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I'm late to the party. I've been sick...was it Covid 19? Possibly so, but only people who had travelled were getting tested 2 weeks ago in my part of Canada. We know now that this is a wrong approach, since it denies the community spreading methodology. The local public health also announced after the third case that they would no longer be publicly reporting cases "to prevent patient confidentiality" (more likely, mass hysteria). I've been under lockdown for 2 weeks now because of being ill. The stores are struggling to get supplies on the shelves. I'm also immune compromised, so it's not great to hear about how bad this virus can be. One of my regular meds is the anti-malaria drug that was suggested as being helpful. Maybe it is helping me avoid getting really sick with whatever I've got? However, I just heard from the pharmacy that there is now a worldwide shortage of the drug, which is really bad news for people like me who depend on it for daily living.

I am a performing musician, and in the weeks before I got sick I was out in the community doing an extra amount of multiple choir rehearsals, public church services, funerals, food fellowships, etc. (That's why I suspect I may have picked something up.) I was gearing up for the Easter season, with a mass choir from different churches. Now everything has been put on hold, (and I expect will be cancelled).  I should add that because of my health, I am very cautious with handwashing and sanitizing as a normal routine, and yet I still managed to get sick.

I had a two week Florida vacation booked, which also was cancelled. It's a good thing, since I would have been sick while travelling, and they closed the borders! I'm currently in my music office surrounded by 24 old NWC scores of my work, which I am attempting to review, edit and file. It's a job I have put off for a long time. I also have been working on new compositions, but I am getting a little stir crazy!

Glad to hear from everyone, and to hear the news from your part of the world.

All the best,
No, I haven't. Is there a time limit on how long ago the files were deleted? I don't know when it happened; when I went to retrieve them, they were missing.
 Thank you for clarifying. I am sensitive about this issue because I have lost files in the past and it is heartbreaking after hours and hours of work. I was never able to find them again for some reason. I am not sure how they got deleted. It must've been user error on my part although I would never have purposely deleted them!
AAs far as I remember, if you have your back up files folder the same as your autosave files folder, then it doesn't work.
For some reason they have to be different folders. Sorry, I know that doesn't help you.

Not sure that there is anything else I can suggest.


Is this true about the file locations? Why did you edit this statement?

General Discussion / Re: NWC on Facebook
I was happy to see some action and just assumed they were doing some marketing. I never thought about the possibility of replacing the forum with Facebook. That would be unwise, in my opinion.
General Discussion / NWC on Facebook
I've noticed in the last week that there have been daily posts from NWC on Facebook, with a comment about support and an update in the works!
Even though I have followed the steps in the user guide, any changes that I make to my templates are not being saved. It says it is saving them, but then when I go back in a reopen the template, the changes don't show up. I am getting a message about not being able to create a back up, and also that it is being saved in a new format and the old format won't be able to open it. I'm not sure how that is influencing the problem, or why those messages are showing up.

Thanks for your help. I've wasted a lot of time on this and am getting frustrated!
Thanks, Rick. I didn't know about that option before.
This was an amusing thread to read. For my own performances, I hole punch page 1 and 2 and place in a binder, using plastic tape for page 3 and 4 if I want the music to be laid out at the piano or organ. It can be removed easily for storage of the piece in a big binder. If the piece is longer, then I just hole punch it all and deal with page turns. I'm extremely committed to the binder idea after having music float off the piano onto the floor mid-performance. I've then had to play looking at that music on the floor, but it's not ideal!
I have a new choir and have been thinking about how to help them learn their parts. I'd welcome feedback on this topic:

What is the best way to deliver the tracks? CD, Internet - on a website, by email? I've got some choir members who don't use computers...

Has anyone (and is there a way to do it) made youtube videos using an mp3 version?

If I had to make a cassette tape (yikes) for someone (are those even still available to purchase?), what would be the best approach?

What else should I be thinking about?

Years ago, a group I worked with could download a trial version of NWC and practice with scores that way, but I don't think that possibility exists anymore, does it? The benefit was they could see the music part light up as they heard it.

Thanks for your input!

I'm glad that you got this sorted out. I have just begun a new position as choral director and am looking at making some teaching tracks as well, so I've been thinking about the process. In general, what volume levels do you find are best when preparing these?
I have some other questions, which I will post separately.
If you are going to use this kind of object a lot I'd suggest adding it to your favourite template and then setting the variables in the Authoring Info|Comments field.

Lawrie, thanks for your help with this back in the fall! I have been using this regularly now and it has actually been very helpful to keeping me organized at rehearsal when managing multiple scores for multiple musicians and compositions. I'm off now to add it to my templates.
User Tools / Re: Updating User tools
I was just thinking about this today as I checked in to see what new things had been developed since my last visit to the forum. I feel like I have missed out on different tools because of either not checking what's being developed (it makes my brain fuzzy to read tech-speak), not looking for updates, and generally being out of the loop due to a busy music/composition schedule. I was hoping for a better system to stay updated on tools and objects. (Automatic systems are probably best).

What would be even better is to have video explanations of new tools! I learn best by seeing them in action. Reading about it just overwhelms me. I'm a musician, not a computer developer. :D
Hi Mike

I'm interested in trying out this tool. I might need some coaching through the process... my brain feels a bit fried after starting a new position this month as a church music director. I've been writing a ton of music for my new choir and learning how to play the pipe organ!

Thanks for developing another useful contribution to NWC.
I'm popping to say that I look forward to trying out this tool, and to ask if you could let me know when you've finished the tweaks (posting in this thread should be enough). I was using your other cut/paste tool recently and thinking again about how thankful I was for the time savings!
Best wishes with your surgery recovery.
Object Plugins / Re: (1.1)
Hi Mike

I use the bar label constantly for my scores, so I add my gratitude for your generosity in sharing it with the NWC community. I have a  question: is it possible to add a "preserve width" box? Sometimes I need to add text close by and instead of using insert to add spaces (which sometimes does strange things to other things, such as the crescendo or decrescendo hairpins -- another topic which I will want to explore), or having to move the label up above the text, maybe preserving the width would be better? If it already has this capability, then I have missed it.

Thanks again for your help!
Does anyone know how to use PDF Creator to do this? Under paper size are a ton of options but not inches.

I think I will try the second option first.
Thanks for your help.
Is it possible to print more than one song per page? I've got some short rounds to print.
Just popping in to say that I'm looking forward to using a new tool!
Hi Mike
I'm trying to use this plug in to create a label at the beginning of verses. Is there a way to make it show up only on the first line? I don't want it on the subsequent lines of the song (I do want different labels on the beginning of each verse). Is there a different solution for what I seek?

Thanks for your help!
General Discussion / Rounds
I just learned how to do something new because of this thread: end with something other than the normal double bar line!

I have been writing and notating rounds lately for my choir. Here is a favourite that I was able to change the ending on. It looks great on my screen. However, when I go to print...trouble! It's probably best to keep it as a single line piece but I do like hearing the sound of the round.

I was out of the country and realize that I didn't thank you all for your help.

I tend to press x for text entries but will use the J xtext object when I have a longer text entry to make.
Thanks for your help. Is there any way to get the main title larger? At present, it is showing up as the same size as the subtitles (instrumentation).
I use Eric's PageTxtMaestro to place lots of information in the "Page Number" location.  I use information stored in the comments section of the File Info dialogue. 

I have been experimenting with  adding more information to the score using PageTxtMaestro. I'm having a couple of problems:

I can't seem to get the title to load.

I would like the heading to indicate full score, but I need clarinet to show up on the score print out. But I need the top stave to say "full score" to make the header show "full score".

I'm uploading the first couple of measures so you can see what might be the issue.

Also, I didn't find a simple solution for adding the date to the score, but I found a Stamp in Adobe that I can add after the final print out using PDFCreator which says "Revised" with the date and time. It is one extra step but I think it is the simplest extra step for me. PDF forge doesn't seem to include the ability to include date in the free version of PDFCreator.

Thanks for your help,
Thanks. I've started using the keyboard shortcut and it's great.

Is there a shortcut for "save as"?
I am underutilizing pagetextmaestro and need to take  time to think and plan what to include on my scores.

Thanks for the tip about the PDF dates. That might be the solution. I need something preset so I don't have to rely on a faulty memory. 
Yes, I do use the toggle switch and this is a good feature to have but I find I'm using keyboard shortcuts more these days. It's quicker and more comfortable. I've discovered the Alt V A Shortcut and am learning to use it.

What would really be useful is a shortcut for open Book icon where you set up margins and fonts, etc.
I agree with Rick about right-justifying the text string at a bar line.

One caveat - if the text string is too long and now appears at the end of the first measure of the new staff, if may then spill over the left margin.  The solution is to break the text into a couple of shorter text entries: 
Allegro ma non troppo
Allegro [break]
ma non troppo.

Is there a way to do that break within one text function or does it require two text entries?
This will definitely save time. I've been putting a lot of duplicate information in all the staves. How important is it for this tempo stave to be just one line? It it's going to be invisible, and layered, does it matter?
General Discussion / Re: An idea
Sorry to hear about the family situation.

Thanks for the update. Don't feel guilty about it. It's a good idea and when the time is right, it will come together.
General Discussion / Re: An idea
Any update on this potential web project? Inquiring minds want to know.
Earlier in this thread, there was some discussion about using EMF to create an optional ending. How do I save from NWC into that format? I don't see it on the "save as" or export options? I read that it has to do with printing something...

I'm replying to myself in case anyone ever searches for this topic (like me, when I forget how to do this!)

Using the insert button to add one space after the last squiggle will keep them from crossing over the bar line:

Code: [Select · Download]

In a previous post on swing tempo, this was posted:

If you use NWC to print parts, the Tempo track is indespensible.  Things that all parts need to see like rehearsal symbols and tempo are all on a staff that is layered into the part you are currently printing.

Could I see some examples of what that track might look like?
I read that someone was using overlay printing as a solution for printing italicized and regular lyrics.

Any ideas on which print drivers will allow for this, and what are the steps involved?
Object Plugins / Re: (1.0)
This discussion has been helpful.

My soloists seem to want cue notes so I have been giving them the melodic line for about two measures before their entry.  The cue notes tool is really helpful.

I would really like a tool to create smaller staves as well such as for piano reductions or optional parts. 
Object Plugins / Re: (2.1)
Eeks, Mike, is there a way to do this without tweaking code? I don't even know where I would start. Sometimes getting the computer up and running is enough of a challenge. :)
I suggest using SyFonOne, which doesn't require any complicated setup, although you'll need a virtual MIDI driver (I use LoopBe) and a sound font (FluidR3 works well). Another approach - although this doesn't work on the fly - is to export as MIDI and then use an online service such as SolMiRe to convert it to an MP3, using the sound font of your choice from their list.

I have been using the SolMiRe website this year to do conversions, and the sound is much better than my own computer, but I would like to get things set up on my computer so I don't have to outsource it. Thus, I am revisiting this topic again.

I found this sound font that I would like to try out. I have been using the "music box" setting to imitate handbells, but am hoping this would be better for preparing a sample mp3.

I'm just not sure the best way to get set up for this. I did find some other free sound fonts.

Well I am known for missing bar lines but I didn't see anything amiss. There was a single bar line instead of a double in one layer of a layered SA choral section. Would that cause it?
Thanks for checking that. You just saved me a lot of work from changing over all the legato markings in my scores!  :))
Even better: tenuto.
But in this case I expected what SEBC just wrote.

I'm not sure I hear a difference between using legato and tenuto. What should I be hearing?
I don't really know anything about macros and hot keys but Alt V A is doable. Thanks!
I don't want to go into viewer mode but toggle between layered and unlayered in edit mode using a keyboard shortcut.
That was handy. I just labelled all my staves quickly that way.
Sometimes when I go to print, I find my text running off the printed page. It might be a label, such as "Children". This often happens after I have changed something and the text measure gets bumped over to a different position. When I first insert the label, I check to see that it looks ok.

Is there anything that I can do to keep the text from doing this?
Score Review: Who, What, Where and Why?

Also, can you change things in the score from the dialogue box or is it FYI only?
I would find it really helpful to have a keyboard shortcut for layering. Does it exist? If not, can it be developed?
General Discussion / Filtered Properties
I'm going to learn to do something new in NWC: use Filtered properties. I've used it before to move dynamics around on the score. It works really well. What else could I do with FP? What do y'all use it for?