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Attachments - NoteWorthy Online

Filename   Downloads Message Posted
10f.nwc 899 Re: MIDIParm.nw
AABBAABB_t7409.nwc 750 Re: How do I make a special last bar ending ? Celtic Fiddle Special Case 1,095 Re: nwctxt Python Module - Version 0.1.0 (Alpha quality)
Attach Objects To Next Note.nw.nwcut.lua 904 Attach Objects To Next Note.nw
BarCounter.nw.nwcuser.lua 1,100 BarCounter.nw
BeamGrps.png 1,221 Re: Beam Direction
BlockLetter.demo.nwcuser.lua 697 BlockLetter.demo
BlockLetters.nwc 750 BlockLetter.demo
breve.png 809 Re: Breve
Bug_nwc2p1z_RestChordNoteSpacing.nwc 656 Re: Does Extra Note Space mean Extra Accidental Space, too?
ChordPlay.nw.nwcuser.lua 1,138 ChordPlay.nw
ChordPlayRightClick.png 1,397 Re: ChordPlay.nw
Chrome-NWC-Plugin.png 942 Re: browser plugin
CustomKey.nw.nwcuser.lua 676 CustomKey.nw
customKey.png 1,207 CustomKey.nw
DisableUseWideTextForSymbols.reg 1,692 Re: NoteWorthy Composer 2.1 Beta 8
EnableDLSSynth.trak 686 Enabling Web MIDI DLSSynth on Mac OS X
GM1Alphabetical.nwcitree 2,021 General Midi.nwcitree
GSDrumKits.nwc 619 Re: Sound of slow brushes
KeyMappings.png 1,307 CustomKey.nw
LineSpan.nw.nwcuser.lua 1,030 LineSpan.nw
Melismatic.nw.nwcuser.lua 927 Melismatic.nw
MIDIParm.nw.nwcuser.lua 960 MIDIParm.nw
mynwsw_icon.gif 1,252 Re: New icon for this forum
NortonUpgFailure.png 1,304 Popularity Contest as Anti-virus
noteheadAlignmentBeta2x14.nwc 692 Re: NWC2 Beta 2.20 is now available
NRPN_Sample.nwc 898 Re: MIDIParm.nw
NumberingLyricLines_v21.nwc 665 Re: Aligning rest symbols
nwc21b17-intro.png 3,074 How to enable the Piano Control in NWC 2.1
nwc2musicxml_ut.png 1,997 Test Release: nwc2musicxml
nwc2musicxml_utsave.png 1,888 Test Release: nwc2musicxml
nwc2ut_PromptDemo_1.exe 2,389 Using prompts when invoking a User Tool
nwc2_UserToolStarter_v2_11_beta2.exe 1,910 NWC2 User Tool Starter Kit 2.11 (Beta 2)
nwcInfo-usertool.png 1,423 Retrieve NWC File Version, Font, and Play Time Information
nwcInfo.cmd 958 Retrieve NWC File Version, Font, and Play Time Information
nwctxt.nwctxt 3,995 Working with *.nwctxt files 1,146 nwctxt Python Module - Version 0.1.0 (Alpha quality)
NWCViewerPortable_2.51_RC_1_English.paf.exe 850 NWC Viewer Portable - Version 2.51 RC 1
nwsw-sample-5807.nwc 645 Re: Note Spacing
OctaveDoubling.nw.nwcut.lua 653 OctaveDoubling.nw: Octave Doubling Chord Creator (Version 0.1)
PageTxt.nw.nwcuser.lua 589 PageTxtMaestro.nw
PageTxtMaestro.nw.nwcuser.lua 641 PageTxtMaestro.nw
PageTxtMaestro.nwc 853 PageTxtMaestro.nw
PlayBackDelay.nwctxt 695 Re: Duration error when using pitch bend
SplitStemHackAvoidsLayering.nwc 767 Re: Help for the Cyber Hymnal
system.gif 2,308 Re: What's a system?
t7250_WithLayering2.nwc 611 Re: Dotted Note Discrepancies
TabFret.nw.nwcuser.lua 628 TabStaff.nw and TabFret.nw
TabStaff.nw.nwcuser.lua 628 TabStaff.nw and TabFret.nw
TabStaff.nwc 749 TabStaff.nw and TabFret.nw