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Attachments - Flurmy

Filename   Downloads Message Posted
'A' 200.nwc 241 "A" 200
30-60-90.nwc 713 Re: Pitch Bending 640 Re: Loss of website
adp_GlobalMod.pdf 748 Re: Relative speed changes?
Benedetta sia la madre.nwc 712 Re: PageTxtMaestro.nw
Boh.jpg 177 What does it mean?
Bug.nwc 694 Got it, at last!
Can_you_understand.nwc 727 Can you understand?
Children's game (Ugolki).nwc 682 Broken bars 535 Re: ChordPlay.nw
Clip.png 941 Re: A problem with the slurs
Clipboard01.jpg 1,106 Re: About Object Plugins
Clipboard01.jpg 495 Re: Is there a way to convert fermatas into tempo markers before export?
Clipboard01.jpg 232 Re: (2.0e)
Clipboard01.jpg 714 Re: Is the NWC Viewer/Player available as a webpage
Clipboard01.png 366 Key signature
Clipboard01.png 407 What is this?
Clipboard01.png 351 So, what?
Clipboard02.png 356 So, what?
Drum key.png 130 Re: Percusion
Drunken sailor.nwc 42 Lyric positioning after a new boundary
Epices.png 1,090 Object for general note range instructions?
Epices05.png 1,070 Re: Object for general note range instructions?
fl_Arpeggiate.php 874 Arpeggiate
fl_ChangeTempo.php 824 Change tempo
fl_PercussionSplit.lua 642 Re: Percussion splitter
fl_SwingTriplets.lua 71 Swing triplets
fl_TransposeChordPlay.lua 121 ChordPlay Transposer 532 Re: Spacing out endings
Formatting 462 Re: Print the score horizontally
Formatting 230 Re: lyrics of verses in a block after the score /
Ghost.nwctxt 325 Ghost note 318 Re: Ghost note
Gliss.png 987 Re: Arpeggiate down
Granados - Danza española n° 5.nwc 784 Ignored tempo change
IMG.jpg 443 Re: Season's greetings, merry Christmas, all the best!
Jingon.nwc 636 Re: It's that time of the year...
LasVacas.png 1,543 Re: Number notation tool
Les lacs du Connemara (2).nwc 250 Re: utilisation de segno et coda
Libertango.png 1,391 Re: Uneven ladder...
MIDIcontroller.fl.nwcuser.lua 335 MIDIcontroller
Modify 645 Re: Relative speed changes?
ms_Appoggiatura.php 766 Appoggiature
ms_ArpeggiateChord.php 753 Re: A better Arpeggiate Chord
ms_CopyHiddenAccidentals.php.txt 1,072 Re: CopyHiddenAccidentals
ms_Harmonics.php 809 Harmonics
ms_Mordent.php 903 Mordent
ms_TransposeChords.php 653 TransposeChords enhanced
ms_Trill.php 749 Re: Trilli