium Update
notification to scriptoman "at" tiscali "dot" co "dot" uk

User Tools / USERTOOL: show_all_note_names.lua
Last post by Bart -
You probably all know the usertool "show note names" which can be found in the .Automatic group and was delivered by Noteworthy self.

I have made an extension of this tool. It does not only show the note names in the current staff, but it shows all the sounding note names in all staves. An additional staff with rests and note names in the Lyrics is added at the end of the score where up to 8 sounding note names can be displayed.

I also added information about the fact that an instrument can sound lower or higher then the displayed notes (> when it sounds higher, < when it sounds lower). A trumpet in B flat will produce a Bb when a C is played.  "< C" will be shown.

For composing reasons, I finally added for each chord if the notes in a chord are part of an octave or a fifth (upper case for the bottom octave/fifth, lower case for the upper octave/fifth). This information could be helpful when checking for unwanted parallel fifths and octaves, since these sometimes unwanted parallels can only appear when these intervals are present.

To undo: just delete the (last) staff with the chord information.

A few remarks:
* triplets are converted into non-triplet duration notations and may therefore be slightly out-of-sync - but that is automatically corrected in the following chords.
* if staves have different time signatures, bar lines don't always appear at the same time. A bar line is added in the new chord names staff whenever a bar is present in one or more "normal" staves.
* this tool doesn't take care of scores where measures are added in between (but skipped) to cope with different verse texts, because it ignores master and local repeats. For this kind of scores the tool  will produce a useless chord name staff!
* this version of the tool treats drum staves as normal staves, which may also show useless and confusing information!

General Discussion / Re: Shepard effect
Last post by Flurmy -
you should have seen my original attempt which made use of Fred's method of overlapping  glissandos with appropriate volume controls
Ehm... no. Where is it?
I was just fiddling with NWC.