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General Discussion / Re: Percussion
|Text|Text:"Suspended Cymbal"|Font:StaffBold|Pos:11
|Text|Text:"soft mallets"|Font:PageSmallText|Pos:-8|Justify:Right

I'm not sure if this will show the problem or not.
General Discussion / Percussion

I need to score some percussion parts. I've tried out Lloyd's plug in, but does anyone know how do I turn off the roll sound? I've got the staff muted but I'm still hearing the roll in the playback for the cymbal rolls.

Thanks for your help.
Object Plugins / Re: DrumStaff.fso (version 0.1)
I'm trying out the percussion plug in. How do I turn off the roll sound? I've got the staff muted but I'm still hearing the roll in the playback.

Thanks for your help.
General Discussion / Re: any tricks for tied note decrecendo or crescendo?
Will this work on a note that is tied? The second example is just a whole note, but I need to descrendo over several measures of a tied note.
Code: (nwc) [Select · Download]
General Discussion / Re: Warren Porter's Spacer tool
Thank you for your responses on this thread. Once again, I am not being notified of replies, so please excuse my tardiness.

Ok, to summarize, you are recommending that the staves end bar setting be Open (Hidden), with a Force new system mark inserted after a manually inserted closed ending bar.

I have never tried that approach before, but I just experimented and it did line things up. However, when I experimented with adding an extra measure or two before the closed ending bar, the new line contained only that one or two measures, so I would still have to fiddle with spacing, probably by forcing a new system in the previous line ahead of where it automatically wants to do so.

Warren, there are times when I would want to decrease the space, say if there was just one measure on the next line, at the bottom of a page, and I didn't want to start a new page. In that case, your spacer tool would still be helpful, so please don't get rid of it. Is there a way to install it on my computer so that I don't have to rely on the internet to use it?

The issue that I mentioned in my original post would still apply unless there is another way around it which I don't know about yet.

Something to note is that I do not usually tell NWC how many bars per line I want. I usually let the software do its thing and then deal with the ending. Perhaps that is something I need to change in my work flow.

Thank you, Mike, for pointing to the FAQ on this. I had missed this along the way, but I've been using NWC for a long time (inefficiently, so it seems!)
General Discussion / Re: Warren Porter's Spacer tool
Hi Warren

Here is a sample from the end of a score. When the accompaniment is independent of the vocal or instrumental line, then I find I have a lot of fiddling to do to get all the parts spaced out properly. Then if I end up editing the composition (as I often do) then that might all need to be redone. This example is only a few staves, but I have had pieces where there were many parts that needed individual adjustment.

Sorry for not replying earlier. I am not being notified of replies any more, even though I have the notify box checked, so I don't know what's up with that.
General Discussion / Warren Porter's Spacer tool

I'm just popping in to say how helpful this tool has been for me over the years since I started using it. Every time I do, I quietly bless Warren.

What would be an awesome update would be the ability to space multiple staves at the same time. Is that out of question? I don't really know how these things work, just that it saves me a lot of time, and I'm grateful!

General Discussion / Articulation volume adjustment: accents, etc.
I'm sure this has been discussed before, but I am really unhappy with how ENTHUSIASTICALLY my accents are being played back by NWC. So  much so that I have had to take them out of the score, which is not actually what I want. I think I read that they are being played at 40% velocity, but I'm sure what that means and how to tame them so they give a reasonable amount of "oomph" but don't make the listener jump.

I guess the same issue is possibly true of other articulations? Any pianists out there? What's the most artistic use of tenuto, levels of staccato, portato, accent, etc?

Thanks for your help,
General Discussion / Re: Rehearsal Marks
Thanks for you answer. I forgot to enable reply notifications, and just saw it now.

Yes, each choir is different.  In my choral conductor training, we were taught to give the location based on the page number, approximate location of the page, lyric, voice parts, and measure number: for example, "Ok, bottom of page 3, the third "All creatures", measure 56, let's hear the bass part". There is still usually a bit of confusion, so I can see how adding measure numbers to our own scores is helpful for everyone involved.

When acting as an adjudicator in musical competitions, each score was required to have handwritten measure numbers for each measure, to aid in our written and verbal assessments of the performers. They would lose marks if they didn't have these measures added to the score.

General Discussion / Re: Changing Page Size
Thank you, everyone, for chiming in. I decided to omit the flute and drum part, and just include the voice and piano parts for the choral version. This gives me two systems per page.

I checked with a choral prof at my university and he said that's quite normal, although the conductor will have the full score, and obviously the instruments will have part scores.
General Discussion / Re: Using Soundfonts with NoteWorthy Composer
I am using Coolsoft VirtualMIDISynth already for a long time, but I recently noticed the following strange behavior:
When my PC goes in sleep mode, and has woken up again, NWC cannot find the VirtualMIDISynth driver anymore.
Did someone else perceive the same behavior?

Yes, I have had the same issue but am not sure when it tends to happen. I am having a similar issue with Java not being able to be found by LibreOffice.

General Discussion / Re: Changing Page Size
Hi Harald

Thanks for your reply. I was hoping you would see the question. I have my margins at .5 inches. and am using shortform names, so I tried out using the legal size option in PDFCreator, but I got the same result with just a huge amount of white space between the last staff and the copyright info at the bottom. I'm going to try taking out the instruments other than piano and see what happens.

I should mention that my font size is 16. To get two systems on a page, I need to go down to 12, which isn't practical.
General Discussion / Re: Rehearsal Marks
It's cool that there are multiple ways to accomplish the same goal.

Harald, do you usually put the marks in each part? I have been putting them with the instrumental part (as in a flute part) but not with the piano part or choral part. The score for the pianist and choir will be printed with all parts.  I will print the instrument part alone, for ease in playing with less page turns. My composition prof told me to give the instrumentalist the full score, though, but the players don't seem to prefer that for the performance.

General Discussion / Changing Page Size
Happy New Year to everyone,

I'm working on an SSAA choral piece that includes flute, percussion, and piano, so I'm not happy with how it's looking on the page  - with all those staves (eight), there's only one system that fits per page, so it's a 26 page monstrosity, which isn't really great for the choristers who have so many page turns. If the page size was a little bigger, I could fit two systems. How is this achieved in NWC? I don't see anywhere to change those parameters.

All the best,
General Discussion / Re: Rehearsal Marks
Hi Mike

There is a user tool that you can add to your NWC set up. It is called "Bar". Have a look in the user tool section of the forum for complete instructions. It is super easy once you get the hang of it.
General Discussion / Re: Very Sad news.
So sorry to hear about Rick's passing. He was one of the great NWC advisors on this forum. It's such a terrible time in the world to be sick, which makes it even more difficult for families.
General Discussion / Re: Text under music
Actually, now that I think about it, this ability to do different fonts in the lyrics would be a great feature to add to the program. Being totally ignorant on these matters, how difficult would it be to create a user tool that would accomplish this? And even if it is difficult, is it something that one of you programming wizards would like to undertake?  :)) I've often thought that it would be nice to have the ability to change a line or chorus into italics.
General Discussion / Re: Text under music
I have nothing helpful to add, other than to say, "Salut, Pierre-Gérard!" (as my Quebec friends put it). 
The French responses were awesome to read -- this forum is a friendly place to find help.
General Discussion / Re: Is the NWC Viewer/Player available as a webpage
Oh yes! Fumbling around trying to stop the recording is fun, but I just trim off any starts and stops that I don’t want with the Windows photo app. The paid version of FlashBack allows you to edit within it, but it’s not a big deal to use the free photos app instead.

I’ve also experimented with using the setting that allows an editable frame on the screen and found that useful for some performance videos that were mistakenly recorded with the iPhone held vertically instead of horizontally. I just played the videos on my computer and used Flashback to zoom in. This eliminates all the black bars around the iPhone video when it’s not been held horizontally to do the original video. I’m not technologically competent so am pleased when I can figure this stuff out!
General Discussion / Re: XML feature
I'm going to answer the first part of my own question with what I just read in the version history:

Version 2.0
Rewritten as a server-side code for online processing, no need to install anything anymore
No need for NWC to be open or installed on the machine where the converter is used
The converter now generates a full .nwctxt file that can be open in NWC 2.5+
The offline, .NET version is not maintained and will not be available anymore
General Discussion / Re: XML feature
Hi and thanks for the link. It looks like it is an online tool that was once downloadable. Is it still downloadable? I can't seem to find that information on the website.

Does anyone know about the security of these kind of online conversion tools?
General Discussion / XML feature
It would be great if someone could develop a tool that would convert NWC or midi files to/from XML. Or does this exist already?

If not, is there a safe software to download to do these activities? With my own compositions, I am hesitant to upload files into cyberspace.
General Discussion / Re: Learning to crescendo and decrescendo
I just wanted to announce that 2 years after the fact, thanks to the patient guidance of Richard Woodroffe, I am finally set up with Virtual Midi Synth, and am currently testing out new soundfonts, and learning about patches, banks, etc. I have also installed an mp3 converter and so I can do renderings "in house". The difference is sound quality is amazing! Feel free to say "I told you so." :)

* I create .mp3s by playing back using NWC whilst recording the output with "Audacity" then exporting from Audacity to .mp3.
There are many useful plugins for Audacity you should get too.  IIRC you need a plugin for the .mp3 export.

Lawrie, I also have Audacity, and the mp3 plug in. Could you explain in more detail how you use it to make mp3s from NWC? Also, I am looking for more help with Audacity. I have some specific questions about editing live recordings. Do you know the best place to do that?
General Discussion / Re: Old Midi interface won't work
This is probably a ridiculous question, but is there a way to change the end of a cable? My old midiman cable is round, like a PS/2 and I don't have any ports like that on my new laptop
General Discussion / Re: Is the NWC Viewer/Player available as a webpage
I have had a fun few days working with the NWC Viewer, and also learning to use a new capture software to make a How-To Video for my choir, showing them how to open the Viewer, access the downloaded file, use the Viewer to rehearse - changing tempo, volume, font size, looping, etc.

I tried out three programs. First, was the capture tool that comes with Windows 10. I used it before to record a Zoom seminar. The problem (that I didn't know about at the time) is that it turns off after 30 minutes. So I missed an hour of the seminar. The other problem is that it doesn't show the mouse, and it doesn't show moving between different windows. Once the first window was open (my email), even though I had moved to the Viewer, it kept recording my inbox. I experimented with doing separate capture files for the different programs, then combining them into one, but that was tiresome. I also wanted the mouse to show up.

Thanks to Google, I found a tech article comparing different software for screen recording. First, I tried an online tool:

I liked being able to specify what part of the screen to record. But I wasn't sure about uploading and downloading things constantly. I'm not sure about the safety and security in using online tools in general.

Then I tried the top pick:
This is the one that I am going to stick with. I will have to edit in my video editing software, which is fine. The mouse can be highlighted in various colours, and it follows all the windows changes I make with no issue. And the express version is free.

But of course, for someone who likes or has to read the score in parallel to listening to the music, this is not enough. So the only way of doing it is making a video that shows the score; and plays the music at the same time. There are essentially two ways:
  • Use a screen-grabber (what all the gaming people do), and record a video of NWC playing the music;
  • or create a PDF score, and embed controls in the NWC file so that the PDF pages are flipped over at some convenient point - and then once again record the screen showing the flippant PDF-score with a screen-grabber, with the audio on the background. This shows off your professional printed score, but does not hint where the score is playing on each page; but someone reading along should be able to figure this out - otherwise, the whole reading exercise is useless anyway.
I have done both - it was quite a lot of work in each case; but at some point I'd like to fine-tune both approaches so that they become simple, run-of-the-mill processes. For the second one, I use(d) the MIDI-to-keystroke feature of Bome's "MIDI Translator Classic"; my (game-playing) son provided the screen-grabber whose name I forgot.


Harald, I would be interested in learning  how to get the pdf to flip pages while music plays. Could you provide more details on that?
General Discussion / Re: Is the NWC Viewer/Player available as a webpage
The loop only goes back to the last place that you pressed F5(Play) . So if you last pressed F5 at the start of the piece, that's where it will go back to. But if you pressed F5 at say bar 45, the loop will start again at bar 45.

This is extremely useful for example for chorister who are trying to learn a tricky part.

So for example, a chorister can press F5 at the start of a fast  semi quaver run after having set the tempo at say 50%  and then repeatedly play that section to try and learn it.   When happy at 50% then up the tempo to 75% and repeat the process.

Hope this helps.

Yes, that is helpful. Thank you very much to all who have helped me on this thread.

Is there somewhere on the NCW webpage that explains these types of things? The help button in Viewer doesn't, and if I'm going to distribute this to my choir, it would be nice to have more detailed instructions available to them.
General Discussion / Re: Is the NWC Viewer/Player available as a webpage
Could you explain the purpose of the viewer if you already have the editor? It doesn't make sense to me.

Also, in the viewer, I was checking out all the functions (as I never have really used it, since I have the editor). The button which is supposed to loop the playback doesn't seem to be working. It doesn't go back to the start, but only replays the last few bars. What am I doing incorrectly?

General Discussion / Re: Is the NWC Viewer/Player available as a webpage
Thanks, Flurmy, for making the side by side comparison. Yes, I literally mean there is absolutely no difference.

My non-techie suspicion is that Viewer is not opening the program, even though I use the "Open With" and select Viewer. I know I used to have Viewer, but I did change computers back in 2018 and had to reinstall NWC. Perhaps the Viewer didn't reinstall properly?

If anyone has solutions, I'd be glad to hear them.

General Discussion / Re: Is the NWC Viewer/Player available as a webpage
I confess to having some issues with the viewer. Maybe I don't have it installed properly. When I try to open a project in viewer, it looks, behaves, and sounds identical to NWC2. I even tried to email myself a project and open it from the email with viewer. Same result. What am I missing?
General Discussion / Old Midi interface won't work
The other day, I dug out my old midi interface "Midiman" cables.  I believe I bought them when I was using Windows XP and a midi keyboard. I thought I'd connect up a new electric keyboard and see if I liked importing into NWC that way. I never liked my old midi keyboard, as it was just a controller, and it never felt like I was really "playing" a piano. With the new keyboard, I thought I might have more success in capturing composition ideas.

However, the driver is outdated and won't work on Windows 7 or 10, and M-audio, the company that produces the Uno driver, is no longer supporting the product. I am guessing that means that they aren't writing new drivers that are compatible. Something about 32 bits and 64 bits. My xp computer is long gone, and I wondered if there is a workaround solution? When I googled about the situation, I found this website:

Not being very "techie", I am right in guessing that a programmer might have written a driver to over this problem? If so, how would I know if it is safe to download?

It bugs me that something I invested in is no longer usable. I remember it not being inexpensive. I didn't use it very much because I found that I had better control by using the note entry method instead. If it's safe and possible, I'd like to try again using a better keyboard. Now that I have a lap top, I could even hook it up to an electric piano at work.

Anyone have thoughts on this situation?
General Discussion / Re: Is the NWC Viewer/Player available as a webpage
It seems to always come back to the MS synth. Doesn’t it?

It’s on my to do list to do something about it but I’m unsure the best way to proceed. I get bogged down in internet discussions of which is the best in terms of size and sound and then I get scared to download anything in case there is a virus.

I seem to be stuck!
General Discussion / Re: HELP! - NWC File won't open
I finally got up the nerve to try recuva on my computer where the files were deleted by accident. I wasn't able to find anything under the name of the file, and I found the program results kind of difficult to interpret. It's disappointing to think the files are gone.
General Discussion / Re: Is the NWC Viewer/Player available as a webpage
Windows 10 has a built-in recorder. Set NW Viewer to full screen and press Windows+G, then set the Viewer going. But, be warned, the file is very large, so you will need suitable compression software – there's plenty of free on-line ones.

Wow! I just tried this and was able to record a score. It just might be a way to making learning videos (as opposed to just learning tracks) for my choir. What do you think?

Some questions:

What is the difference between just playing the NWC2 file and opening it with the NCW Viewer and playing it from there? I'm not really seeing a difference.

Could the capture be uploaded to YouTube without being compressed?

Is there a way to compress "in house" or does it have to be done online?

Are there any tricks anyone would recommend for making practice videos (such as changing the dynamics of parts, or creating alternate colours for the different parts, to highlight a section ex. sopranos louder and in green)?

Could this also be used to provide a "score preview" of original compositions? Is there a way to "watermark" it, or is that just for pdfs?

I've learned that the settings be changed so it can capture an audio recording as well as the video. So, sometimes I convert files to better sounds using synthfonts. Now I just need to figure out how to deal with the lag between hitting the audio play button and the mp3 starting to play. That's three things to try to coordinate: the capture button, the NWC play, and the mp3 play, and I'm struggling to get them in synch. Can anyone think of a solution or better way to merge the mp3 and the video?

Thanks in advance!

This is an exciting option for teaching and promotion! Thanks, Peter Edwards!
General Discussion / Re: Unable to change templates
As a follow up to this issue, I determined that even though I am the administrator on my computer, the security permissions of NCW 2 were not allowing me to modify the template. I didn't seem to be able to change the permissions, as it was labelled as a systems file.

I have now moved the template folder to a different folder where I do have permission to modify. So far, I have been able to change the template.

I hope this won't cause problems for me down the road.
General Discussion / Re: Preparing Teaching Tracks
Wow! I just realized that I did not respond to the helpful comments here from February. (I entered a very busy concert season, and then the pandemic shut-downs left me even busier learning to create and participate in on-line music activities. I had to learn a number of new software programs to make music videos for my groups.)

So, thank you to everyone who posted a reply here. Because we suspended all in person choir activities, I didn't prepare any rehearsal tracks for them. However, now I am thinking about doing it again, as a continuing way to engage them. I have been just sending out youtube links to familiar pieces that they can sing along with. I've also been using rehearsal and performance recordings that I made earlier, editing them in Audacity, creating lyric slides, then combining them into a "music video" that they can sing along with. (It doesn't show their notes, though.)

I think I would like to teach them something new, virtually. It doesn't look like it will be safe to have choir for a long time. Right now, there are different researchers trying to determine how safe singing is, but until we know more, we aren't singing together. So, having rehearsal tracks may be helpful. Not all of my choir members are computer savvy, so I may end up making CDs for those who don't want to use the internet.

I think I do want to try to use the NWC Viewer, so they can see their scores. I'm also thinking about providing mp3s instead of midi, to have greater control over what they hear on their end.

Now, the thing is that you can now give these out to your choristers, and tell them do download the NoteWorthy Viewer or send it to them if you know that their email will accept executables.

Rich, do you combine all the parts into one score or do you provide separate versions of each part to be rehearsed with using the Viewer?

Belated thanks again to everyone who told me their method. If anyone else has a different approach, I'd be happy to hear about that as well.

General Discussion / Re: Stacked Rests
Wow, do I fell stupid for not figuring it out.  :o

Thank you for clarifying it! I’m off to re-examine those examples that were posted.
General Discussion / Re: Stacked Rests
I am revisiting this topic. At the time of first reading, I was totally confused by Rick's instructions to

I thought it meant that I actually had to write code to make it happen, or as Flurmy guessed, to edit the NCWtext file. That would have been far beyond my technical abilities!

So, now that I understand it does not involve that, Rick G., could you step me through the process you took when creating the above scores?  (I know that NWC requires certain things to happen in certain orders, to work properly when doing tricky manoeuvres).


User Tools / Re: File Organization
I'm getting a new error message with the new installation. I removed the old one first. Perhaps that was a mistake:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Users\gustv\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python38\Lib\site-packages\cx_Freeze\initscripts\", line 40, in run
  File "C:\Users\gustv\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python38\Lib\site-packages\cx_Freeze\initscripts\", line 37, in run
  File "", line 400, in <module>
  File "", line 68, in read_score
  File "C:\Users\gustv\PycharmProjects\PYNWC\", line 617, in __init__
  File "C:\Users\gustv\PycharmProjects\PYNWC\", line 127, in __init__
  File "C:\Users\gustv\PycharmProjects\PYNWC\", line 136, in check
AttributeError: module 'nwc_terms' has no attribute 'type_opt_value_list'
User Tools / Re: File Organization
Have you tried it on another file with the same result?

I actually was able to get that file to work. I was cancelling instead of exiting after I ran the tool.

You mention you get an error message, what does it exactly say?

In a different file, I am getting an error message related to visibility and key signatures. I have a hidden staff for a descant line. Have you tried the tool when there is a hidden staff?

Here's the traceback when I cancel:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 68, in read_score
  File "C:\Users\gustv\PycharmProjects\PYNWC\", line 612, in __init__
  File "C:\Users\gustv\PycharmProjects\PYNWC\", line 127, in __init__
  File "C:\Users\gustv\PycharmProjects\PYNWC\", line 138, in check
AssertionError: |Key|Signature:Bb,Eb,Ab|Tonic:E|Visibility:Never: field Visibility not in ['Signature', 'Tonic', 'HideCancels', 'AutoSys']

During handling of the above exception, another exception occurred:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Users\gustv\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python38\Lib\site-packages\cx_Freeze\initscripts\", line 40, in run
  File "C:\Users\gustv\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python38\Lib\site-packages\cx_Freeze\initscripts\", line 37, in run
  File "", line 400, in <module>
  File "", line 71, in read_score
AssertionError: |Key|Signature:Bb,Eb,Ab|Tonic:E|Visibility:Never: field Visibility not in ['Signature', 'Tonic', 'HideCancels', 'AutoSys']