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General Discussion / Re: Share with Finale or Sibelius
I would like more information on this topic.

Where do you access the nwctxt file? Is that the same as a song file? I don't think so,

Could someone post a link to the Sharpeye program and what kind of cost is involved in that?

I need to convert to Finale.

Thanks for your help.
Object Plugins / Re: (2.0)
Hi, it's me again, computer incompetent musician...(considering changing my screen name)

I want to use Octavamatic. I really do. But when I see all that coding information, my eyes glaze over, I get confused and I panic. I don't speak code.

I need simple, hand-holding steps for how to make this work. I'd like to have one last note play an octave lower than written. It is easier to read it when it is marked rather than write it so low on the staff. I have another section that is so high, it is easier to read with the octave markings above it. I still don't understand how to do these simple things. Right now I have a text insertion that says 8ve but it obviously doesn't sound accurately on the playback.

Would someone take pity and talk me through it, one baby step at a time?

On a related matter, perhaps I am not the type of person who should use NWC, even though I have been doing so for over 10 years. Maybe I need to go to software that is not as hard to understand. I believe that NWC will do all that I need it to do, and I understand most things, but a lot I still don't get. (I am, however, considered a good musician, if that's of any consolation. ) I REALLY dread having to learn a new program...given the sweat, blood and tears already shed on NWC, but what do you think? It this really meant for more technically-oriented people than me...(and dare I say it...those of our species with a male brain????)

I want to write, notate and make music! I don't want to learn to be a computer progammer. :D
General Discussion / Re: Review of NWC on my blog
I left you a comment on the blog that's still awaiting moderation,

I wondered if you could post here about adjusting scores for page turns. I have searched and didn't have anything come up. A step-by-step with screen shots helps incompetent people like myself, lol.

Thanks for your help!
General Discussion / Marking places in score for Editing

I am doing lots of score edits and find that I need to jump back and forth between similar sections to compare and make sure changes are made consistently. Is there a way to mark where I have been working so I can jump back to it, other than by using the Go to feature? I've tried searching and can't seem to find what I'm looking for on the forum. Any other tips and tricks to help in this endeavour?

Thanks for your help!
Object Plugins / Re: (1.0)

I was doing everything right, just not the most recent update to 2.75!

Thanks, this is fantastic!!!!!!!!

Now, what other new tricks should I be learning????
Object Plugins / Re: (1.0)
Mike, I am doing that, but I am getting an alert that it has been suspended and that I have to download an upgrade?

Sorry to be so stupid but I am musically great, but not so much technically!
Object Plugins / Re: (1.0)
Sorry, guys, but I must be really dense. I have no idea how to get the cueheads to show up. I have installed the object.

General Discussion / Re: playback problems with transposition
Well, I didn't have double bars there but in front of the first verse, since it was a medley that included a first song. I removed them but it hasn't helped.  The carol does occur in a second ending after a master repeat close. The thing that confuses me is that the first verse of the carol is fine, but it is only after the key change that the playback stops. That is what leads me to believe it is somehow connected to the transposition.

Any other ideas?

General Discussion / playback problems with transposition
I'm having a playback problem related somehow to transposition. Here is what I did:
I am arranging "Joy to the World" . I started in the key of A, and am modulating to the key of Bb. So, I input the notes in A, then I copied those notes to a new staff, transposed it to Bb using the staff transpose function, and then copied and pasted the new key onto the staff that had the original. Now, it will play through until the key change and then stop. I don't understand what I did wrong. Any ideas?