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General Discussion / No Title?
Hi all

I need to get more room on the first page, and am interested in having no title/author info at all so I can get more systems on that first page. Is this possible?

Thanks for your help.
General Discussion / Thinking Through Flow
Hello everyone

I'm working on a new instrumental arrangement and considering my options for flow. How you  would choose to lay it out with flow instructions?

Sax solo chorus
Sax and piano chorus
Sax and piano verse
Piano chorus
Sax and piano verse
Sax and piano chorus
Sax solo chorus last phrase

Thanks for your ideas!
General Discussion / Bagpipes?
Good morning

 I have been checking out bagpipes sounds. If anyone has advice on writing for bagpipes, it is welcome. There is not too much information in the forum.
General Discussion / flow question re: choruses, repeats, endings question
Hello all

I am trying to achieve correct flow direction in the following case:

Chorus has three iterations.
I use a segno at the beginning and master repeat with ending 1, ending 2 has a DS al coda but it takes me back to chorus 1 instead of 3. How do I fix that? Ending two just has a double bar line.

General Discussion / Back up question amid heartbreak
Where might back up files be?

Back in May, I moved my Noteworthy Composer files onto an external drive to save room on my computer which was running slowly. I have a lot of MP3s and videos along with my  compositions. It appears that the backup folder is no longer syncing. I made a terrible mistake today and finished a score Then started to create the parts, and I mistakenly saved the part under the full score name, losing the full score in the process. I was hoping there might be a back up  version but it looks like the back up folder stopped getting back ups in May. I am really hoping that there might be some other folder that I don’t know about that might have the finished score in it.
General Discussion / Fixing Flow
Good morning

I can't get the last section to play. It jumps back to the first repeat sign. What should I insert to fixt this? NWC flow always messes me up!

Code: (nwc) [Select · Download]
General Discussion / Recent experience with Sibelius
Hi all
Hope the Spring is being kind to you in your part of the world.

I was recently invited to contribute to a publication of musical settings of the Psalms, but the editor asked for Finale or Sibelius scores, even though I had used NWC to create my score. I downloaded a trial version of Sibelius because I have a friend composer who has Sibelius, and thought she could help me with any issues that I was likely to encounter. It was the right decision because we ended up spending lots of time together and through email trying to get the score ready. I used the xml converter online to get a file that could be imported into Sibelius, but there were a lot of fixes needed as a result.

If you have watched this funny, but true (and therefore not funny in my context) critique of Sibelius
you will understand why I was screaming in frustration at times at the difficulty of doing what should have been very easy tasks, like assigning tempo markings.

I thought I might be tempted to switch, but I am not. The finished score does look a little nicer than the NWC score, but not enough for me to want to change and use a very non-intuitive engraving program that took massive amounts of time to figure out.

Bill Ashworth commented about needing something different than NWC for the appearance of his works, and I thought I would just weigh in here with my fresh and stressful experience. Here is that former thread
General Discussion / User tool organization
Hello everyone, hope you are all well.

I have questions about the "Group" designations under user tools. First, I would like to express appreciation to the hardworking and innovative NWC users who have thought of ways to make this program fit a lot of needs that the original software does not. Thank you! You have saved me from having to switch to one of the other programs. I would rather write music than learn a computer program.

Questions remain, however. It might become very clear that I have no background understanding or knowledge of how computers and software and coding work. (I don't want to know how the sausage is made, I just want to enjoy the finished product. )

First of all, there are certain tools that I use frequently, such as Parts (adp), which is listed under .starter tools.

I use these .Plugins regularly: arpeggio and ottavamatic.

Under .Automatic, I use CopyPasteMeasures.og

I have a lot of others that I don't use, probably because I'm not sure what they do, and I have my own workflow. Also, I rarely remember which group the ones I do use are in, so I find myself hunting on a regular basis, except for the ones that I can just press "J" and pull up the Object box. (and I don't really get the difference between an object and a plug in, so maybe that has nothing to do with the group question which I will now pose).

Could I combine all the ones that I do use frequently into one group? Why or why not? Could I dump all of the others into another group? Why do I need 6 different groups?
General Discussion / Force a Page Break?
Hello everyone

I am looking at a part score, and seeing that it would be really nice for the performers if I put page two after a couple of rest bars. The problem is that there is a line of music after the rests on page 1. Any tips to achieve a page break?
General Discussion / I've somehow messed up my templates
Hello everyone

I hope you are having a good summer wherever you are in the world.

The last few times I have tried to create a new project, it seems that I have messed up my templates, and they are nowhere to be found. My workaround has been to save an existing project as a new name and delete everything, but that is getting old fast.

Somehow, the "File' -> "New" is opening a different file. How do I redirect it to open the template folder?

Many thanks for your help,
General Discussion / Percussion

I need to score some percussion parts. I've tried out Lloyd's plug in, but does anyone know how do I turn off the roll sound? I've got the staff muted but I'm still hearing the roll in the playback for the cymbal rolls.

Thanks for your help.
General Discussion / Warren Porter's Spacer tool

I'm just popping in to say how helpful this tool has been for me over the years since I started using it. Every time I do, I quietly bless Warren.

What would be an awesome update would be the ability to space multiple staves at the same time. Is that out of question? I don't really know how these things work, just that it saves me a lot of time, and I'm grateful!

General Discussion / Articulation volume adjustment: accents, etc.
I'm sure this has been discussed before, but I am really unhappy with how ENTHUSIASTICALLY my accents are being played back by NWC. So  much so that I have had to take them out of the score, which is not actually what I want. I think I read that they are being played at 40% velocity, but I'm sure what that means and how to tame them so they give a reasonable amount of "oomph" but don't make the listener jump.

I guess the same issue is possibly true of other articulations? Any pianists out there? What's the most artistic use of tenuto, levels of staccato, portato, accent, etc?

Thanks for your help,
General Discussion / Changing Page Size
Happy New Year to everyone,

I'm working on an SSAA choral piece that includes flute, percussion, and piano, so I'm not happy with how it's looking on the page  - with all those staves (eight), there's only one system that fits per page, so it's a 26 page monstrosity, which isn't really great for the choristers who have so many page turns. If the page size was a little bigger, I could fit two systems. How is this achieved in NWC? I don't see anywhere to change those parameters.

All the best,
General Discussion / XML feature
It would be great if someone could develop a tool that would convert NWC or midi files to/from XML. Or does this exist already?

If not, is there a safe software to download to do these activities? With my own compositions, I am hesitant to upload files into cyberspace.
General Discussion / Old Midi interface won't work
The other day, I dug out my old midi interface "Midiman" cables.  I believe I bought them when I was using Windows XP and a midi keyboard. I thought I'd connect up a new electric keyboard and see if I liked importing into NWC that way. I never liked my old midi keyboard, as it was just a controller, and it never felt like I was really "playing" a piano. With the new keyboard, I thought I might have more success in capturing composition ideas.

However, the driver is outdated and won't work on Windows 7 or 10, and M-audio, the company that produces the Uno driver, is no longer supporting the product. I am guessing that means that they aren't writing new drivers that are compatible. Something about 32 bits and 64 bits. My xp computer is long gone, and I wondered if there is a workaround solution? When I googled about the situation, I found this website:

Not being very "techie", I am right in guessing that a programmer might have written a driver to over this problem? If so, how would I know if it is safe to download?

It bugs me that something I invested in is no longer usable. I remember it not being inexpensive. I didn't use it very much because I found that I had better control by using the note entry method instead. If it's safe and possible, I'd like to try again using a better keyboard. Now that I have a lap top, I could even hook it up to an electric piano at work.

Anyone have thoughts on this situation?
General Discussion / Velocity might be the issue

I've noticed that when I make mp3 conversions of my work, the accompaniment (piano) always sounds like it is being "pounded", despite the dynamic level I use. I would like to achieve a more musical effect. Is this possible? I am not sure what to look for in the forum; I don't mind checking out other discussions on the topic. Is it a velocity issue?
General Discussion / Deciding About BAK files
I've recently started having that message pop up when saving that the program is unable to save a BAK file, and do I want to save anyway (which I do). It's possible that I have changed something I shouldn't during a computer housecleaning episode.

This started me thinking whether or not I should fix that issue, or if I actually need the BAK files at all. I've rarely if ever used them, and storage space is becoming an issue on my hard drive, plus I back up my computer onto an external drive regularly.

I did read through the postings on BAK files, and see that some don't use them.

I'm asking for some opinions here (and help for figuring out the unable to save to BAK issue or how to stop the message from appearing).

Edit to add:  my recent question to Mike here ( about having different versions of an object plug-in is linked to the fact that the multiples are BAK files, and I think I would like to delete them in that case. Is this a good or bad idea?)

Many thanks
General Discussion / Uninstall nwc 1
Is there any reason why I should not uninstall version one since I am now using the latest version? I am running out of room on my computer and I need to delete some apps.
General Discussion / Edit M4As?
I need to download a program to edit some sound files. Do you have any recommendations?

General Discussion / NWC on Facebook
I've noticed in the last week that there have been daily posts from NWC on Facebook, with a comment about support and an update in the works!
General Discussion / Unable to change templates
Even though I have followed the steps in the user guide, any changes that I make to my templates are not being saved. It says it is saving them, but then when I go back in a reopen the template, the changes don't show up. I am getting a message about not being able to create a back up, and also that it is being saved in a new format and the old format won't be able to open it. I'm not sure how that is influencing the problem, or why those messages are showing up.

Thanks for your help. I've wasted a lot of time on this and am getting frustrated!
General Discussion / Preparing Teaching Tracks
I have a new choir and have been thinking about how to help them learn their parts. I'd welcome feedback on this topic:

What is the best way to deliver the tracks? CD, Internet - on a website, by email? I've got some choir members who don't use computers...

Has anyone (and is there a way to do it) made youtube videos using an mp3 version?

If I had to make a cassette tape (yikes) for someone (are those even still available to purchase?), what would be the best approach?

What else should I be thinking about?

Years ago, a group I worked with could download a trial version of NWC and practice with scores that way, but I don't think that possibility exists anymore, does it? The benefit was they could see the music part light up as they heard it.

Thanks for your input!

General Discussion / tempo track examples
In a previous post on swing tempo, this was posted:

If you use NWC to print parts, the Tempo track is indespensible.  Things that all parts need to see like rehearsal symbols and tempo are all on a staff that is layered into the part you are currently printing.

Could I see some examples of what that track might look like?
General Discussion / Text running off the printed page
Sometimes when I go to print, I find my text running off the printed page. It might be a label, such as "Children". This often happens after I have changed something and the text measure gets bumped over to a different position. When I first insert the label, I check to see that it looks ok.

Is there anything that I can do to keep the text from doing this?
General Discussion / Filtered Properties
I'm going to learn to do something new in NWC: use Filtered properties. I've used it before to move dynamics around on the score. It works really well. What else could I do with FP? What do y'all use it for?

General Discussion / Beginner Tuba range
This is not a notation question, but a composition question. I am writing a piece for a beginner tuba player (first year, first term). What range will he be able to play? I googled but couldn't find such a specific answer. Anyone out there know?


General Discussion / Disappearing Notes
Code: (nwc) [Select · Download]

These notes don't show up on the print out for some reason. They are layered with another two staves.

Thanks for your help.
General Discussion / Spacing out endings
Every now and then I revisit the topic: Should I switch from using NWC to one of the more common programs? Mostly, it does everything I have needed to do so far.  One thing that annoys me is having to figure out the best way to evenly space out the endings. Is it possible for someone to develop a tool that would do this automatically? I know how to use the "insert" method, but it takes a long time sometimes, and if I have single staff prints, sometimes I end up redoing them multiple times to work better for different instruments.

General Discussion / How to fix this measure
Code: (nwc) [Select · Download]
|Text|Text:"Swing 8ths"|Font:StaffItalic|Pos:11

How can I get the last eighth note to sit correctly within the 4/4 measure?

General Discussion / Sharing a file with Finale user
I can't remember how to do this. I need to send a file to a Finale user, and maintain the lyrics. I think XML is involved. Is that done within NWC or do I need to find a conversion tool online?

Thanks for you help!
General Discussion / Graphic score notation
I’m going to be doing some experimental scores for a graduate project. What capabilities does NWC offer for this type of thing?

I have an example from Roger Dean’s Creative Improvisation”.  The lines of beamed notes are diagonal as opposed to straight across.

I’m unable to upload the photo example for some reason. 😞

There are other possibilities I’m interested in as well.

General Discussion / Things I Don't Know
I have been thinking about the things that I don't know how to do in NWC.

One of them is part printing/set up.

I have been doing this by hand - preparing a separate part based on the master score. Basically, I delete all the other parts and save under the single part (ex. "flute only" or "choral only" or "voices only" as opposed to "choral flute piano" I think there is an easier way to do this, but I don't know how yet. I found this thread but it is 7-9 years old. Could someone please update the topic or let me know if this still applies?

Another mystery to me, and this may be related, is how to use the visibility options. I have only ever used Default and Never. What's up with all the  other settings?

General Discussion / Orchestration Template
I like to compose by ear, and I have an idea to help me learn orchestration: create templates for each instrument showing range, idiomatic figurations and use highlight colours to indicate problematic areas, change in timbre, etc.

Does this exist already?

What else would you include?

What about transposing the templates in concert pitch?

Thank you for your feedback,
General Discussion / Composing for Brass especially trombone
I'm branching out! I've got some jazzy compositions for brass solo instrument and piano accompaniment. I hear trombone in my head because of its jaunty quality. What do I need to know about this combo?
Is there a way to make the score look handwritten and articulated like in this document?:
Any tips for taking the piano part and breaking it into orchestration for other instruments so that it becomes a band arrangement?

I know there are some experts here and look forward to learning from you.
General Discussion / Composing for Harp and Flute Tips
Good morning

I am currently attempting to write my first piece for pedal harp and flute. I've written for piano and flute before, but I'd appreciate any tips for the idiosyncrasies of the harp, and how to notate things in NWC, and get a good playback. This will be performed by actual performers, but it's nice to have a sample recording to get an idea of how it sounds. It's a Celtic ballad sounding piece. The harp and flute take turns with the melody at times, but mostly the harp is providing arpeggiated accompaniment.

General Discussion / sideways wavy line

I'm notating for handbells and need a wavy line that extends from the note to the next note or bar. It would sort of look like a sideways arpeggio line. It is to notate shaking the bell.

Does anything exist?

General Discussion / Getting user tools in right location

I'm having trouble with the new computer, making sure the files are all where they should be. Where should the user tool kit be located? Will it go there automatically when I download it? I think I have already done it but it's not in the program so it's sitting somewhere else.

Thanks for the help,
General Discussion / Bells Used Chart

I'm looking for help on creating a bells used chart for a score that includes handbells.

This is what it will look like: centred under the title, non-playing, measures would need to start with the actual piece, not the bells.

There was a NWC discussion on this years ago here:

but I'm not sure if that is the best approach these days. I'd appreciate your input.

General Discussion / Chord member spacing
Is there a way to get the top dotted quarter to move over in the chord? It looks strange to me and I'm not sure how to fix it. I experimented here with increasing the dot spacing to .2 but it doesn't seem to change the actual note position which looks too far to the left.



General Discussion / Swing rhythm
Is there a quick way to change the playback to swing style?

I’ve just spent a long time making a hidden staff with triplets and will mute the visible staff.