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Aligning rest symbols
This problem usually shows up at the beginning of a song. I do a lot of transcribing from handwritten music, writing each voice in a separate staff (TTBB). Setting up the lyrics to have the first word properly sit under the first note I add extra spaces to the first note to compensate for verse numbers. Some songs start with rests in the 2nd tenor, baritone and bass voices. There is no way I have found on how to add spaces in front of a rest symbol to align it under the moved first note. I know this is a cosmetic thing but it bugs me.

Re: Aligning rest symbols
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Let's say staff 1 starts with notes and staff 2 starts with rests.

Add a layered staff below staff 2, and write the staff 2 lyrics in this new staff 3 instead of staff 2.  Copy notes from staff 1 into the beginning of staff 3, and change the note properties to muted, noteheads blank, and stem lengths zero.

Your lyrics will line up with these notes, I think, and when staff 2 is layered with staff 3, it will look just fine.

There are other ways, I think, but I don't have time just now to look further into it. 

Re: Aligning rest symbols
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Hi Allan,

Well I'm not quite clear on how you are writing the verse numbers. This would make a difference as to where the lyric is centred against the note.

Have you tried the following :

1._Verse One Ly-ric starts.

In other words The verse number, a full stop (if required) and  an underscore connected to the first syllable of the verse. (ie no spaces).

If this does not help, perhaps you would describe how you are setting up the verses.

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Depending on stem direction, one of these should work:
Code: (nwc) [Select · Download]
Adjust duration as needed.

Unlike a rest, you can set 'Extra Note Spacing' and/or 'Extra Accidental Spacing'.
By default these will take a 'Lyric Syllable', which may need an override.
See Note Properties for more details.
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Re: Aligning rest symbols
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I set up verse numbers as a text entry.
Line up the insertion point with the lyric line to the left of the first note/rest. Insert text as 1. plus a number of spaces (4 usually works for me, but may need adjusting if first word in lyric has more than 5 characters, and standard lyric alignment rule is used. I use the same font for the verse numbers as for the lyrics.
If there are succeeding verses I use the down arrow to line up the insertion point with the next lyric line, insert text, (without spaces, and with 'Preserve Width' unchecked.
The numbers then are aligned vertically, and can be copied and pasted to following systems if desired.
This method doesn't require any padding of lyrics. And takes very little time to insert the numbers, once you've used it a few times. I've used it for hundreds of hymns, with the verse numbers at the start of each system.

Re: Aligning rest symbols
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I am not clear on exactly what you are doing, but you can also assign the lyric number to a hidden grace note rest, like so:

Code: (nwc) [Select · Download]

This technique is described somewhere here in the forum, but I could not immediately find it.

Full file example is also attached.
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Re: Aligning rest symbols
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This has not been an issue for me, but perhaps the Lyrics/Configuration tab needs a new checkbox ([] Lyrics numbers)?

Re: Aligning rest symbols
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I am not clear on exactly what you are doing, but you can also assign the lyric number to a hidden grace note rest
I wouldn't advise using a grace rest as it delays the onset of the first note by a 16th (24 clicks).
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Re: Aligning rest symbols
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Setting up the verse numbers as text entry appears to be the trick. For years now I've shifted the notes to fall in line with the words. It was a good idea at the time but lately other issues appeared like rest symbol alignment. I believe this will cure a lot of ills. Thanks!