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Attachments - NoteWorthy Online

Filename Downloads Message Posted
OctaveDoubling.nw.nwcut.lua 133 OctaveDoubling.nw: Octave Doubling Chord Creator (Version 0.1)
PageTxtMaestro.nw.nwcuser.lua 140 PageTxtMaestro.nw
PageTxt.nw.nwcuser.lua 143 PageTxtMaestro.nw
TabStaff.nw.nwcuser.lua 168 TabStaff.nw and TabFret.nw
TabFret.nw.nwcuser.lua 174 TabStaff.nw and TabFret.nw
CustomKey.nw.nwcuser.lua 233 CustomKey.nw
EnableDLSSynth.trak 260 Enabling Web MIDI DLSSynth on Mac OS X
t7250_WithLayering2.nwc 268 Re: Dotted Note Discrepancies
GSDrumKits.nwc 270 Re: Sound of slow brushes
BlockLetter.demo.nwcuser.lua 283 BlockLetter.demo
Bug_nwc2p1z_RestChordNoteSpacing.nwc 289 Re: Does Extra Note Space mean Extra Accidental Space, too?
breve.png 291 Re: Breve
nwsw-sample-5807.nwc 291 Re: Note Spacing
TabStaff.nwc 303 TabStaff.nw and TabFret.nw
NumberingLyricLines_v21.nwc 327 Re: Aligning rest symbols
PlayBackDelay.nwctxt 334 Re: Duration error when using pitch bend
BlockLetters.nwc 338 BlockLetter.demo
noteheadAlignmentBeta2x14.nwc 356 Re: NWC2 Beta 2.20 is now available
Attach Objects To Next Note.nw.nwcut.lua 358 Attach Objects To Next Note.nw
TimeSigScaler.nw.nwcuser.lua 363 TimeSigScaler.nw
AABBAABB_t7409.nwc 378 Re: How do I make a special last bar ending ? Celtic Fiddle Special Case
nwcInfo.cmd 387 Retrieve NWC File Version, Font, and Play Time Information
PageTxtMaestro.nwc 387 PageTxtMaestro.nw
NWCViewerPortable_2.51_RC_1_English.paf.exe 396 NWC Viewer Portable - Version 2.51 RC 1
SplitStemHackAvoidsLayering.nwc 399 Re: Help for the Cyber Hymnal
VistaVolume.jpg 410 Re: Need some help please- it's gone silent!
Chrome-NWC-Plugin.png 411 Re: browser plugin
customKey.png 443 CustomKey.nw
LineSpan.nw.nwcuser.lua 468 LineSpan.nw
TabStaff.png 477 TabStaff.nw and TabFret.nw
NRPN_Sample.nwc 483 Re: MIDIParm.nw
10f.nwc 483 Re: MIDIParm.nw
Melismatic.nw.nwcuser.lua 483 Melismatic.nw
MIDIParm.nw.nwcuser.lua 503 MIDIParm.nw
ChordPlayRightClick.png 515 Re: ChordPlay.nw
KeyMappings.png 516 CustomKey.nw
BeamGrps.png 533 Re: Beam Direction
ChordPlay.nw.nwcuser.lua 554 ChordPlay.nw
nwcInfo-usertool.png 555 Retrieve NWC File Version, Font, and Play Time Information
NortonUpgFailure.png 567 Popularity Contest as Anti-virus
BarCounter.nw.nwcuser.lua 626 BarCounter.nw 669 Re: nwctxt Python Module - Version 0.1.0 (Alpha quality)
mynwsw_icon.gif 708 Re: New icon for this forum 716 Re: nwctxt Python Module - Version 0.1.0 (Alpha quality) 754 nwctxt Python Module - Version 0.1.0 (Alpha quality)
nwc2musicxml_utsave.png 919 Test Release: nwc2musicxml
nwc2musicxml_ut.png 943 Test Release: nwc2musicxml
w10-midiprob1.png 1,064 Upgrading to Windows 10
DisableUseWideTextForSymbols.reg 1,295 Re: NoteWorthy Composer 2.1 Beta 8
nwc2_UserToolStarter_v2_11_beta2.exe 1,484 NWC2 User Tool Starter Kit 2.11 (Beta 2)