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nwctxt Python Module - Version 0.1.0 (Alpha quality)

A Python library for processing NoteWorthy Composer clip text is attached. This library is suitable for those that are comfortable with scripting in Python.

Background: All notation objects in NWC have a text based description that can be copied, pasted, and processed from the built-in NWC2 user tool mechanism. The definitions in the nwctxt module provide a standard method for drilling into the NWC clip text, analyizing it, changing it, and then reconstructing the clip in order to send it back to NWC.

This initial alpha version of is based on the PHP version of the NWC user tool start kit. The naming conventions are based on the PHP version of the NWC clip text library. We are considering altering this approach in order to make these definitions more consistent with Python standards, so things may change after this initial alpha release.

Re: nwctxt Python Module - Version 0.1.0 (Alpha quality)

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Here are two Python programs that can be invoked from the NWC2 User Tool mechanism to test the nwctxt library:

  • Simply returns the help text for nwctxt. You can do the same from the Python interpreter using "help(nwctxt)" after importing it.
  • This is similar to the nwsw_VarDump.php program in the NWC2 Starter Kit (which uses PHP)