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browser plugin
I am using Google Chrome 24.0.1312.57 m
For several other persons to whom I give support, I also first the previous version, rebooted my computer and installed the newest version of the Viewer.
Where can I find the Chrome browser plugin? (yes, I checked the plugin option when installing the Viewer).
Also I am using Noteworthy Composer, but for writing a how-to for my 'supporters' I would like to know how to use the browser-plugin.
Who can help me?

Re: browser plugin
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This might be interesting because I could never get the plugin to work with Google Chrome. I could get it to work with FireFox or Opera and indeed other browsers, but not Chrome.
(It was never meant to work with IE)

This was reported but nobody else had this problem and NoteWorthy were unable to solve why I could not get the browser to work under Chrome.

If you go to this link using Google Chrome, then if all is well with your system, the moonlight sonata should start playing automatically.

If it doesn't, I would recommend installing either Mozilla Firefox or Opera and then go to that link, and you will find it works OK and is relatively self explanatory.

If you can't get Chrome to work but you can get any of the other two browsers to work, I would appreciate a posting here if only to back up my previous findings.  It was thought that perhaps something else installed on my system is stopping the plugin working for Chrome.

Re: browser plugin
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I am able to install Firefox, so I did.
When I open the link with the sample, I hear (and see) the music.
But when I open this link into Google Chrome, the browser respond with "There is no browser plugin available to view this content" (my translation from Dutch to English).

Because the website about the viewer tells me the plugin can be start automatically, I would appreciate I can download a file to use as a plugin into Google Chrome.

Re: browser plugin
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You have the same problem as I do. Because the plugin works for firefox, the plugin is installed properly.
There is nothing else you can do except use Firefox and hope that NoteWorthy finds out why it won't work for Google Chrome with a very few selected machines.

Re: browser plugin
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Just to confirm - I too can get the link to work under Firefox but not under Chrome (Windows 7 64bit)


Nil illigitemae carborundum

Re: browser plugin
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I just revisited this issue again, and I am still unable to reproduce it. After the NWC Viewer is installed with the Browser Plugin enabled, you should be able to see the NWC plugin in Chrome from:

Settings, Show advanced settings..., Privacy, Content settings..., Plug-ins, Disable individual plug-ins...

- or -


I have attached what I currently see here. I see something similar on Windows 7 64-bit with Chrome, except the install location is different.

Note: In chrome, you can right click the above link, copy it, then paste it into the address bar to quickly navigate to the Chrome Settings plugins area.

Re: browser plugin
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The plugin still does not work for me under chrome. But to confirm, I have 13 plugins in chrome none of which is NoteWorthy. When we looked at this before, I tried disabling all of the plugins but this did nothing.
However the plugin does work in OPera, Firefox, Safari (Running under the Ghecko engine).

Happy to try more tests if it is of help.


Re: browser plugin
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- I uninstall the Viewer (and rebooted my computer)
- I close Google Chrome
- I re-install the Viewer with enable the plugin
- I open Google Chrome Chrome and go to the plugin overview

but I do not see the Noteworthy plugin into the list of available plugins.
I am running Windows 7 64-bits and Chrome is up-to-date (v 25.0.1364.97 m)