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General Discussion / Re: polymetric music?
How easy is it for LP to preserve the accidental state across those hidden barlines? The issue doesn't arise in Unsure until m17, so I can't tell from the pdf. I can see that the accidental problem will be different from NWC's since all accidentals are specified.

There's no need to: Lily can move the timing translator from the Score to each individual stave, so each keeps its own time and there is nothing hidden in the output.
General Discussion / Re: polymetric music?
The first page of the post above, rendered in LilyPond.  Took about 40 minutes, including entering all the notes by hand (after I'd done this I realised I could have done this with my exporter, but didn't think of it to start with).

Only difficulty was getting lined up bars to break the lines: LilyPond won't break in the middle of a bar, so there are some dummy bar lines.  I definitely _won't_ break in the middle of a note!
General Discussion / Re: Lyric Syllables Extend Past Bar Lines
I'd agree that dropping Noteworthy and replacing it with LilyPond would be a steep learning curve.  However, my guess is that inputting a piece of music in Noteworthy and then using Lilypond as a final output medium after converting would be fairly straightforward.  Mostly I have to use no Lilypond specific coding to get excellent output.
General Discussion / Re: Lyric Syllables Extend Past Bar Lines
Vocal lyrics should not use staves with connected bar lines, so there should be no collision between a lyric syllable and a bar line.  Elaine Gould ("Behind bars"), page 439, says "If necessary the text may precede the barline": so, stylistically, there's no reason to prevent lyrics passing under barlines.
General Discussion / Re: Producing Ukulele Tabs
LilyPond has pretty good tab support.  Create the music in Noteworthy, export it, add the tab support to the lilypond file and you would have what you want.
General Discussion / Re: Hint
I really like NWC and try to use it for all my scoring needs, but it is increasingly tempting to fire up MuseScore when I have a score whose slurs or beams aren't going to look right without a lot of extra work.
Have you tried LilyPond and my Noteworthy converter?  I never have to resort to Noteworthy tricks to get decent slurs: they're either good enough already, or the beziers of the slur can be adjusted in extreme need.
General Discussion / Re: What does it take to get real support?
We don't have to agree on paper versus electronic filing, the issue is retrieving the code when you need it. 

I'm sure Noteworthy has our registration data on file so if we remember what name we registered with, it should be possible for Noteworthy to send the data a second time if we need it.

When I requested that, this was the response:


We do not resend the Authenticity ID.

NoteWorthy Software, Inc.
General Discussion / Re: What does it take to get real support?
I don't. It's always a good idea to keep any difficult-to-recover data that you might need again, such as software registration codes, in an easily findable place. That seems self-evident to me. If I lose a registration code, I blame myself, not the software manufacturer.

I would agree with this if it were email or something I can search for.  Paper I don't need and the thought of keeping a bit of paper for every single application I've ever installed is not something that makes any sort of sense.  We run the application on a computer, so that's the right place to store the registration details.
General Discussion / Re: guitar tablature notation
Yes, I've had LilyPond on my PC for many years, but unless they have made major changes in the past 6 months, or so, data entry is done with a text editor into an ASCII file which is then processed by LilyPond. 

There have been a _lot_ of changes to LilyPond over the last few years, but not to the entry mechanism.  If your main requirement is great looking tablature, I'd suggest 2 options: 1) take a breath and learn LilyPond.  It's really not that hard - follow the tutorial.  The documentation is excellent, and the online forums are very active.  2) If you can't face entering the notes by hand, my Noteworthy->LilyPond converter can simplify this - however, you would then need to edit the LilyPond source to replace the staff types with TabStaffs.  I don't think I can post a link to it, because I lost a piece of paper (my V2 purchase receipt) from 5 years ago and so appear unable to upgrade my forum membership (surely there ust be a better way??).  So - Google for "Converting Noteworthy songs to LilyPond in Windows" and you should go straight to my page.

General Discussion / Re: MIDI to MP3 conversion
Phil, as good as Timidity++ may be, it isn't among the 15 GM soundfont collections offered at SolMiRe, so - given the purpose of this thread, which is to offer an easy approach to MIDI conversion to those who don't want to download and set up a softsynth - it seems irrelevant to mention it here.

Well - the title of the thread is "MIDI to MP3 conversion".  Solmire was announced as a way of performing that function, and I was suggesting an alternative.  Seems wholly relevant.
General Discussion / Re: Any knowledgeable horn players ?
This is covered quite well in Elaine Gould's "Behind Bars".  Basically, she says there are 2 types of hand stopping - the first is to insert the hand fully into the bell and this raises the tone by a semitone.  The other holds the hand within the bell and produces a note a semitone lower.  She says both are notated with +.  So it would appear to be anyone's guess as to which is intended.
General Discussion / Re: "Sticky" printer setup possible?
You may not want to change Windows' default printer, but I would have thought you should be able to change the default settings of your PDF "printer" to be as you want them, by using the Control Panel Printers control.  All you would need to do then is swap to the PDF printer in Noteworthy.
General Discussion / Re: NWC, Kubuntu 12.10 and Wine
Strictly, it's not Noteworthy that's crashing - it doesn't.  It's Noteworthy running on an operating system it wasn't designed for, with a windows emulator.  It would appear likely it's the emulator that's at fault, not Noteworthy.
General Discussion / Whole measure rests and grace notes
If I create a couple of bars of music, the first of which has a Whole Measure Rest then a grace note, and the second has some "normal" music, all in a time other than 4/4, then the bar with the WMR and grace has the wrong time value - the WMR is treated as a true semi-breve rest, not a rest equal to a bar's length.  This seems to me a bug - a grace note should not alter the interpretation of a WMR.
General Discussion / Re: signa congruentiae
That's a good link for the specific notation being asked about, but you might like to update your bookmarks for general work.  The current stable release of Lilypond is 2.16 which has some significant improvements to it.  Anyone keen on mensural notation should go to the latest development version (currently 2.17.7) which has an improved mensural C clef (IMHO).
User Tools / Re: NWC 2 LilyPond - program Java.
My reading of the French says that this utility improves on the one I've written since it deals with complete songs/scores (I think).  That's not true.  My noteworthy to lilypond converter will convert complete scores and allow users to take advantage of the typographical excellence of lilypond for large scores.  I commend it to all who have recently been discussing workarounds for noteworthy layout.
General Discussion / Re: Braces for more than 2 staves
I disagree. The only reason a single staff should be bracketed is if it expands to, or contracts from, multiple staves.

No.  Choral writing always has the chorus part bracketed, to distinguish from soloists.  It's quite possible for there to be a single choral stave (e.g. "men") with a number of soloists above.  The single choral stave should have a bracket.
General Discussion / Re: Braces for more than 2 staves
That would do it.  I'd not understood the piano brace mechanism - that you simply keep bracing until the last, and Noteworthy places the brace correctly.  That's good.  Thanks to all.

I think the way of getting a final staff bracketed is a bit hacky - I think it should be possible without workarounds like this.
General Discussion / Braces for more than 2 staves
I share the view of most people here that the bracket/brace changes in 2.5 are a step forward - although they're a bit of a pain for the writer of nwctxt converter programs!  However, a feature that I think is missing is support for keyboard music where there is more than one stave in the left hand.  We can get a curly brace that covers 2 staves in the right hand, but I can't see a way of doing this for the left hand.  It would seem to need an extra staff connecting type of "Lower curly brace" or something like it.

Or am I missing something?
User Tools / Re: NWC to LilyPond
I've now upgraded my Noteworthy to LilyPond converter to handle the new staff types created by 2.5.  I believe it works correctly with these, but would welcome reports of it not doing so.  FWIW I don't slavishly follow the connect staves option of NoteWorthy - my converted files will always have the staves connected with Grand Staves, which is what I would expect from music theory.

Link as above.
General Discussion / Re: deleted music
I'm thinking that the poster is referring to deleting a piece of a score, rather than the file.  If so, Ctrl-Z (undo) will restore it.
General Discussion / Re: Are there market opportunities for NWC in the Sibelius space?
mxml2nwcc does a fair job of importing MusicXML directly into NWC.  I asked the author for the source and have updated its handling of lyrics, but do not have permission to release this version.

I think the work required to get Noteworthy any where near the visual output quality of Sib would make it impossible.  I have to use Sib for college, but am much happier with Noteworthy for note input and Lilypond for printed output.
General Discussion / Re: What to say to a former NWC user
If it's typographic output that's wanted, I (as a forced Sibelius user) find Noteworthy and Lilypond combined a far better combination.  Oh, and about 1/5 the cost to a full time student, and much less than that for a non-educational user.
User Tools / Re: NWC to LilyPond
I think the nwc file should be enough.  Please let me know the directory name that it's in, too - in case this is causing my program come confusion.  I've pm'ed you an email address.  If you don't receive the pm, a visit to my website will give you the address of my webmaster account at the bottom.
User Tools / Re: NWC to LilyPond
Could you let me have a copy of your nwc file or the nwctxt file?  Also any filenames that are created by my program.

General Discussion / Scriptorium redirects?
Using IE*, trying to open creates a redirect to w w so I can't look for music there.  The redirect doesn't appear to happen on Firefox.