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General Discussion / Insert text
I still ask for your invaluable help. It often happens to me that the lyrics of a song, for example when there are many lines, freezes on the "100" position and then it is not possible to insert other lines.
Perhaps the picture explains my problem better: the space inside the red border is not usable.
Thanks and happy Sunday to you. Lorenzo
General Discussion / Very long measure with speech
Greetings to you all.
How could I solve the problem of the measure indicated in the image.
It is the recitation of a "Libera me, domine".
Thanks to those who want to answer.
General Discussion / double dot
I have this problem. In image 1 there is the original to be transcribed. Bar No. 2 has a double dot note in the part of the sopranos and altos. To make the notes with the double dot appear you have to "bring them together" in a chord. In doing so, however, the melodic line of the altos is interrupted. Is there a method to enter the notes correctly by making sure that the double dots show up, like in the original?
General Discussion / Re: REINSTALL nwc after computer crash
I am interested in this topic because I plan to change the PC in the near future. I have the CD of the first installation, with codes and more. Then I performed the paid upgrade of the current version (v. 2.75a.2). Should this data be enough to reinstall NWC without further payment? Thanks and happy Easter to you all! Lorenzo
General Discussion / Re: 2022 starts
It takes little for the new year to be better than the year that is dying. But let's wish it all the same: happy 2022! Health and happiness!
Tips & Tricks / Re: Entering lyrics efficiently
I don't compose music but transcribe choral songs, which often feature impossible lyrics. I will try to put your suggestions into practice. Thanks!
General Discussion / Re: Turn the stems horizontally
I apologize if my request caused confusion and if it was not clearly worded. This is a 4-part song. In the original score, of which I am attaching three bars of the first and second verse, ALL the voices - in the bars shown there are 3 in the first verse and 4 in the second - are inserted in a single staff in the bass clef, as shown in the image (thanks HM of the report). I would like to create four separate staves, in which to insert the 3 or 4 voices and then reunite them in a single staff (layering?) But with the spelling of the original score. I hope I have not made any further confusion. Thanks to you.
PS: I highlighted the attached point in the previous message.
General Discussion / Turn the stems horizontally
Good evening everyone, I simply ask this.
Is it possible to overturn the stems of the notes horizontally? To be clearer: FROM head to left and stem to right A stem to left and head to right. Of course, by changing the direction of the stems at will.
In the attached image, the 3 E (bass clef) should be turned to the left. Since this is a vocal line, which I would like to keep isolated in its own staff, I would not like to use the chord, which would solve the problem in an excellent way. Thanks.
General Discussion / Re: From two staves to three staves
Many thanks, I will read your answer calmly and carefully (and with the translator running). Your observation about the bass clef is correct: the printed score shows it like this! Good day (night?).
General Discussion / From two staves to three staves
I'm transcribing a rather complicated score. At the twenty-fifth measure the two initial staves become three and, alternately, the third staff, the added one, carries the soprano or bass clef. I ask if it is possible to transcribe the score in this way. Otherwise I'll put the four separate staves. I attach some pictures. Thanks and and happy Sunday. Lorenzo
General Discussion / Re: Melisma
Hello, I wake you up from your mid-August sleep with this question. Return to the melisma problem. Is it possible to join two notes of the same pitch with and keep the melisma on the final note? As I hope I have correctly indicated in the two annexes (single parts and joined parts), a tie line of the bass part overlaps the baritone part. I created a slur line (, in red) by lowering it until it does not cover the baritone note. But in doing so the melisma on the second note disappears. In practice, the tie line only serves to maintain the melisma, which must be there. Thanks to you and have a nice warm day.
General Discussion / Final Master repeat close
Good morning to you, I ask for help with a repetition sign placed at the end of the song. Is it possible to eliminate the final  bar, showing only the repeat sign? Otherwise the solution I propose is the pure and simple repetition of the notes, as indicated in the lower staff.
General Discussion / Re: Melisma
Many thanks for the prompt and thorough reply! I did not know the "marker" function. I will practice after this valuable tip.
Out of topic, may I know how did you create the png image files so quickly? [/ i]
Briefly my (not short) procedure:
print from NWC in pdf of the joke in object ---> transformation of the pdf into png or jpg ---> processing of the image file
In short, it took me almost three hours! There has to be a shorter method!
Thanks again and bye!
General Discussion / Melisma
Good day. I always follow you with interest even if I chew very little English (blessed are the online translators!). I came across a passage during a transcript that I solved as you can see in the attachments. To obtain the melisma line, with the traditional slur of the toolbar, you get a rather ugly arc, as seen in Annex 1. By reversing the stem of the first octave, the result is very good (Annex 2), but, since it is a choral voice (I did not put the lower voice), the stem would collide with this voice. The first solution (annex 3) consists in keeping all the stems up, shortening the one of the first octave (second note): in my opinion, not bad. Obviously the u.t. "Melismatic" is inserted. The alternative "text" remains, with the creation of the slur through u.t., magnificent from the graphic point of view (annex 4), but with the problems of the "text" in the creation of the melisma line. Do you have other solutions? Thank you for your patience. Lorenzo
General Discussion / Re: Print the score horizontally
Ciao Maurizio, spero che gli amici del forum non si offendano se ti rispondo in italiano. Hai perfettamente centrato il problema. Ho aperto i tuoi file, ho visto la soluzione che proponi e proverò ad applicarla.
Grazie e buon anno anche a te. Lorenzo

for everyone
Hello Maurizio, I hope that the friends of the forum will not be offended if I answer you in Italian. You have perfectly hit the problem. I opened your files, I saw the solution you propose and I will try to apply it.
Thanks and happy new year to you too.

for Lawrie
Successfully applied the "horizontal" print setting for PDF Creator. Thanks.
General Discussion / Re: Print the score horizontally
You are always very kind, thank you. I've already changed the PDF Creator printer settings. Then I will calmly examine the various points you have indicated to me.
The text I was referring to is the one highlighted in the annex.
Good day.
General Discussion / Re: Print the score horizontally
Thanks. In my request I forgot to mention that I, working and playing (harmonica) on the PC, use PD Creator as a printer. This program does not allow you to set and maintain a horizontal orientation. I've tried several ways, but when I close the program (and NWC) the default setting reverts to "portrait orientation". I would also have a second request, which concerns the text, not the one under the notes (lyric) but all the lines, which are usually written under the last line. Is there a way to position it correctly without anchoring it to a bar, note, bar line? I am always in great difficulty with this topic. PS: if I need to open a new topic for this topic, say so. Good day and happy new year again.
General Discussion / Print the score horizontally
Good day, I always follow you with pleasure. I'm not a musician, just an amateur and moreover half deaf.
This is my question: is it possible to always print the score horizontally?
Happy New Year everyone and thank you.
General Discussion / Traspose staff and new Key signature
I need to copy songs written in different keys and transport ("tools ---> transposed staff) in the key of C maj) to play them with harmonica in the key of C maj, but also from C maj D maj or other shades.
When I run this operation notes with sharps or flats are ALL very bumpy (D maj all C and all F) and what I do not like, and especially NOT appears the correct key signature (##).
Where am I wrong?
Thank you.
General Discussion / melisma
Good morning,
you wonder if it is possible to automatically insert a "melisma", a continuous line after a syllable which follows a tied note. It can be done only with the "text" (xe insertion line underline)?
Thank you very much.
General Discussion / Re: Gray band on the score
I tried to select/deselect all entries in the various combinations of the "View" menu, with no results. The gray band disappears only with the "Viewer mode". I changed my PC, it can be a problem in Windows 8?
Thank you.
General Discussion / extension lyric words
Hi friends,
I ask you how you can get a good result for the extension of the words in the lyric, if this is possible. I tried to add the underscore (underline) in the text entry box (X), but its position is always either too high or too low, or off-center. There is no automatic way to do this?
I am attaching a small example
Thank you.
General Discussion / Re: Measure numbers
Grazie per la madre lingua!
Visto e fatto, grazie. Un paio di domande: bisogna incollare un numero (di battuta) alla volta? E' possibile incollare anche del testo?
General Discussion / chord insert
Sorry for my English of  Google's translator. I have this problem. I have to input a chord (2 notes). One note is a quarter, the second note is an eighth. How can I do?
Many thanks.