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Object Plugins / Re: ChordPlay.nw
I'm trying to convert myself to use this plugin for convenience.
I inserted some chords, but I discovered that the chord names are by far too small.
I fought with the plugin until I discovered that I have to select it, click it with the right mouse button to access a submenu that can let me choose what to do, then, maybe, actually doing it... Bah!
To quote Rich: it is a leap backward.

Anyway, I went to modify the text size and I discovered it already is (so it says) 32 points! N.B. my staff is 18 points!
Looking at the source code I see:
Code: [Select · Download]
{id='Size',label='Font Size',type='float',default=nil,min=0.1,max=50,step=0.1},
Max 50? False. (Luckily) I can even use 100 or more... just to reach the same size of a 18 point text.
There's something wrong with the metric...

I think I should try to adjust it to my needs.
General Discussion / Re: Text under music
(J'espère que mon français est adéquat; je compte sur Google pour traduire de l'anglais.)
A-ha! This explains many things...

donnez au personnel une grande limite inférieure.
"personnel" = "staff": people employed by a particular organization...  :)

Beware of Google Translator!
Not so long ago, an Italian cook in Austria was found drunk while driving.
He doesn't speak German nor English so he used Google Translator to translate: "sure, I pay!"
The problem was that in German the translation was something like: "I'll pay you" :)
He was accused of bribery and went on trial...

For those who were wondering, I used the wrong word for the writing.
In French, the word "Police" corresponds to "font" in English.
Indeed: "police d'écriture". Sorry for being ignorant.
General Discussion / Re: Arpeggio settings in NWC2.75a
Well, my answer is: yes.
And I'm available as beta tester.

I don't see such a big problem to change that little bit in the user tool.
Of course, there can always be everywhere a bug that messes things up, but it's a risk that most of us can afford.
As I wrote: "at most, you force a user to change his habits or, worst of the worst, do not use it."

And: yes, the undo works with the user tools too.  :)
When it doesn't work, you are asked to save the score before proceeding,
General Discussion / Re: Arpeggio settings in NWC2.75a
Mike, there is something I'm missing.

You're talking about a user tool, even if embedded in a plugin.
A user tool is only applied once while editing and leaves no traces of itself in the score. I mean: what you do with a user tool can also be done by hand; you can never say for sure it was done with a user tool.
A plugin instead is quite different: it stays in the score and it's executed/evaluated every time.

If you change a user tool, this will never affect the old scores.
At most, you force a user to change his habits or, worst of the worst, do not use it..

What I got wrong?
General Discussion / Re: Arpeggio settings in NWC2.75a
I understand your problem because I had the same need.
I selected the whole staff, then I used "filtered properties" with "User object" and then I changed all the arpeggio rates at once.
Tips & Tricks / Re: How to hide rests to prevent collisions with notes in layered staffs
Texts and rests are two very different things and each one has its own "visibility" attribute.
Simply restore "visibility" to "default" for the text and leave the rest visibility alone (i.e. as is now).

N.B. My suggestion is: forget the Rest Opts.VertOffset=2000 trick. It was used loong loong ago and now is only an annoyance. (Sorry Lawrie!)
Tips & Tricks / Re: cannot get laptop to play notes from midi USB connection, help
I'd reverted to using the m$ synth which seems to have less latency problems
I don't know about latency because I never recorded "live" that way, but I have a different (and odd) problem with it. See here.
I recommend it if you play jazz...  :))

Thank you Lawrie for giving some estimate of note duration.
I could have calculated it myself and I could also have seen it in the MIDI files, but apparently I'm lazy.  :)

Think: at 120 bpm a quaver (eighth) has a duration if 250 ms (milliseconds, not millisiemens please  ;D  ) , so in the bass range this is just about a couple of dozen of cycles. Not to talk about the lowest notes: the lowest note of my harp is about 40 Hz, that of my organ even less.
Easy to understand how hard is to build a usable sound to midi converter for a cello!

I also don't know how much latency the USB interface might introduce.
So do I, but remember that even the (today) trivial USB 1.1 normally in use with low cost microcontrollers can work at 1.5 MB/s (in practice let say about 1 µs per byte)!
General Discussion / Re: Old Midi interface won't work
I used the SB MIDI I/O with XP for a long time and it worked.
Now I'm using the USB-MIDI interface and it works perfectly with both XP and 7.
I'm almost sure that when I tried it with my daughter's computer with 10 it worked there too.

Were it not because I just put my computer at its place and fixed all the cables, I'd pull the MIDI interface out and I'd try it with my daughter's computer to confirm.
Tips & Tricks / Re: cannot get laptop to play notes from midi USB connection, help
I have read that alot of laptops sound cards dont work well with midi
What does sound cards have to do with MIDI? Almost nothing. Old cards used to have MIDI I/O, the newest haven't.
The virtual MIDI synth SW, now almost always in use, is in charge of converting the MIDI messages to plain audio, so any card is at least usable.

Admitting that the PC settings are ok as you wrote and the MIDI data are received by the PC, are you sure you understood how NWC manages the recording? I must say the whole thing is a bit complicated...
General Discussion / Re: Old Midi interface won't work
As I wrote here, I very recently removed my SB live card from my computer.
In this way I lost its MIDI interface and had to replace it with a device very much similar to your.
I think it was so for XP too, but for sure in Windows7 I had no need for any special driver; the device was identified and made usable as soon as I connected it and it still works flawless.
General Discussion / Re: Is the NWC Viewer/Player available as a webpage
There are other softsynths similar to Coolsoft such as BassMidi
VirtualMIDISynth is a software MIDI synthesizer implemented as a Windows multimedia user driver accessible as a standard MIDI Out device.
It works on Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (both x86 and x64) and is based on the great BASS library from un4seen.

Sic!  ;)

The only downside of using soundfonts is the time it takes to find one you like.
  :))  :))
General Discussion / Re: Is the NWC Viewer/Player available as a webpage
What is the difference between just playing the NWC2 file and opening it with the NCW Viewer and playing it from there? I'm not really seeing a difference.
There can be no difference or it can be, it all depends.
The latest viewer include "bass", a SW synth that can handle soundfonts, so it all depende on what player you use in NWC and which one you choose in the viewer.
For example, at the moment I must use that crap of Microsoft SW synth in NWC, but I can use bass in the viewer with the Titanic soundfont. A whole different music!  :D

General Discussion / It Don't Mean a Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing
My NWC swings (even when it shouldn't...)!  ;D

To make a long story short, I had to remove my old faithful SB live (vintage 1999) from my PC (win XP) and re-enable the built-in audio interface whose audio quality is scarce.
But that's not the worst.
I also lost the two e-mu HW synth and the MIDI interface (I had to buy a USB-MIDI converter).
At the moment I reverted to (horribile dictu!) "SW Microsoft GS Wavetable".

With my great surprise I discovered that sometimes, even if the CPU load is ridiculous (1..2%), the MIDI beat is irregular.
In some cases I heard two notes of 1/8 played as 1/4 + 1/8 tripletized that's exactly what is done to give swing to a piece!
Problem: Mozart scores don't need it!  >:(

I'm really shocked.
I need to investigate.
For example, I'm still not sure if the problem is present also with the MIDI output or only with SW synth.

P.S. What a pity Bass is available only in the viewer and not in NWC.
Object Plugins / Re: About Object Plugins
The "@" entries are for the context sensitive help when the object properties dialog is open If you click the "?" in the title bar, then click on one of the fields in the property dialog, it will display the appropriate text in a hover window.
Thank you for pointing this out, Mike!
I really never noticed the "?" in the title bar, let alone to think about follow its click with a  click on one of the fields in the property dialog,
Object Plugins / Re: About Object Plugins
MIDIParm.nw <>

This object plugin is used to send MIDI RPN and NRPN changes. If you do not want this to show
when printing, then you will need to hide the object.

This can be used to change what is displayed on the staff.
This controls which type of parameter change will be sent during play back.
This is the program number's MSB MIDI value.
This is the program number's LSB MIDI value.
This is the data value's MSB MIDI value. Set this to -1 to prevent any data value from being sent.
This is the data value's LSB MIDI value. Set this to -1 to prevent any data LSB value from being sent.

And look at the attache screenshot what I get.
Object Plugins / Re: About Object Plugins
Bug: the help of the plugins stops as soon as it finds a '@'.
There are many examples but, to stay on an official one, look at MIDIParm.nw.
General Discussion / Re: Scriptorium Update
Hint for Bertrand Vanbrabant: you can use a marker for slurs.
Code: (nwc) [Select · Download]
General Discussion / Re: MIDI exporting bug?
I''m very puzzled!
How can your organ know to which manual you want to apply those stops since all the stop changes are made in channel 16?
Maybe it has only one manual (and no pedalboard)?
General Discussion / Re: Edit M4As?
Last time I used WaveStudio, loong ago, I stumbled on a limit.
I don't remember which limit. Maybe file size. So I completely abandoned it.
But quite possibly this was before versione 7.14.01.
General Discussion / Re: Repeat all
Les Moutons de Panurge remembers me Clapping Music by Steve Reich.
Every time I tried to "play" Clapping with my daughter we got lost, but there it's not contemplated!
General Discussion / Re: Best wishes to all here
Blood, sweat and tears  ;D

The researchers have found that the COV2 is present in the tears.
So the eyes are not only an input port for the virus but also an output port.
But there is more.
There are some that are virus positive in the lungs but not in the tears and vice versa.
As a researcher said: there's no rule with this virus; it's a mess. At the moment we don't understand.

And the virus was found also in drain waters.
But it isn't a big problem because this can't be infectious, or so we're told...