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Rick, I am attempting to do this, but I need more specific step by step information because I don't understand what to do.

Rename the attached txt file to: rg_RomitalClip.vbs
In NWC, make Romital your lyrics font.
Copy the lyrics you want to italicize to the clipboard.
Run: rg_RomitalClip.vbs
Paste into NWC

General Discussion / Re: boxed text
Hahaha! Thanks. Desperate times etc.

I wouldn't mind having a few extra options if you were willing to do it. I think for the most part, the default works, but for special cases, then its nice to have a few other options. If the instructions were extra long, could they be broken by using %br% ?

If anyone else is interested, I was told by an engraver that texted instructions should be used for moods in the music, specific rhythmic feel, (in 2, double time, etc.) telling the performer to pay attention to something other than common dynamics.
General Discussion / Re: boxed text
I think that I don't understand how this tool clearly has more options than I originally thought.  I just experimented and was able to move it to the middle of the bar.  :-[

I have only used it before for rehearsal numbers.

Code: (nwc) [Select · Download]
General Discussion / Re: Hairpins
Yes, I use hidden ones all the time for shifting positions. Thanks for your help. I have only just started using the insert tool to help with positioning items. I don't always think about using it.
General Discussion / boxed text
Good morning
 Here is a new question which I haven't found an answer for.

Is it possible to box text and place it anywhere on the staff? Some text instructions should be put in a box for better visibility, and I was able to do this with some at the barline using the bar label tool. I couldn't find any other way to accomplish it. Is there another way to do this? What happens if the text needs to be in the middle of the phrase? The bar label tool won't work then.

I will try to attach a sample. This works ok but could be moved over to the right:
Code: (nwc) [Select · Download]
|User||Pos:14|Text:"With Audience"

The text "Spoken" should  be boxed:

Code: (nwc) [Select · Download]
|Text|Text:"  Spoken:"|Font:PageSmallText|Pos:7

Thanks for your help.
General Discussion / Re: Hairpins
Thanks, Mike.

Is it important to have a hidden dynamic at the beginning of the hairpin? Is it enough to have a previous dynamic a measure or two earlier?
General Discussion / Re: Hairpins
I figured out how to get the hairpin on the Alto and Bass "bring" by using a hidden grace note. I'm just wondering if there is a different approach for making it smaller.

General Discussion / Re: Hairpins
Need to have supper first. It's the side by side location not the horizontal one that's the issue.

General Discussion / Hairpins
I am looking for help in getting those hairpins to behave satisfactorily.

I found this topic from 10 years ago.

Have there been any new tricks or tools discovered? I've tried using an invisible muted grace note and that helps sometimes. Not always, like when I want a new hairpin after a whole note to show a crescendo on the note moving into a new dynamic range.


General Discussion / Re: An idea
II'll try to suppress that "technical talk"; but some abstractions will be necessary, as with all software.

If there are pictures to accompany the tech talk, and step by step instructions, with lots of examples, that will go a long way to help people like me who struggle to understand what's going on!

For example, with the tremolo tool, I started by reading the instructions. That didn't totally illuminate me, so I opened the example. Then, I tried and failed to make one. (Had missed a key point) Then I cut and pasted the example into my score. Then I went into the settings to figure out how it was set up. Then I asked for some clarification and googled a few notation related things, went back and was successful.

It seems like a lot of steps in the path toward enlightenment but I got there in the end!  ;)
Object Plugins / Re: (2.1)
Woah! That was fast!
Object Plugins / Re: (2.0c)
Well, I succeeded in implementing whole note tremolos today. I'm not sure why my position looked different from the sample clip, and if it matters if the lines are a bit higher or lower. What's the thinking on this? Also, I had first hidden the rests, which then meant my notes were also hidden. I didn't know until now that there was an option to hide rests in the rest chord.

I see on Wikipedia that they are showing bass note tremolo lines as parallel to the notes, half way between them. Is this the normal notation? Is the plug-in able to do this instead of angled lines?

My use of tremolos to this point has been bass clef octave whole note trem. for piano accompaniments. I think this will work very well. Thank you for developing this tool!
General Discussion / Re: An idea
This is a wonderful idea. As you know, I always have lots of questions about how to make things work. I'm sort of an old-timer, but new to learning how to make my scores look much better. I had to quickly learn the program 15 years ago and then was so busy as a musician that I didn't have time to figure out anything advanced. Now I am forcing myself to learn new tools, and going back and editing my old scores and improving new ones. I don't seem to have much luck with the search feature, and when I do search a topic, I am never sure if the information I find is the most current way to do things. I also get overwhelmed at the first hint of technical talk.

I think your blog would be a welcome addition to the great helpful community here. You could also have guest bloggers if you wanted someone else to tackle a topic.

Now I am off to figure out how to use the tremolo tool! Wish me luck.
I have an old version of VST instruments that I used with Cubase two computers ago. It kept knocking out the playback on NWC. So I stopped using Cubase. It wasn't any good at scores anyway. See, even back then I didn't know what I was doing.

I could try and install the VST on this computer if it would  be worthwhile.
I'm not sure where to look for that info on this new computer. It's whatever the default is on the Lenovo ultra book.
Another trick I've used in the past to get this type of piano playing is to insert a "legato" play style in your piano staff. It can have a similar effect to inserting separate pedal down/up for each note.

I tried that as well and still didn't get the notes to sustain in that two bar section.
I should try it on my old computer because I don't recall noticing this before.
I'm talking about two tied semibreves. By the time the second semi breve appears there is no more sound. In real life the piano is still decaying nicely.
Of course I would use that in real life but inserting the pedal down symbol had
No effect  on the midi  playback.
I know you guys are probably tired of my questions but when I search for answers I don't usually find what I'm looking for and then I wonder If I am looking at the most recent information.

I found this discussion

My  midi files are not usually very good because I can't seem to control the subtle nuances that I can produce on an acoustic instrument. Now that I am sending the files to conductors along with my scores for their consideration than I really need to step up that part of things.

I also have trouble with piano notes decaying too quickly in the left-hand. For example I had a two  measure cord in the left-hand and by the time the second measure came around the sound had completely disappeared.
Thanks. I'm reading it now.

Which processes are redundant?

Do you still use global modifications? I've never used it.

I've been rethinking my workflow. I'm sure I'm being inefficient and missing some key things. I'd welcome suggestions.

I start with a melody staff.

Then I create just one hidden staff full of notes that I attach chord names  to as lyrics. This helps me think through my harmonic progressions. I will usually delete this by the end of the composition because the chords tend to clutter up the score and the
Harmony is Contained in the voices and instrumental parts.

What else could or should I use h s for? I do find my staves are quite cluttered with dynamics and tempo and text and lyrics etc. It's hard to move things around because I keep grabbing the wrong thing. 

General Discussion / Re: Italics again
Thanks. That did the job.
General Discussion / Re: Italics again
Hi Rick

I don't need an entire verse but just two words among the English text.

And if you've dealt with me before you know that I need a little hand-holding the first time (or two) and then I am off to the races!

Thanks for any help you can offer.
General Discussion / Italics again
I need to use a Hebrew phrase in an English piece and would like to italicize it. Is there a tool for this?

 :D Melismata, I wish I could like those instructions more than once!!  :D

Thank you so much for clarifying the procedure. I now have a score complete with cover page, program notes, and bio!! It's a thing of great beauty.

Thank you again to all those who quickly offered suggestions along the way. This is a wonderful support group for engravers and composers.

Thank you everyone. I have downloaded the free version of PDF creator and I am able to get single documents but I cannot get the Merge feature to work and I would like to include a bio and a cover page. I am submitting some composition to a contest!
That's what I've done and nothing happens. Just nothing. On my other computer a box would pop up asking for a save to  location.

Yes, it is Windows 10.
General Discussion / Printing to PDF
I'm having issues with this new computer. On my other I had installed cute PDF writer and used that to create PDFs of scores. On my new computer I installed that PDF program and am not getting a dialogue box to save anywhere and so am not getting any PDFs. 😫

Can anyone help or is there another free program that I could be using? I just downloaded open office today because I needed something on this computer other that notepad! I'd love to combine PDFs into one document so I can include program notes and a biography.

Thanks for any help.
I learned something new (again).

This is a question for all you composers out there. How do you decide what dynamics you are going to apply to your works? It's something that's a creative challenge to me and I would like to hear your process.

I had to do the same thing recently! It was a bit complicated and nwc support was not helpful at all!!!

What are you doing in Lilypond?
Well I just upgraded my computer and since I had the CD then I was able to reinstall and then download the latest updates from that website. Does that make it portable?
Thank you both for your replies. I had written the wrong book title down so I have edited it and clarified my questions.

I continue to be frustrated by:
Not knowing what staff size I should make my scores. As a performer,  I often use smaller sizes to reduce the page turns. But it seems too small for others and I want it to look professional.

How much space should be between systems? I like to enlarge the margins to get more on the page but some printers aren't happy with that and cutoff the lower notes.

Choosing staff size: Sometimes I get it wrong and the music looks too big and thus intimidating (strange how our brains work!)

The text issue: choosing font and size for things like " a tempo " and " rit" or "Unison. "

Thanks for any more illumination!

I don't see any of your intelligent friends here at the moment, so let me respond instead

I beg to differ.

Presto chango my dilemma is solved. Thanks as always, Mike!
I always struggle with picking a font size and type for my compositions. The default is too small I think.

Also, I hear from other engravers that italics is not preferred for text instructions on the score. I don't want to keep rethinking this with every score and could use some guidance. What does Gould's B.B. recommend for tempo instructions, etc? Any other advice?

It's probable that this has been discussed before but things change over time.

Many thanks!

 Hello everyone!
I have had a busy performance season and I am now getting back to some scores on my new computer. I have what may be a silly question but I cannot figure out the answer.

When I insert dynamics, I press on my keyboard and usually a little box comes up with a visual representation of all the options and I just press M or F or click on whatever I need.  However every now and then instead of that box, a different box comes up entitled notation properties where I have to scroll through different options and it takes longer. I cannot figure out why it switches and how to switch it back.

I am sure there is a simple explanation and that my intelligent friends here will enlighten me.

Many thanks!
We ended up getting an  external CD drive and I'm finally up and running again!
I was wondering if you get a darker score when you  duplicate? It looks darker on the screen to me and it certainly sounds fuller if the duplicate staff isn't muted but what about the printing?
Well, guess what arrived in the mail today? My spouse decided to make the decision for me for my birthday. There's no CD drive so how will I get NWC up and running??
Object Plugins / Re: (2.1)
Ok. Thanks.

I always forget about the marker. What else can it do? I think I used it once to hide a troublesome triplet marking...
User Tools / Re: Line over notes
Oops, you are right. Is there a way to update that so that it will do both?
User Tools / Line over notes
I was trying to use one of Mike's tools to put a line above some notes that are optional. I got the line ok but when I added text then the line disappeared. I'd like both. Is it doable within the tool or do I need to add text separately?
Object Plugins / Re: (2.1)
Hi Mike
I was trying to work with the slur today but having trouble because when I removed the nwc slur then the lyrics got messed up. Can you talk me through the process? Was I doing it wrong?

General Discussion / Musical theatre
Are there any musical theatre writers using NWC? I am in the midst of developing a project. I searched the forum and some posts came up from 15 years ago!
 It's actually the battery connection that is broken so it does not recognize the new battery that I bought for it, not knowing the issue. I have been putting up with it for years this way. Now there are certain keys that don't seem to want to work anymore on the keyboard, for example the home key doesn't work which is annoying when working on scores. Is there a keyboard shortcut for that?

When I start up the computer I get the blue screen of death and have to go through quite a process to get windows up and running. It makes me nervous and I try to back up my work every time I use it.
Well I don't really know anything about emulators. Or computers. Other than how to use them. And sometimes that's a bit sketchy too.

Now that I think of it, I've never actually picked out a computer. I've always left it to others. I feel the same about cars. Is it easy to park? Does it have heated seats? Ok, I'm good then.

For computer, I want it to be fast and reliable. Kind of like a car.

Portable is good too. But I think my laptop is bothering my shoulders and back because I'm using it as a desktop since the battery is toast and the power cord keeps falling out.
My 8 year old lap top is slowly gasping out its last breaths and I have decision paralysis.

Any recommendations? For me it's like buying a new car...they all look nice and shiny.

Thank you for this. I will give it a try tomorrow. If it works, or to be more accurate, if I can figure out how to use it, it will be a big time saver!
You guys are killing me! I was so excited to have finally figured out something on my own  without having asked for help in the first place!

I did try Mike's method on another score and it was so simple that I cried.

What else can you teach me to do faster? 🤓