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Rhythm Tracks for NWC
Just finished a blog post about something new to help create rhythm tracks for use in NoteWorthy Composer. If you are interested in drum loops or custom rhythms, then you might find this of interest:

NWC Template Reproduction
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The following app links are reproductions of the rhythm templates currently found in NWC 2.51:

The on-beat emphasis is not currently supported in the app. This will be considered for possible future enhancement.
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Enabling Web MIDI DLSSynth on Mac OS X
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The AU Lab configuration that I used to enable Apple's DLS Synth for use in Chrome Web Apps is attached.

Re: Rhythm Tracks for NWC
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The built-in Windows synth is no longer supported by Google Chrome, courtesy of this update.

As a result of this change, the webmidi feature is much less useful on Windows.