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General Discussion / Wav and MP3 files from NWC.
Good morning (even if it rains a lot here),
I read in the "frequently asked questions" the steps to follow to create Wav and MP3 files from NWC.
I don't have Audacity but GoldWave. Is it possible to achieve the same result with this software?
Since I don't find a perfect correspondence in the description of the procedure, I also ask if the steps are identical with Windows 11 too.
I thank you in advance and greet you cordially.
General Discussion / Re: Small Falsetti notes
Necessary correction and new request.
The previous file in the falsetto part was a semitone lower, my poor hearing did not notice the discrepancy in the sound  :-[ . I wonder how it is possible that I added a fifth higher staff (that of the falsettos, in fact) to the four already existing staves without affecting its properties, and this resulted in a semitone lower than the original four.
I'm still wondering how you can generate nwc code (the kind I often see posted in the forum) that "covers" multiple lines. even only partially. To give a concrete example, if I want to insert a code (or even a file) into the forum that shows the first seven measures of the first tenor and bass parts of a song with four parts, is it possible to do so?
Thank you, happy Sunday to you (hoping that worse troubles don't happen in the Middle East).
General Discussion / Re: Small Falsetti notes
Thank you.
After entering the topic, I continued to "tinker around" and I arrived at your result, but working on three staves, to also hear the falsetto melody on its own.
Always thanks.
For you I think we can say "good night"!
General Discussion / Small Falsetti notes
Good morning to you,
in the attachment I have highlighted the smallest notes ("Falsetti") that I would like to insert either in the same staff (Tenors I) or in another, higher one. Tried with Cueheads... too much English for my language skills, even with Google Transductor.
Any help is welcome.
Thank you.
General Discussion / Buona Pasqua
May you rise again from your small and large difficulties.
May the light of hope illuminate your thoughts and actions.
Happy Easter!
General Discussion / Re: Very long half note
I thank all my friends for their usual great availability.
I'm doing some tests, I think I'll use instruments with a "soft" sound even if some are really hard to listen to, especially for a deaf person like me (I have two "bionic" ears, cochlear implants).
Happy Sunday.
General Discussion / Re: Very long half note
Hi Lawrie,
after re-reading what I posted, I realized that my statement was rather confusing. Remedy now, attaching a jpg file.
In the second measure (voice of the first tenors) the word "Girolemin" continues until the 7th measure and then repeats with "min" until the 11th.
They are two long melismas perfectly reproduced from a graphic point of view.
I would also like to be able to HEAR these two long notes both as a single voice (Shift+F5) and as a voice that "participates" in the harmony of the song.
I ask if there is a User tool, a Manage objects or a Performance style to achieve this.
Thank you and have a happy evening.
General Discussion / Very long half note
Good morning to you.
I find myself with a half note (dotted) which continues for four measures with the same syllable and ends with a quarter note, also dotted. I would like to understand how I can hear the prolongation of the note (sound) so that the harmony of the measures involved is full.
Thank you.
General Discussion / Re: "strange" score
I figured by the time you would be the first to respond.
Thank you and I will try the solutions you proposed.
Happy Sunday.
General Discussion / "strange" score
Good morning to you,
I wonder if it is possible to obtain what I indicate in the attachment:
- single size
- dotted bars joined to the top line
- in a 2/4 time signature get a 3/4 note, minimal with a dot (if it's not a mistake...), even if the time signature is absent.
Thank you.
General Discussion / Re: Merry Christmas 2023
Not just music and notes!

Like the fire of a match in the darkness,
like the snow that falls and covers the ice,
like the clear sky after a downpour.
Like bread pecked by a robin.

Like the full moon on the night,
like the light wind on the valley,
like the silence after the storm.
Like a flower blooming in a jar.

Like a lullaby on a cot,
like the sleep of a sleeping child,
like the stories told by dad.
Like the night Baby Jesus comes.

Like a kiss scented with love,
like a warm caress in the hand.
like coming home from afar.
May the coming year be so for you.

Happy New Year!
General Discussion / Re: Finished Software?
I bring my opinion as a simple user, completely ignorant of programming.
I have purchased music notation programs over time: Sibelius (First), Finale (Print Music). I've tried various versions of MuseScore.
For what my opinion is worth, no one has the agility (pass me that term) of NWC.
If we then add the availability of expert users, whom I thank here, what more could we wish for? It would be a real shame if NWC disappeared from our monitors. I hope the elusive Eric (is that him?) listens to us.
Thank you and good day.
General Discussion / Re: Filtered properties
No, I didn't tamper with the registry and I didn't have any crashes. However, I have reconstructed the list step by step (choosing the properties one at a time) and I will consult the key you indicated. Thank you.
General Discussion / Filtered properties
Good morning,
working with the new tools (plug-ins), I noticed this.
By selecting part or all of a staff, the list of "properties" (notes, rests, ties, user tools, etc.) included in the selected range appears in "Filtered Properties". Now it doesn't happen like that anymore, at least for me. Now I have to choose the filtered property from a second window. If present, the number of presences appears as before, otherwise a 0 appears.
User Tools / Tremolo
Good morning to you.
I'm trying to insert a tremolo between two semibreves. I already did it in a previous bar, but with two half notes. Evidently it came to me by accident! Now I can't assign the "rest chord" status to the two mini rests.
I proceed like this: I insert the two rests of the value of half the notes joined by the tremolo, between the two rests I insert the "tremolo" object which however does not appear.
I also ask: can the tremolo bars be detached from the note stems?
I attach two images. Tremolo 1 ok, but bars stuck to stems, tremolo 2 fails.
Thank you.
General Discussion / Re: Icon appearance
Ciao Maurizio,
the transition from W10 to W11 created many problems for me and not just for NWC. What I mentioned in the forum is of minimal importance, we will get used to the "celestial" icons. I confess that if I had known I would have stayed with W10.

(During the various manipulations on the programs, I also reinstalled Musescore (v. 4) and attracted by the graphics I tried it. Very rich, almost too rich! After a few days I returned as a "prodigal son" to the good old NWC with the blue icons!!!)

General Discussion / Re: Icon appearance
I tried in the file properties, there is no possibility to change the icon. It would be possible to change the program icon, but that is already with the "black" appearance. Let's keep the blue for the files!
Thanks anyway.
General Discussion / Icon appearance
Good morning friends,
In your opinion, is there any valid reason why after switching to Windows 11 the nwc file icons went from "black" to "blue" appearance?
Thank you.
User Tools / Re: Very basic help with User Tools required, please
CopyVolVel.js by Opagust
Installation instructions:
   Command Line: "Wscript YourScriptsFolder\CopyVolVel.js <PROMPT:Copy:=|Volume|Velocities|Both> <PROMPT:Act upon:=|Visible_Staffs|All_Staffs> <PROMPT:Execution Mode:=|Modify|Show|Help>"
   Input Type: File Text
   Under 'Options: Check 'Returns File text'

   There are 3 execution modes : 'Modify', 'Show' and 'Help'. 'Modify' is the normal mode, 'Show' shows the generated output in stdout (without modifying your file), 'Help' shows the Helptext.

Lorenzo, come vedi sei in compagnia!  :))

Beccata per caso questa discussione! In compagnia, sì, ma senza capirci nulla. E poi ho sempre paura di creare problemi al PC (appena rinnovato e non del tutto funzionale) e me ne sto tranquillo. Ciao.
General Discussion / NWC code
Hello everyone,
in the afternoon I picked up my PC from the repairman. The operating system had cracked with the latest W10 update. Full reset and installed W11, which I need to familiarize myself with.
But I can't find the way to enter the registration codes up to v. 2.75a, the one I had before the crack. I bought for the first time in 2002, I updated in 2010 and 2014, always paying.
For the v. 2.75a the update was free.
I wrote to NWC, no reply.
Anyone have suggestions?
I am also willing to repurchase, but having already paid...
Thank you.
General Discussion / Re: MIDI files
There is some strange reason!!!
With Microsoft GS... it works. I confess that I am groping in the dark, blindly following your instructions.
But in NWC ---> Tools ---> MIDI in the right window (Device used by play back) I have to leave only Microsoft GS... leaving CoolMIDI... and VirtualMIDI... in the left window (Available play device ), otherwise the NWC play becomes silent as well.
Anyway thanks!
General Discussion / Re: MIDI files
I'm forced to resume this discussion because again the MIDI files in WMP are opened (not in VLC, where the above error message appears) but cannot be heard. If I want to listen to the MIDI files created with NWC (export...) I must first convert them to MP3. I don't want the problem to be precisely in the "export...".
I loaded CoolSoftMIDImapper and VirtualMIDIShynth, downloaded from the link suggested by Lawrie. For me it is a very difficult subject!
I repeat that in NWC I hear very well, other audio files (e.g. recordings of my harmonica playing) with GoldWave also very well.
The problem is MIDI.
Thanks for the help and pointers.

PS: here in northern Italy, 3 pm, very hot and muggy.
General Discussion / Re: Chords with opposite tied
Thanks Mike!
I didn't stop! By dint of trying and trying again, I discovered that the first note of the chord must be inserted (both a semibreve and a minima and a semiminima, etc.), giving the sign (/) but without adding the tied note. Then the second note of the chord must be inserted, in the same way. The two ties have opposite directions. Then the two tied notes are entered.
I will consider and and test with your suggestions in mind.
Good day.
General Discussion / Chords with opposite tied
Good evening to you,
explain to me why in the first measure I managed - completely by chance - to give opposite directions to the tieds on two notes of a chord. In the third measure I can't get the same result.
In general, how is it possible to give opposite directions to the tieds of the notes of a chord, even more notes? Does it depend on the direction of the stems? And when these aren't there (e.g. semibreve)?
Thank you.
Tips & Tricks / Re: smaller notes
I understand.  I feel like I can say, "Nothing fundamentally important." 
Thanks to you.
Tips & Tricks / Re: smaller notes
Here is the full score.
It is a spiritual with voice and piano. I've highlighted the affected parts, plus another piece with weird (for me) noteheads.
Thank you.
Tips & Tricks / smaller notes
In the piano score that I'm transcribing I came across these smaller notes in a few measures. I ask:
1. what are they
2. how they can be transcribed respecting the different dimensions
Wishing you a good night/evening/morning, thank you.
General Discussion / Zoom levels
I ask if the value of the zoom levels after the first one (2, 3 and 4) in the print preview can be changed.
I would like them a little lower.
Thank you and a good day to you all.
General Discussion / Re: two problems
I thought worse!  I'll check the support tomorrow but I think I already figured out the mistake with your suggestions.  For the stave jump I had to study the two example files very well.  Always many thanks to you.
General Discussion / Re: two problems
After a few hours of work this is what I managed to combine. Tell me what's right and what's wrong.
Thanks, good evening.
General Discussion / Re: two problems
Thank you all.  After grandpa's morning activity I'll try to put your suggestions into practice.  Lorenzo
General Discussion / two problems
Good morning,
in my simple scores I have never come across the two problems I propose.
1) passage from one stave to another
2) oblique line from one stave to another.
For the second one I tried with a simple text, is there any other solution?
I haven't solved the first problem.
Thank you.
General Discussion / Re: beat repetition
Hi Lawrie,
I'd like to close this two-way conversation.
I downloaded the program from the second attachment and installed it.
But now, where do I get the graphics to use them in NWC?
Excuse my ignorance!
Thanks again and happy Sunday.
General Discussion / Re: beat repetition
Could this be okay?
I spaced out the invisible notes and then placed the text mark in the best position, in the middle of the bar.
General Discussion / Re: beat repetition
Very well, thank you.
I will calmly review all attachments.
For now I've entered all the repeated notes. Of course, this way the score is rather "heavy".
Cordial greetings.
General Discussion / beat repetition
 Good morning to you,
I wonder if it is possible to use the beat repetition sign (.//.) both graphically and functionally.
I enclose the piece of the score that presents it to me.
Thank you.