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NWC 2.75 Beta Preview 33 changes include:

  • Tools, User Objects command for assisting with the download and install of new and upgraded user object plugins that are published here
  • Marker object formally added to the Insert menu
  • Early beta preview edition of the program help file
General Discussion / Re: updates
Your question lacks some important details, but I assume you are asking if there are known problems in NoteWorthy Composer to trigger an erratic mouse response. We do not have any known issues that would cause something like this.
If you want to watch for new object plugins via RSS, the following link is one way to accomplish this task:

Code: (link) [Select · Download];type=rss2;sa=news;board=14;limit=5
Object Plugins / CustomKey.nw
This object allows a list of accidental strings to be defined such that they form a custom key signature. The following sample will get you started:

Code: (nwc) [Select · Download]

A list of accidentals are defined by a series of comma separated strings. Each string in the sequence gets displayed at the next position in the circle of fifths. An empty string can be used to skip a position in the circle of fifths. By default, the circle of fifths position starts at position 0, and cycles through the standard flat circle of fifth positions. If the list continues, the traditional sharp circle of fifth positions are used. If the list continues, then the process wraps and starts over again with position 0.

The starting position in the flat to sharp circle of fifths can be defined. This can be used to start with the first sharp position. The exact location for each position is relative to the user object's position, which allows additional flexibility.

This object is best used with the Accidentals font, by Ertuğrul İnanç. It can be found at:

See also:

NWC 2.75 Beta Preview 31:

  • By popular demand, by default, the Notes toolbar again shows the full accidental and duration palette of buttons
  • Further refinements to the user object plugin mechanism
Object Plugins / About Object Plugins
Object plugins allow a variety of custom functionality to be added to your NoteWorthy Composer file. Each Object can be subclassed using specially crafted scripts that can establish new behavior for each object type. An introductory video is available on our YouTube channel:

Introduction to Manage Objects Video


Objects are a new feature in NoteWorthy Composer 2.75.

Installing a New Object Plugin

Objects are automatically loaded by NoteWorthy Composer when they are placed into the Object Plugins folder. This folder is set from Tools, Options, Folders, and by default uses a standard Windows location.

You can automatically download and install new object plugins published here by using the Tools, Manage Objects command, which opens with Ctrl+J. For new objects, you should generally open the sample's object clip first. Click the Options button, then Check online sources. This will identify any plugin source code that can be downloaded or upgraded from the forum. You can right click, or double click, any object types that you would like to install.

If you are using Windows Vista or later, you can also copy and paste the following URL into an Explorer or Open/Save window to go straight into the default location for these plugins:

Code: [Select · Download]
%ProgramData%\Noteworthy Software\nwc2\UserPlugins


If you want to share an object plugin that you have created, then you can request post access to this area. Each object plugin must include a unique author designation, which is called its NWC Plugin-ID. Please indicate your preferred Plugin-ID with any request for posting access to this forum.

This forum board is intended to be used exclusively for posting new object plugins. The following rules apply:

  • All topics must publish at least one object plugin
  • Object plugins may only be attached in the primary/top message of each topic
  • All object types must be named with an official Plugin-ID, or .test if you are still in the development phase
  • The object's Plugin-ID must match your profile's Plugin-ID or .test
  • The title of a topic should indicate the object name
  • You should provide a sample nwctxt clip or file that includes your object

Any topic that is found to not follow these rules will be moved or deleted.
Are you looking at a cached copy?
I discovered an error in the lua documentation for nwwcut.askbox:

Thanks for the report. This has been updated with correct info.

Nice resurrection of an almost 8 year old topic.

We do now have smileys. Use with caution... ;)
Announcements / Web site/server changes
We are in the process of migrating our online systems over to a new system. As a part of this process, we are moving NWC specific web resources over to the domain. During this process, you may experience occasional failures, unusual navigation results, and changes to the look and feel of some pages/areas.
NWC 2.75 Beta Preview 30 introduces several new User object capabilities which should help make them a little easier to use.
General Discussion / Re: Data Security
Our metrics, and general industry trends, indicate that many people have moved to cloud based e-mail. Although this sacrifices privacy, it does tend to protect against catastrophic hacks. In this scenario, your provider wants to be the sole source of data tracking, so they tend to protect you from external attacks. Good news, bad news...
No, you are free to publish any work that you create/own. We do not require, nor do we offer, any special permission.
Sometimes, resolution by committee can lead to even more trouble.

I would recommend starting with the actual crash message, as well as what you are doing when the crash occurs. If these crashes are not consistent in message or trigger, then and only then would I recommend taking other steps (perhaps a memory/cpu stress test).

Also, as mentioned, the latest NWC version is 2.51a. If your version really says 2.55, then this is an obvious cause for concern.

Update: If you are using version 2.5.5, then you should definitely upgrade to version 2.51a. There were some stability problems in version 2.5.5 (in particular, File->New was prone to crash).
NWC 2.75 Beta Preview 29 is now available.

This release includes many changes to the plugin API.
FWIW I spend time on another SMF 1.1 (1.1 RC2) forum and don't have this problem...

Well, this turned out to be the key. One of the SMF 1.1.* security patches actually broke the Preview mechanism.

I went ahead and fixed it.
From what I could tell, the root of this problem appears to be the failure of Firefox to forward the session cookie during the Preview request. A forum upgrade is in the works, so this issue may work itself out over time.

Update: After testing this in a variety of browsers, it appears as though the AJAX version of preview is just broken. Some browsers fall back to the standard POST preview, and others do not.
As a temporary work around, you should be able to hold the Ctrl key down while pressing the Preview button. This disables the sendXMLDocument Javascript behavior, and forces a normal posted preview. Don't do this after adding attachments, though.
If this problem is with Post Preview and not Print Preview, I can easily simulate a "Fetching preview..." hang by disabling Javascript after I start to author a reply. The post preview mechanism uses Javascript to perform its function when the browser reports that Javascript is enabled during page load.

Yes, I do: NoScript, Google Privacy, Setting Sanity, Privacy Badger Firefox.
I tried disabling all them but nothing changed.

I suspect that any of these would be capable of causing issues like this. Other things can also block your Javascript preview request, such as a router.

AND.... I just followed my own advice. I fired up Firefox (which I normally do not use), and lo and behold, IT DOESN'T PREVIEW FOR ME EITHER!!!!!

When I hit F12 and try to preview, I get this error:

TypeError: XMLDoc.getElementsByTagName(...)[0] is undefined

Post preview worked fine for me in Firefox. Then, I played around with the F12 console. Now, post preview no longer works. I'll try to track down why this is.
This reply posted using Firefox 34.0.5. It previews for me with no problems.

FWIW I spend time on another SMF 1.1 (1.1 RC2) forum and don't have this problem...

1.1 RC2?

Is the other forum served via https? I am guessing not, since it is not being kept up to date.
NWC 2.75 Beta Preview 28:

  • fixes an auditing issue with RestChord adding and removing of notes
  • official inclusion of Melismatic.nw and ChordPlay.nw user object plugins into the beta release
NWC 2.75 Beta Preview 27 :

  • fixes the text size display from Text Expression Display Font
  • lots of changes to the plugin API
NWC 2.75 Beta Preview 26:

  • fixes the problems with text scaling and older format files
  • converts all font sizing to use floating point calculations
  • converts nwctxt Version handling to use full double precision floating point values
NWC 2.75 Beta Preview 25 includes a new scaling feature for text expressions. This allows each text expression to be individually sized, without using additional user font definitions. The editor allows direct adjustment of a single, selected text expression using the +/- keys.

This release also hardens the plugin mechanism against various mathematical overflow/range errors.
If you have not yet done so, I would strongly recommend restarting the computer.

If the problem persists after a restart, then identifying what changed in your system would probably be the next step.
NWC 2.75 Beta Preview 23 included:

Announcements / Forum Crashed
Yesterday, we experienced a server crash, and subsequent forum corruption. During the recovery process, the "currently read posts" tracking mechanism was reset. This means that you will see all existing topics as "New Posts" regardless of whether you have read them or not. Frequent visitors might want to "MARK ALL MESSAGES AS READ" in the lower right of the main forum index. The forum should resume normal message read tracking from this point.
NWC 2.75 Beta Preview 20 makes the following changes to the experimental Lua based userdraw mechanism (further details can be found in the Back Stage area):

  • fix for program instability/crash when running userdraw plugin methods
  • the +/- keys now support a single, selected User item's Span property, if it contains one

NWC 2.75 Beta Preview 19 fixes a problem with Edit, Properties, Placement, Staff Position when multiple expressions are selected.
NWC 2.75 Beta Preview 17 fixes a serious problem with Multi-point Controller items from existing *.nwc files.
Just released...

NWC 2.75 Viewer - Preview 3
NWC 2.75 Beta Preview 15 includes:

  • MPC empty time offsets
  • Visible (experimental) Marker object in Selectors
  • View and Play Span now show as real numbers in Score Review
  • Pitch Bend control is now centered when play is started for any channel that sends Patch or Bend Range instructions
  • F6 MIDI Stop/Reset use of the standard Channel Mode Messages (these were abandoned back in the day due to issues with some devices)
NWC 2.75 Beta Preview 14 changes include:

  • Modifies the new Pitch Bend Range to support 0 and 1 semitones
  • Play back pause and resume should now properly track both RPN (Registered Parameter Number) and NRPN (Non-Registered Parameter) controller data with both the Data Entry MSB (Controller 6) and Data Entry LSB (Controller 38) values
  • User objects from nwctxt now properly show Unicode text in Properties
  • Fixes a bug in the Multi-point Controller Properties preventing the direct entry of larger controller values
NWC 2.75 Beta Preview 13 includes numerous changes/additions (use with caution):

  • Pitch Bend Range can now be defined from the Instrument specification
  • Staff level Pitch Bend Range is shown in Score Review
  • Play back pause and resume should now properly track RPN (Registered Parameter Number) controller data
  • Score Review now shows full MIDI duration values in Play and View Span statistics
  • Many low level changes to the *.nwc file format (all notation data is now stored as nwctxt, with a standard *.nwc header)
NWC 2.75 Beta Preview 12 corrects the crash while creating RestChords, and fixes an issue with importing old NWCTXT via the clipboard.
Thanks for the report.

I updated the code highlighting mechanisms to properly parse ' entities. Since my fix was very narrow, there might be other issues. If you notice other issues like this, please post here.
NWC 2.75 Beta Preview 11 continues to evolve the Print Preview Zoom mechanism, and makes it easier to add chord members to beamed triplet notes.
NWC 2.75 Beta Preview 10 enhances the Edit, Find match count reporting and Print Preview Zoom mechanisms.
Edit,Find and Edit,Filtered Properties now show the match count for the given search expression
Preview 6 adds support for searching through the current staff or all editor staffs in Edit, Find.
Preview adds a new Find Previous command.
Preview 4 changes included:

  • Expressions are moved by half of a staff position when using Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down arrows
  • Margin values should now support 2 decimals of precision without drifting into unusual higher precision values
  • The editor now exclusively uses nwctxt to exchange notation items via the clipboard
  • Edit, Copy of single editor items now uses the standard nwctxt representation, complete with the standard !NoteWorthyComposerClip header
  • Edit, Find (Ctrl+F) can now be used to show the full nwctxt of a single selected item in the editor
The following areas now support Unicode text:

  • Tools, Score Review column sort has been fixed (was broken by Unicode changes)
  • The Status Bar's Staff Name and Group
  • The right click staff menu from the Status Bar's Staff Name panel
  • The Editor's Staff Label Panel mouse hover Tool Tip

In addition, any edit controls that support spinning floating point values should work much better now. This includes:

  • Page Setup, Margins
  • Tools, Options, Expression Anchor Size
  • Expression Placement  tab, Staff Position (from Insert, Text and others)
  • Insert Spacer
  • Insert Boundary Change, Gap Width
During this process, we had a little double encoding accident, which required restoring the forum from backup. I had to manually restore the last few posts, so there might be a little quirkiness with these few posts.

Everything should be good now.
The forum has officially been converted to use utf-8 encoding. This should make the exchange of new NWC 2.75 notation clips via the BBC CODE tags work correctly and consistently for all.

A Preview 2 set is now available. Changes include better support for Expression Placement micro-positioning, Lua scripts now fully support utf-8 encoding in prompts and msgbox functions, and User Tool results are now rendered as utf-8 encoded text.

NoteWorthy Composer Version 2.75 has been released. You can upgrade your version 2.51a install to version 2.75 by going to:

Help->Access Noteworthy

from within the program.

You can get the latest NWC Viewer from here:

The beta preview series included the following description:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Major changes include:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Rick covered most of this, but I wanted to add a little.

I know I can prefix the refrain lyrics with underscores

Using underscores for lyric padding is no longer a recommended technique. The spacer is now the recommended technique for adding padding where you need it (or in some cases, to reduce padding). You can add it quickly using the Insert key.

Do you have a lot of incidents of lyric syllables spanning the next bar line? If you have examples of this, it wouldn't hurt to provide links so they can be reviewed.

The AU Lab configuration that I used to enable Apple's DLS Synth for use in Chrome Web Apps is attached.