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General Discussion / Re: playback problems with transposition
Well, I didn't have double bars there but in front of the first verse, since it was a medley that included a first song. I removed them but it hasn't helped.  The carol does occur in a second ending after a master repeat close. The thing that confuses me is that the first verse of the carol is fine, but it is only after the key change that the playback stops. That is what leads me to believe it is somehow connected to the transposition.

Any other ideas?

General Discussion / playback problems with transposition
I'm having a playback problem related somehow to transposition. Here is what I did:
I am arranging "Joy to the World" . I started in the key of A, and am modulating to the key of Bb. So, I input the notes in A, then I copied those notes to a new staff, transposed it to Bb using the staff transpose function, and then copied and pasted the new key onto the staff that had the original. Now, it will play through until the key change and then stop. I don't understand what I did wrong. Any ideas?