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Object Plugins / Re: PageTxtMaestro.nw
Well it is great to hear from such Old timers LOL.  I came to NWC out of desperation because I was trying to use CueBase for scores and 15 years ago they were just awful ( I do not know what they're like today but back then it was strictly an audio program with bare-bones capability for score. I would spend hours trying to get the lyrics to line up with the notes. Eventually in frustration I would print out the lyrics from Word, cut them up into strips, glue them underneath the notes word by word, sometimes syllable by syllable. Yes, it was that bad!)

The abilities of noteworthy composer at that time were such an answer to prayer! I have been told by other composers that if I am serious about my work then I should be switching. Obviously you have chosen not to do that as well and I am curious as to why.
Object Plugins / Re: (2.0c)
Thanks again, Mike. My problem was that I was using the wrong method to try and move the marker, and it wouldn't budge (highlight and stretch with the mouse). Now I know to use the up or down arrow.  What Child is This, verse 2 is looking much better!

Thanks for taking time to explain it to me and for the example. I am not too worried about playback at this point. I am still figuring out how to make these scores look correct!

Object Plugins / Re: (2.0c)

Do you really play the harp or just the computer harp?
Object Plugins / Re: (2.0c)
Good  morning

I am re-reading this thread and finally realizing that I can notate arpeggios to extend across both staves, but I am having trouble doing it. Of course I am.

Would someone be willing to walk me through the process step by step? I like to think that this might help someone else down the road...

As always, many thanks for your help!
I would like to be able to do this as well. Come on brilliant  programmers, we believe in you! You can do it! Make that plug-in!

I was wondering if there was a way where we can put two different scores on one page. I think I remember this being possible. Then the piano staves could be smaller but prepared in a different file and then merged with the choral file. Maybe I am just dreaming?
I hear that confession is good for the soul.

I confess that I've never got the hang of the different types of repeats and the different endings. I know how to make it look correct but I know when I do it, that  the playback won't work correctly. It's on my list of things to conquer in 2018. But maybe there is an inherent issue with the software options?
I hope someone who can figure out footnotes is listening and needs a post Christmas project. Oh, that and a smaller staves option for working with piano reductions!!
General Discussion / Performance Notes
I would like to ask a question to those of you who put text notation in your scores to help in the performance.

Where do they generally appear?

At the top before the piece starts?
At the bottom of the first page?
At the point of performance?
All or a mix of the above?

I am having some issues with having them inserted as a txt object using  "x" as sometimes they go off the side of the page if they are too long, or if I change by staff font size then it might up in the middle of the page instead of at the bottom of that page.

Is there a way to insert it using page text maestro and only have it show up on a certain specified page, like the final page. For example, I had a foreign word in my text and included a footnote of how to pronounce it. I tried to put it on the bottom of the page in which it first appeared, but it kept moving around as I edited the score and so I ended up moving it multiple times. This seems like a waste of time if it can be done only once. (Yes, I could have waited, but I like to get everything down on the score initially).
Object Plugins / Re: PageTxtMaestro.nw
Thank you for your discussion of the topic (and creative ideas for Excel!!!!!!!)

I am going to try to make some templates. I need to get organized and save time. This will help for sure. The more I learn, the more I realize that I don't know. I started with version 1. something and have upgraded through the years but I have been too busy to really learn more nwc skills, but that is changing now.

Thank you all again for your patience and willingness to help with things are obvious to the rest of the world.
Thank you all for such quick replies. I decided to try Mike's idea with the filtered properties and I am happy to report that all dynamics are now below the clarinet staff! It was quite easy to do it this way, I have adjusted two that still collided with some beamed runs, but what a time saver this was!! Now I am curious to know what else I could use filtered properties to save time on. Suggestions?

Re: placement of dynamics, what are the best settings to use? Best fit seems to make them all too far in front of the note. (Is there an easy way to post a snippet of what I mean rather than a complete score?) Why are there so many options for placement? What does preserve width do? When I make changes, the score doesn't seem to be actually changing.

I have more questions, having to do with setting up templates, what fonts to use, using x to insert a direction such as rit. versus using the dynamic variation option, etc. I will wait to get the dynamic positions figured out first.

Thanks again for your time and patience. I am learning so much and my scores are looking much more professional!
Hello again

I am editing previous scores. Turns out my clarinet guy told me to put all the dynamics on the top of the staff when the correct and common practice is to have them all at the bottom of the staff. (Perhaps I misunderstood him, and I will need to follow-up with him on it. ) Is there a shortcut that will move them all at the same time?

I'd also like to know if it's best to have them all in a fixed position on the staff? I'm always having to fiddle with them because I try them out too low and then they have collisions with high notes or hairpins or directions further down the line. It is a frustrating aspect that I would like to solve.

I did a search and there were some discussions from 4 -5 years ago, so maybe things have changed and are simpler now? Plus I don't speak code.

In a related question (and maybe this should go into a separate thread, but is anyone familiar with this resource:
Guidelines for Manuscript Preparation (Revised 2002) By Gayle Giese, Pick Edmondson. I do not have the $ for Gould's manual and wondered if this would do the job?

Thank you for your help! I am in the process of putting subtitles in all my scores and am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.
Object Plugins / Re: PageTxtMaestro.nw
Well I thought about suppressing them but that seems like it is more work to put in all those different objects rather than dealing with it in the one big file information box. Is there another way around it? Or is it a case of choose one or the other based on the situation?

And thank you for the clarification on my bad use of BR!
Object Plugins / Re: PageTxtMaestro.nw
Like what I did in the PDF linked in that posting?

I do not use NWC for this, but write separate documents and combine them to a single PDF with free PDFCreator (a common and standard tool for creating PDF files).
In that case, I wrote the first page separately (in Microsoft Word) and then used the "Merge" feature of PDFCreator to first print the front page, then do "Merge", then print the NWC score (from NWC to PDFCreator as printer), and then "Merge All" to create a single PDF from it.


Yes, exactly! It would be great to be able to do this within NWC. Is it possible? Could one of our talented developers or forum users come up with a tool or modification to make it happen? (You know who you are!!)

I also have a question about getting a line break. At the top is says to use br. Where, when, and how? When I put in br in the text just shows up as br... ( you can all stop rolling your eyes).

Also, I am getting some subtitle collisions with the lyrcist, composer lines generated from the file information box. Is there a way to adjust that box instead of having to create 2 additional page text objects for each time this happens? I think I just need it to be about two lines further down on the page. Or maybe that will cause other collisions, like with the top stave?
One more question about performance notes. Where should they generally appear? At the top before the piece starts? At the bottom of the first page? At the point of performance? But I am having some issues with having them inserted as a txt object using  "x" as sometimes they go off the side of the page if they are too long, or if I change by staff font size then it might up in the middle o the page instead of at the bottom of that page. Is there a way to insert it using page text maestro and only have it show up on a certain specified page?
Thanks for helping me! I apologize if that question has already been asked and answered. Just point me in the right direction.

I'd like to thank everyone for helping me to understand the orphan issue, and especially to Mike who took a look at the score and experimented. I have now successfully completed the process on another score.

There are two things I would like to add to the discussion:

Only one space per measure per stave is to be inserted otherwise the opposite effect will happen - the measure will get longer. I missed that important information the first time.

Sometimes a piece will just have too many staves and notes for it to be successful. In that case, try unchecking the "increase spacing for longer notes" option in the Page Set Up, Options tab. This is what I needed to do with the original piece in question which was a 7 part polyphonic vocal score. Additional spacing can be inserted if needed to make the last note note look so odd, as well as balancing the whole thing by adding an ending system break.

I hope I have explained that correctly. If not, feel free to clarify things.

Sorry for the delayed response. I was trying to remember how I managed to get it as a NWC score but I can't. I am interested in learning about orchestration so I saved it as a file to study later. It doesn't actually play any sound...but maybe I assigned some instruments to parts to get an idea and that's when the issues began. I listened to the MP3 and it sounds great. It's a really fun piece! I love the Mozart "mash up." Has an orchestra performed this?

Sorry, I know that's not helpful, and I am sure the problem is on my end of things.

Object Plugins / Re: PageTxtMaestro.nw
I have another question that might belong in this topic.

I want to put performance suggestions at the bottom of the page. Can I set that up as a default setting with all the parameters already defined rather than having to put it in each time.

Also, if I wanted to make an entire separate front page of text with performance notes and background info, what would be the best way to go about it? (Not necessarily with this plug in if there is an easier way to do it within NWC.)

I apologize if this question has been answered already but I have a hard time finding answers for some reason! Plus my eyes glaze over if there is too much techno-babble....

Thanks for any help you can give me!
How many spaces will need to be inserted? I'm not having any luck so I had to change the font size.
Object Plugins / Re: PageTxtMaestro.nw
I need some congratulations. I have successfully put in my first subtitle after years of wishing I had them but not knowing how to do it.

It took a lot of tweaking back and forth to get the settings right. What I used was:

y offset at 15 and font size at .5

Is there a better way to do this?

Thanks for your help!
General Discussion / Re: Handbell Help
I was hoping someone with the latest version would have done something in case updates changed the process!

Thanks for looking.
Hi again

I have tried to move an orphan measure up and am not having any success with the above. I can make it longer but not shorter!

General Discussion / Re: Handbell Help
No one has done handbells lately?  ::)
I have realized that at some point in the past, entire song files were deleted from my computer. Hours of work wasted!!!! I am not even sure how that happens.  I must have had them highlighted by accident when I was doing some deleting or reorganizing.

But I can't even get my nwc notifications to show up in my email, so clearly there are some technical challenges.

Thankfully, I have hard copies of scores to use as templates to re-engrave. Blah. Let me encourage you to always have a printed copy of your scores just in case something strange like that happens to you.


General Discussion / Handbell Help
Hello to all handbell composers out there!

I am going to venture forth into this unknown territory. I have rung a bit, but never composed for bells, but I have several choral pieces I would like to add some bells to.

What do I need to know? How can NWC help me in my efforts? I see some posts, but one was 18 years ago, and I'm pretty sure things have changed since then. I don't want to spend a lot of time doing something that has a better solution, if you know what I mean! Oh, and please explain things like you would to a small child...

Thanks in advance
Hey thanks to everyone who chimed in. I'm glad to hear that I'm not alone.

It would be cool to have a search feature where you could highlight a passage and nwc would find all the files that have it. Really useful for when you realize that you've copied an error multiple times in multiple documents.
Is that possible? Also synchronized scrolling like when you have multiple Word documents open would be good.

I'm trying the dated version in the copyright section to see how that works for me on current documents. I haven't worked up the courage to face the binder file rearrangement yet. Blah.
I had the unpleasant task recently of trying to go through 8 drafts of the same piece and figuring out which one to keep...I am really bad about keeping track of changes I make, and being organized. ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED.

I have asked other composers and they are no help at all. Most of them say they struggle with the same thing, or just delete all old versions. The problem is that I take time to commit to one idea, so I like to keep the other drafts until I have decided for sure. However, sometimes a lot of time has gone by since then and I can't remember what was unique about a past draft.  Or, I may have the same piece arranged for different voices/instruments, so there are slight changes to the arrangement (i.e. give the piano runs to the flute and change the piano accompaniment to adapt). Any advice on this? Where do you note things? I can be taught new tricks, just need ideas of what will be the easiest method.

What I ended up doing was opening them all up using the tile feature and then shrinking them down to one measure width, and then going through them all measure by measure... sigh. It seemed like the best option without me losing my mind completely and flipping back and forth between full size scores where I kept losing my place! I haven't completely recovered but I was able to delete all but 2 drafts.

I have rearranged my computer files several times to try different ways of organizing my projects. Also, I print off drafts of the scores. Is there a way to print dates on the scores to help keep up with the changes? Or another way to keep track? I have been putting a number in the title and that helps somewhat.

I have a big unwieldy binder divided by Choral, Piano, Vocal, Instrument then subdivided by current, in process, complete, source material. Then I have a smaller binder that is just alphabetical and regardless of genre or voice, it gets filed under the title if I am still working on it at the piano or in reading session. Then when the piece is finished it is supposed to go back to the big binder. (Not always done to be honest) I'm not sure which way is better. I probably should change the big binder to alphabetical since I have different versions of the same piece all over that binder and it makes me feel unorganized.

I'd love to hear how others are staying organized and on track. I know we all work differently but ideas would be helpful. I apologize if some of the answers seem obvious. I am technically challenged.

Thanks and Happy New Year to all!
Ah ... maybe someone likes this (I sent it to's "Concourse de Musique", but did not get past the last round of eight):

Jingle Bells Overture - PDF
Jingle Bells Overture - MP3

Is this supposed to be polytonal? Or is my playback messed up? Its quite impressive!
Is there a place to read up more on this? I sometimes create a new staff via Cntrl  A and then discover during playback that it is on channel can guess the results. Quite humorous, but I'd like to avoid the effect, and figure out what I'm not doing right in the first place.
Thank you,  William, for taking time to include the rastral information.
Sorry guys for being a bit tardy in my thanks. My notifications were going to my spam folder. I think I have that figured out now.

I am learning new tricks and tools on the forum and thank you for taking time to make it clear for someone who is technically challenged. Pictures will help. Just like with a toddler.

It's nice to know that there is an alternative to shrinking the font sizing to make scores line up better.

Speaking of font sizes, is there a list of standard sizing for different types of composition? I've googled but haven't found anything authoritative.

Many thanks
Hi David and Flurmy

8ve is French and stands for "a l'octave" (at the octave). But I just checked through my Canadian music and French music and I am not seeing it in use. I'm not sure where I picked it up, maybe from music history classes? 

I am seeing 8..................../ over and under sections in some of the older Royal Conservatory pieces. I saw 8a................ in some French Canadian scores.

So, is there a common practice or is it geographical?

I did have success with the object. It was pretty easy once I had the steps to take. There were shouts of joy in the land. Now I have a long list of scores to edit... by the time I'm done, I'll be able to do it in my sleep!

Ok, that worked well. Thanks again!

Sorry about being unclear. I'm happy to receive help here, there, and everywhere!

Off to try it! I can't just read it, I have to do it for it to stick. Sometimes, I even need to write it down on a cheat sheet.

I would like more information on this topic.

Where do you access the nwctxt file? Is that the same as a song file? I don't think so,

Could someone post a link to the Sharpeye program and what kind of cost is involved in that?

I need to convert to Finale.

Thanks for your help.
Hi, it's me again, computer incompetent musician...(considering changing my screen name)

I want to use Octavamatic. I really do. But when I see all that coding information, my eyes glaze over, I get confused and I panic. I don't speak code.

I need simple, hand-holding steps for how to make this work. I'd like to have one last note play an octave lower than written. It is easier to read it when it is marked rather than write it so low on the staff. I have another section that is so high, it is easier to read with the octave markings above it. I still don't understand how to do these simple things. Right now I have a text insertion that says 8ve but it obviously doesn't sound accurately on the playback.

Would someone take pity and talk me through it, one baby step at a time?

On a related matter, perhaps I am not the type of person who should use NWC, even though I have been doing so for over 10 years. Maybe I need to go to software that is not as hard to understand. I believe that NWC will do all that I need it to do, and I understand most things, but a lot I still don't get. (I am, however, considered a good musician, if that's of any consolation. ) I REALLY dread having to learn a new program...given the sweat, blood and tears already shed on NWC, but what do you think? It this really meant for more technically-oriented people than me...(and dare I say it...those of our species with a male brain????)

I want to write, notate and make music! I don't want to learn to be a computer progammer. :D
I left you a comment on the blog that's still awaiting moderation,

I wondered if you could post here about adjusting scores for page turns. I have searched and didn't have anything come up. A step-by-step with screen shots helps incompetent people like myself, lol.

Thanks for your help!
Thanks! I will give both methods a try and see if I can reduce my time so I can get to the good stuff - composing and performing!

I am doing lots of score edits and find that I need to jump back and forth between similar sections to compare and make sure changes are made consistently. Is there a way to mark where I have been working so I can jump back to it, other than by using the Go to feature? I've tried searching and can't seem to find what I'm looking for on the forum. Any other tips and tricks to help in this endeavour?

Thanks for your help!
Object Plugins / Re: (1.0)

I was doing everything right, just not the most recent update to 2.75!

Thanks, this is fantastic!!!!!!!!

Now, what other new tricks should I be learning????
Object Plugins / Re: (1.0)
And thanks for the help, btw. If I can get this to work, my life will take on a rosy glow!
Object Plugins / Re: (1.0)
Mike, I am doing that, but I am getting an alert that it has been suspended and that I have to download an upgrade?

Sorry to be so stupid but I am musically great, but not so much technically!
Object Plugins / Re: (1.0)
Sorry, guys, but I must be really dense. I have no idea how to get the cueheads to show up. I have installed the object.

Trying again!
The email didn't go through.
Ok, I'm sending it your way.
Well, I didn't have double bars there but in front of the first verse, since it was a medley that included a first song. I removed them but it hasn't helped.  The carol does occur in a second ending after a master repeat close. The thing that confuses me is that the first verse of the carol is fine, but it is only after the key change that the playback stops. That is what leads me to believe it is somehow connected to the transposition.

Any other ideas?

I'm having a playback problem related somehow to transposition. Here is what I did:
I am arranging "Joy to the World" . I started in the key of A, and am modulating to the key of Bb. So, I input the notes in A, then I copied those notes to a new staff, transposed it to Bb using the staff transpose function, and then copied and pasted the new key onto the staff that had the original. Now, it will play through until the key change and then stop. I don't understand what I did wrong. Any ideas?