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Hi, Bart,
No apology needed -- I appreciate your time and effort, and the software suggestion.  I'll try to find it.
I can get the Scarlett to work with Audacity, just not with NWC, so it sounds like it's a failure of NWC to recognize other input devices in addition to the computer's program...
Thanks for your suggestions -- I'll keep trying!  Best of luck to you.
General Discussion / Re: Scriptorium Update
Last post by Richard Woodroffe -
The Scriptorium has been updated with works submitted by :

Bertrand Vanbrabant   Blitz-Polka, Op. 106   (Strauss, Josef)
Bertrand Vanbrabant   Bouquet-Polka, Op. 188   (Strauss, Josef)
Mike Gibson    Crucifixus a 8 voci   (Lotti)
Richard Woodroffe   Lied aus der Ferne D107 (Song from afar) (Schubert)

If you would like to be notified every time the Scriptorium is updated, please send an e-mail  requesting Scriptorium Update
notification to scriptoman "at" tiscali "dot" co "dot" uk


clicking for Midi Input Active brings the message that the device fails to open

That's not good. I am not sure, but I suppose that you shouldn't search for the problem and a solution in NWC in this situation.

It seems that your driver on Windows doesn't recognize your external keyboard correctly - at least not your IN-port.

Is the OUT-port working correctly?  With older keyboards you always had two different MIDI ports for IN and OUT - And you had to connect them in a - for me - very illogical way. That's what I remember.

I would suggest you first to try that your IN and OUT-ports are working correctly with other (windows) software, but I don't know with which software you could do that easily.

MIDI-OX is an old software that I know it did the job, but I don't know if it still can be found.

I know this is not a good answer to your question, but that's all I have.

Thank you both!  Bart, I found the keyboard icon, and clicking for Midi Input Active brings the message that the device fails to open, so I should go to the Recording Tab.
And William, I see "Echo Input to Play Device" on the Recording tab, but there isn't an option to choose the Focusrite -- only my computer's play device.  I added the Focusrite in the Control Panel Sounds tab, but it still doesn't show up as an option.  Ack.  Any more suggestions?
Thanks again, guys, for your time!

There is a "keyboard" icon in the "file bar" and when you hover over it, it will display: MIDI Input Active.
If you "enable" that button, your midi notes should be captured in NWC.

I don't know if it is really useful, since all notes are quarter notes when I try it. Maybe I miss something, but at least the notes come through.

There's a disjunct between the labels as stated in the FAQs and the labels on the "Record" tab. The in port is chosen under "Echo Input to Play Device"; the out port is chosen under "Echo to MIDI Channel".
Hi.  I'm a new NWC user, trying to get my Midi keyboard to work with NWC.  I know NWC recognizes my sound device (Scarlett Focusrite USB) because I keep getting alerts that it failed in the In Port.  The FAQs mention that I should choose an In Port under Options on the Record Tab, but there is no option to choose an In or Out port on the Record tab.  Screen shot attached.  Any suggestions?  I sure would appreciate the help.
Thank you!
General Discussion / Re: Adding soundfonts to nwc
Last post by Lawrie Pardy -
Depends on your synth...  Not all synths can use soundfonts but the BassMidi and CoolSoft virtual synths can.  Note that the BassMidi stuff is built in to the viewer.

Rich Nagle's "Twelve Steps..." document on the scripto is a good place to start:

General Discussion / Adding soundfonts to nwc
Last post by ItmightbeJB -
What steps need I take to add and use sf2 type soundfonts to my bank of midi sounds?
Is there a way to do that break within one text function or does it require two text entries?
You might want to try (again?) the XText object. It can do line breaks with %br% in the text.