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Attachments - Flurmy

Filename   Downloads Message Posted
'A' 200.nwc 79 "A" 200
30-60-90.nwc 547 Re: Pitch Bending 471 Re: Loss of website
adp_GlobalMod.pdf 580 Re: Relative speed changes?
Benedetta sia la madre.nwc 482 Re: PageTxtMaestro.nw
Bug.nwc 529 Got it, at last!
Can_you_understand.nwc 566 Can you understand?
Children's game (Ugolki).nwc 521 Broken bars 289 Re: ChordPlay.nw
Clip.png 754 Re: A problem with the slurs
Clipboard01.jpg 496 Re: Is the NWC Viewer/Player available as a webpage
Clipboard01.jpg 702 Re: About Object Plugins
Clipboard01.jpg 290 Re: Is there a way to convert fermatas into tempo markers before export?
Clipboard01.png 164 Key signature
Clipboard01.png 189 What is this?
Clipboard01.png 151 So, what?
Clipboard02.png 149 So, what?
Epices.png 898 Object for general note range instructions?
Epices05.png 875 Re: Object for general note range instructions?
fl_Arpeggiate.php 698 Arpeggiate
fl_ChangeTempo.php 653 Change tempo
fl_PercussionSplit.lua 460 Re: Percussion splitter 360 Re: Spacing out endings
Formatting 296 Re: Print the score horizontally
Formatting 44 Re: lyrics of verses in a block after the score /
Ghost.nwctxt 156 Ghost note 152 Re: Ghost note
Gliss.png 803 Re: Arpeggiate down
Granados - Danza española n° 5.nwc 619 Ignored tempo change
IMG.jpg 220 Re: Season's greetings, merry Christmas, all the best!
Jingon.nwc 450 Re: It's that time of the year...
LasVacas.png 1,122 Re: Number notation tool
Les lacs du Connemara (2).nwc 69 Re: utilisation de segno et coda
Libertango.png 1,203 Re: Uneven ladder...
MIDIcontroller.fl.nwcuser.lua 84 MIDIcontroller
Modify 479 Re: Relative speed changes?
ms_Appoggiatura.php 598 Appoggiature
ms_ArpeggiateChord.php 572 Re: A better Arpeggiate Chord
ms_CopyHiddenAccidentals.php.txt 907 Re: CopyHiddenAccidentals
ms_Harmonics.php 622 Harmonics
ms_Mordent.php 707 Mordent
ms_TransposeChords.php 483 TransposeChords enhanced
ms_Trill.php 581 Re: Trilli
ms_Trillo.php 598 Re: Trilli
ms_Turns.php 558 Re: Turns
nwctxt.txt 661 Re: Words used in clips 595 Re: How to (1) alter code and (2) get it back into the notation file
Oh happy day.nwc 419 Printing buglet
Pentuplet 518 Re: Triplets and Duplets?
Shepard.nwc 398 Shepard effect