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General Discussion / Whole measure rests and grace notes
If I create a couple of bars of music, the first of which has a Whole Measure Rest then a grace note, and the second has some "normal" music, all in a time other than 4/4, then the bar with the WMR and grace has the wrong time value - the WMR is treated as a true semi-breve rest, not a rest equal to a bar's length.  This seems to me a bug - a grace note should not alter the interpretation of a WMR.
General Discussion / Braces for more than 2 staves
I share the view of most people here that the bracket/brace changes in 2.5 are a step forward - although they're a bit of a pain for the writer of nwctxt converter programs!  However, a feature that I think is missing is support for keyboard music where there is more than one stave in the left hand.  We can get a curly brace that covers 2 staves in the right hand, but I can't see a way of doing this for the left hand.  It would seem to need an extra staff connecting type of "Lower curly brace" or something like it.

Or am I missing something?
General Discussion / Scriptorium redirects?
Using IE*, trying to open creates a redirect to w w so I can't look for music there.  The redirect doesn't appear to happen on Firefox.
General Discussion / Beta versions
I've browsed the postings and know that there is a beta version of Viewer 2.5, which supports pause.  Is this only available as a download from the message board, or can it be got at by members of the public (e.g. my music society) from the main Noteworthy web site?
General Discussion / Feature request: marcato marking
I've done a search and found that this has been suggested before, but I don't believe it has yet been implemented.  Noteworthy supports staccato (dot), tenuto (line) and accent (greater than sign) but not marcato (top hat/caret sign).  It would seem not too hard to support, given that the others are there.  Could I request it be included as a candidate for the next build?
General Discussion / Noteworthy to LilyPond conversion
I've now finished my initial stab at creating a tool that takes a complete Noteworthy score and automatically translates it to LilyPond.  With care, I believe it means you never have to hack the LilyPond files again, making editing and version control of your scores so much easier.  It's a free download, and a full description and download can be found at

Comment welcome.