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I would also recommend using the .Developer Tools that are installed with the  latest user tool starter kit.
The Warn column in Tools, Score Review will indicate the presence of any unassigned octave accodentals.

You can use Edit, Find to identify and correct any unassigned octave accidentals.
I tested printing to PDF on Mac OS 10.11, using PDFwriter, and got the same results as Francis. I followed the advice from:

Neither dots nor dashes were distilled into the PDF.

I would guess that this is a limitation of the wine Postscript driver, but I am unfamiliar with the print architecture in this scenario. There is source code in wineps.dll that targets these line styles, so the issue might be elsewhere. I only used the Preview app to verify, so it could even be an issue with that program.

Using a PDF inspection program,  iText RUPS, I looked through the mac generated PDF with dashed slur. It is clear that the slur curve does not contain any dashArray instruction, which would be required to properly render the slur. It now seems more likely that this is a limitation in the Mac postscript to PDF conversion system.

The curve instructions on the Mac created PDF:
Code: [Select · Download]
0.72 w
61.2 697.92 m
77.04 712.32 92.88 714.48 108.72 704.4 c

The curve instructions on a PDF created with Windows 10 built-in print driver:
Code: [Select · Download]
0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 RG
1 J
1 j
10.000000 M
0.960 w
[1.920, 1.920] 0 d
80.000000 188.479996 m
100.160004 179.039993 120.320000 176.160004 140.479996 180.320007 c
The chord notes should be written as an arpeggio of 32nd or 64th notes until the last note of the chord, which should be tied to notes making up the remainder of the time duration of the chord.

Unless you really want to show the notated chord, a ChordPlay.nw or object is usually a much easier, quicker, and more flexible approach.
You can do this in two steps:

  • You need to create a find expression that accurately identifies your fingering or bow marks. For example, if your marks all use the first user font, you could start with a find expression like this:


    Test the expression using Edit, Find. You should verify that the expression only matches the items that you wish to change.

  • Select a whole staff (Home, followed by Shift+End), then use Edit, Filtered Properties, and enter your find expression.

    You can now change the Alignment/Placement for only the targeted items.
Thanks for the report. This will be fixed in the next update.
This will be reviewed for possible changes that make your selection persist across sessions.
Bill, just send an e-mail...

Rick's example is an opportunity to explain what happens when bar line structure does not align.

When the top staff initiates a system break at an isolated bar line (which has no matching bar in a lower staff), the break cannot be satisfied in the lower staff. This causes the first system break to move backwards to the nearest earlier bar that can be satisfied in the lower staff. Once the second system starts, the lower staff can no longer satisfy the requested bar line structure, so it literally drops out of the printing process.
There is generally a reason why things work the way they do in this area. An actual example is generally a prerequisite to further discussion.

Update: By the way,  lower staff alignment/truncation is all done the same way, whether via forced breaks or natural breaks.
Thanks for all of the feedback. The classic server side download mechanism for code blocks has been reintroduced into the forum. It should now work for nearly all browsers.
If you were using MIDI Mapper before, then you just need to remove it from the selected list. NWC will then automatically use the GS Wavetable synth.
Firefox 42 does not support this mechanism. You need Firefox 45.
Thanks for the reports. I am making some simple changes that will eventually work in Firefox 45. These changes might have happened during your tests, Richard. I'll keep looking into the issues involved.

Announcements / code blocks
Syntax highlighting and downloads links for code blocks has been restored to the forum.

These are not the same mechanisms as existed in the old forum. In the old forum, everything was done on the server. The new code block handling is all done client side, in your browser. The process should be familiar to long time users.


Code: (nwc) [Select · Download]
|Instrument|Name:"Orchestra Hit"|Patch:55|Trans:0|DynVel:10,30,45,60,75,92,108,127|Pos:11|Wide:Y
General Discussion / Re: Trustworthy
Now I understand the issue better. The browser is claiming that the server is wrongly configured, when in fact, this was an intentional configuration change on my part. It was intended to make it easier to find the correct forum link (by overriding the security check). Since we no longer fully support the old, retired domain, I will change the config so that the old domain is not served up at all.

When this change was first made, we should have created landing pages on that included instructions to update your address book, rather than simply redirecting straight to the new URL. Something to remember for next time, should this situation arise again.

General Discussion / Re: Trustworthy
How are you landing onto the forum? The forum should be accessed exclusively via:

If you are using a address, you should stop using it and visit the above link directly.

If there is a broken link somewhere that points to the old forum locations, please reply here with details.
User Tools / Re: Arpeggiate
The next version of the Starter Kit's tool will also use the object:
General Discussion / Re: Markers
This is being reviewed for possible changes.
Interesting tool...two things:

  • you might want to put the top source code comment at the top of your post:

    This tool mutes the active staff and adds 2 copies all its relevant information into 2 new sibling staves.

  • Lua is the only option for user objects.
This has been updated to fix issues with notes in the Tenor clef.
The starter kit install program has been updated to correct this problem.
You indicated that there was no problem on XP, which raised my UAC suspicions. Unless you have UAC disabled, admin elevation might yield new info.
A simple test: try running NWC as admin (just once), and test the backup mechanism. If it works, then you likely have a permission issue.
Eric, at this point, I'd suggest you ignore this as I think it's pretty clear it's not a NWC issue.

If it helps, NWC uses MoveFileEx with the MOVEFILE_COPY_ALLOWED flag:
NWC does not currently precalculate page counts, so it does not actually know this. You could get close to this using a File Info variable, which you could update as needed when the page count changes.

Code: [Select · Download]

You can start a PageTxt in the second bar. This makes it skip the first page.
Here is yet another fixed version of the file.

New installer has been published.
The latest update causes some new issues. For example, a MPC that uses Linear Sweep is broken by the update. Still working on it.
I pushed another update that should fix the encoding problems with quote characters.
Replace your existing lib/ file with the attached version. This should fix it.

This will be bundled into an updated starter kit release soon.

Update: Based on feedback, a new fix has been attached that corrects some encoding issues with quote characters.

Update 2: Withdrawn....see later replies.
Thanks for the report. The problem seems to be caused by the base starter kit framework. Will update this when I know more.
Server is up, and we have resumed normal operations.

when your web server is down, I get an error notice every time I start NWC.

We don't plan to make a habit of the site/server being down.
I recently upgraded to windows 10

Two points:

  • NWC 2.75 should not suffer from the GS Wavetable Synth problems that were part of the earlier Windows 10 releases.
  • In my tests, Microsoft appears to have fixed the Windows 10 MIDI problems as of  build 10586.

See also:

Server is up, and we have resumed normal operations.

We are experiencing frequent service disruptions on the forum, and our main web site. You can get updates from our blog, which is served by a different network:
We discontinued the browser based NWC Viewer plugin with the release of version 2.75. Chrome also dropped support for the browser plugin.

Can you give more details on the error message?
The forum has been upgraded to Elkarte version 1.0.6.

Please report any new issues that you encounter in a reply to this topic.
How can I use it to try it out?

I am looking at ways to make this easier.
Object Plugins / Re: (1.3)
Demo video of this new menu:
I changed the build target to Java SE 6, and then rebuilt the tool. Perhaps that will help...
You can install and use multiple JRE versions.
In this update:

  • new -utsave option for saving directly to an xml file
  • basic support for note beams
Additional nwc2musicxml information is available in a new topic:

Posted a binary release of nwc2musicxml that can be run locally as a NWC User Tool:
I have made a few test runs of the tool, but haven't tried to import the results into any other programs just yet.

In my experience, a successful import depends largely on the source material. I am not necessarily going to fix all of the possible problems. This is largely provided as-is.

I updated the release to test_0.11, which includes the fixes for your reported issues.
User Tools / Test Release: nwc2musicxml
Posted a binary update/release of Nicolas Froment's ( @lasconic ) nwc2musicxml that can be run locally as a NWC User Tool:

In order to use this release, you must have installed Java SE (Java run-time environment).

If you download the included *.jar file, you can then configure it as a user tool from Tools, User Tool, New...

A screenshot of the configuration is attached.

Note: Updated to version test_0.3 on 02-Jun-2016
The conversion tool I prefer is:
The owner of the tool  informed me about the intention to adapt to 2.75, however This Will take time.

Posted a change that might help with this.
Object Plugins / Re: (1.1)
Are you able to reproduce this error consistently?

If the end of the span is a Rest, then this error will always occur. It is caused by:

Code: (lua) [Select · Download]
local x2 = endNote:xyStemAnchor(endStem)
Object Plugins / Re: (1.1)
it seems that it is not possible to copy-paste from the Alert Log :( )

When in doubt, always try right click...
Object Plugins / Re: PageTxtMaestro.nw
The trick to adding spacing is boundary objects. Put something like this in the first bar:

Code: (nwc) [Select · Download]

In the second bar, you can restore the lesser spacing with another shorter boundary object.

While in Manage Objects, you can also double-click each updated object plugin entry to initiate an update.
Thanks. This updater should not cause that issue. However, it does replace the nwc2.exe program file during the upgrade. Perhaps some other system mechanism decided that the shortcuts to the old file should be removed, but I have not experienced this.
Object Plugins / Re: PageTxtMaestro.nw
You should turn off the built-in title page info from File, Page Setup, Options.

Tools, Manage Objects is the easiest way to ensure that all of your installed objects are up to date.