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The update programs neither add nor remove any shortcuts. What was the name of the upgrade program, and where did you get it?
NoteWorthy version 2.75 on Windows 10 Version 1511 (Build 10586.3) plays OK using the MS GS Wavetable Synth

Version 2.75 includes a work around for the bug found in earlier Windows 10 builds. It appears as though Microsoft finally got around to fixing the Windowes 10 GS Wavetable Synth problems (apparently fixed in build 10586). This is helpful for older NWC versions.
Was I wrong?

My recommendation: Do not assume that this will always be the case. It is a good practice to not make assumptions about what a plugin will find while indexing through notation positions.
A simple suggestion that might help safeguard your plug-in code. Change your repeat to guard against passing last bar, or exceeding your xLast calculation:

Code: (lua) [Select · Download]
if not NextBar:find('next', 'bar') then break end
until x >= xLast

Note that LastBar:find('last') is not guaranteed to be a bar line.
Object Plugins / Re: PageTxtMaestro.nw
New option, Once, has been added to the Page Display Control types.

All text configured as Once text will be shown exactly once, on the page that contains the item. Unlike other text control types, Once text fully implements the Visibility control.

[See Source Changes]
Object Plugins / Re: PageTxtMaestro.nw
I'd like to see the "Page Display Control" drop-down box include a "this page only" option.

Thanks for the suggestion. I did an initial review, and this looks technically feasible, albeit non-trivial. I'll do some experiments later today. Will posts the results later...
The issue described in this topic does not seem to exist in Windows 10 - Build 10586.0.
There is not a built-in way of automating this.

In theory, a file mode user tool could be constructed to do things like this, although it would not support Undo.
A user recently provided the following sample of a false positive. A picture of the alert is attached. This alert was triggered when trying to install a NWC 2.75 update. The details reveal the methodology for raising the alert. It is purely based on popularity.

For the convenience of our customers, we offer about a dozen upgrade programs, each targeted at different NoteWorthy Composer versions. This reduces the programs overall usage in the market, and dilutes the program's ability to survive the "popularity contest" approach used by these companies.

You can safely disregard this error when installing NWC 2.75 updates.
Object Plugins / Re: PageTxtMaestro.nw
Updated. You can now control multi-line text block alignment.
Object Plugins / Re: MarkupPage.rg
Another innovative object to have available in your repertoire...the example does a great depiction of an existing work.
Object Plugins / Re: (1.0)
Excellent object addition...well suited for rehearsal marks.
Add the quoted script to your user tools as a new file, taking note of the settings it recommends.

Start a new empty *.nwc file, then run this tool on it. It changes your empty file into a new file that, when played, alters the Master Tuning for your device.

You can also do this directly in a file using the MIDIParm.nw object type, such as:

Code: (nwc) [Select · Download]
Excellent point...if you use that expression, you will need to fix any percussion staffs.
The Viewer can be used to transpose the play back of a file.

If you actually want to transpose all staffs, you should probably do them one staff at a time. Theoretically, a user tool could be made to do this. If you just want to set the staff transposition in staff properties, a global mod expression like this might help:

Code: [Select · Download]
StaffInstrument Trans+=2

This expression transposes the play back of all staffs up by two semitones.
Object Plugins / BlockLetter.demo
This object can be used to light single block letters on a Novation Launchpad.

Demo Video:

Special Instructions:
This object requires a Novation Launchpad. The staff that contains this object should be mapped to channel 1 of the Launchpad device.

Repeats should not be used with this object.

  • Char:
    This is a single ASCII character that will be sent to the Launchpad.


NoteWorthy Composer Version 2.75 is now available.

  • If you are currently using version 2.51a (or an older version 2 release), you should use

    Help, Access

    in the program. You will automatically be redirected to the appropriate upgrade program.

  • If you are interested in trying out the new NoteWorthy Composer release, there is also a new demo available:

    NoteWorthy Composer Version 2.75 Demo

  • If you just want to play and print existing *.nwc files created by others, a new NWC Viewer is also available.

See also:

Version 2.75 Released | NoteWorthy Composer Blog
This is the best I could do while still doing it in a straight forward manner (no fake half note):

Code: (nwc) [Select · Download]
User's of the prior version will probably want to remove the old object type:

  • open Tools, Manage Objects (Ctrl+J)
  • right click PedalLine_test.fso
  • use Delete source
  • Close the Manage Objects box
CPU load is not trivial.

I successfully played this sample on some pretty old hardware. The GS Wavetable plays it fine on Windows XP. On Windows 10, not so much...unless you use a third party softsynth, that is.
Confirmed. It's not a CPU issue, as other softsynth solutions play fine.

This is just more evidence of Microsoft backing away from the GS Wavetable SW Synth, without offering a viable built-in alternative.
Object Plugins / Re: PageTxtMaestro.nw
A new update which adds:

  • support for multiple lines of page text (use the %br% variable to add line breaks)
  • a predefined set of text styles (Author, Lyricist, Title, Copyright, and PageNumber)
  • support for extracting labelled text from the comments section of File, Info
Object Plugins / Re: PageTxtMaestro.nw
A new update which uses only %PageNum% for page numbering. Simply add a comma and page number, like %PageNum,2%, when needed.
Object Plugins / Re: PageTxtMaestro.nw
The PageNumFrom,X is probably the only one that is needed. Perhaps the other two should just be removed.

Object Plugins / Re: PageTxtMaestro.nw
Updated with:

  • fix for Center location (thanks Mike)
  • allow negative number with %PageNumFrom,1% variable
Object Plugins / Re: PageTxtMaestro.nw
If you have any form of staff labels activated, even if you don't have a staff label defined, then the title (defined as Top-Center) on page one is slightly adjusted in comparison with the positions of the same top-center titles on other pages.

I am looking into this.

You can do this by copying your original instruction to Page 2 and setting the visibility to "Never" .

You don't even need to find page 2. You can add a new instruction in the 2nd bar, and it will be applied starting in page 2.

You can also use this same technique in reverse. You can hide the first instance in order to skip the first page, then add a second instance in the second bar.
Object Plugins / Re: PageTxtMaestro.nw
  • classifying page text independent of its page boundary location
  • multiple instances of page text using the same page boundary location
  • size adjustments to the built-in font styles
  • re-use of size and position for updated text sharing the same class

Update completed, and I believe all of these objectives have been met. In addition, you can now use File Info variables, and specify that text should only appear on Odd or Even pages.
NoteWorthy Composer Viewer 2.75 RC4 is now attached.
Object Plugins / Re: PageTxtMaestro.nw
I am looking at substantially changing this mechanism in order to support:

  • classifying page text independent of its page boundary location
  • multiple instances of page text using the same page boundary location
  • size adjustments to the built-in font styles
  • re-use of size and position for updated text sharing the same class

The down side is that these changes will inevitably complicate the objects. I will post an update soon.
Object Plugins / Re: PageTxtMaestro.nw
In version 2.75, an object plugin cannot see the file info, so you have to define your own custom text. You only have to do it once at the start of the staff.

Update: Mike found a bug in one of the api functions, so this provided an opportunity for additional api methods. Object plugins now have access to file info when drawing.
Object Plugins / PageTxtMaestro.nw
PageTxtMaestro makes it easy to add a variety of page text elements to the printed page in two simple steps:

  • Add an object of type PageTxtMaestro.nw into the front of your top staff. This object does all of the printing work, so you need to add it first. Note that your top staff must contain at least one note before PageTxtMaestro can do its job.

  • Add PageTxt.nw objects as needed into the top staff. You can start with the predefined styles, then add custom styles for special situations.

Each PageTxt object can be defined such that it displays information found in the current file. This is done by using variables, which are enclosed in % characters. For example, %Author% will show the author text set from File, Info. The following variables can be used inside a PageTxt object:

brThis is adds a line break in the text
TitleThis is the title from File, Info
AuthorThis is the author from File, Info
LyricistThis is the lyricist from File, Info
Copyright1This is the first copyright line from File, Info
Copyright2This is the second copyright line from File, Info
StaffNameThis is the staff name from Staff Properties
StaffLabelThis is the staff label from Staff Properties
StaffLabelAbbrThis is the abbreviated staff label from Staff Properties
StaffGroupThis is the staff group from Staff Properties
This is a special case variable. You can use %PageNum% by itself, or add a comma and starting page number, such as %PageNum,7%, which starts numbering from 7.
This is a special case variable. It is used to access custom variables set in the comments section of File, Info.
Object Plugins / Re: TabStaff.nw
Thanks for the report. A fix as been uploaded.

In addition, a new Opaque option has been added to the TabStaff object.
Just to be clear, in Rick's example above, the Dal Segno instructions are fake, inserted as text. He uses hidden endings to accomplish the play back flow.
User Tools / Re: Help with Global_Mod,Speed==n Speed=x

works fine for all BUT Speed==32 (which is the default)  Not sure how to get around this

You just need a separate expression for that case:

Code: [Select · Download],!Speed
General Discussion / Re: nwmid95c.*
Yes, you can delete the dll.

The latest nwc-conv is included in the install.
User Tools / Re: Help with Global_Mod
Version 2.75 of the start kit is pending.

I changed adp_GlobalMod.php to support User object types by separating with a colon. Here is a quote from the new help text:

or to move all objects to a new position
   php global_mod.php Pos=12
General Discussion / Re: Create Template
NWC 2.75 has not been tested on W2k, and is not officially supported on it. However, I did boot it up in a VM, and NWC 2.75 RC2 will run. YMMV...
I would recommend starting with the sample files. Use File, Open Sample to try them. The Jingle.nwc sample specifies a piano sound for both staff parts from Staff, Staff Properties.
Object Plugins / BarCounter.nw
This object can be used to create a custom bar counter. It can be useful when embedding multiple songs into a single file.

Code: (nwc) [Select · Download]


  • turn off the built-in bar counter from File, Page Setup
  • add this object at the start of your file
  • add new instances of this object whenever you want to reset the bar count
NWC 2.75 Beta Preview 50 includes the following changes:

  • object plugin api updates
  • built-in Change Object Type.lua user tool
  • new background processing for Manage Objects tool and startup upgrade check
If you have experienced any Antivirus or Firewall issues while using NWC Version 2.75, please reply here with details.

We are working on a significant change to the way NWC 2.75 accesses online content, which should help matters. These changes will appear in Beta Preview 50. However, I am interested in any issues that have come up thus far.
Object Plugins / Re: Melismatic.nw
Melismatic stops at the end of the last note. It generally can't be made to go farther without tricks such as shown by Mike.

Essentially, Melismatic will extend through any "syllable opt out" notes as if they are irrelevant, but won't enter the air space of a note that starts a new lyric syllable.
TabStaff.test and TabFret.test have moved into the official Object Plugins board. This allows them to be managed from the Tools, Manage Objects area in NWC.
Object Plugins / Rules Change
There have been two recent rule changes:

  • this area allows multiple object plugins per topic
  • this area allows .test object plugins
Updated to include a TabFret object. The TabFret object follows the size and position of TabStaff.
This is an object plugin approach for guitar tablature. This approach uses two object types:

  • TabStaff.nw

    TabStaff is used to add a guitar tab staff under an existing staff. You can add this object into the current staff, or create a new staff that has no staff lines. This object draws the TAB identifier, the guitar strings, and the bar lines that comprise the guitar tablature.

  • TabFret.nw

    TabFret is used to add a guitar fret numbers to a TabStaff. You should add the TabStaff object prior to using this object.

2.75a Beta Enhancement
If you are using the NWC 2.75a beta, you can use the TabStaff.nw: Create Tablature user tool command. It uses a simplistic scheme to convert notes into fretted strings, but can be helpful in the initial generation of tablature in an existing staff. It does not flag any errors that occur, so you will have to manually review the results (for accuracy and play-ability).
NWC 2.75 Beta Preview 49 includes the following changes:

  • fix for Manage Objects, Delete action
  • object plugin api updates
  • fix for Audit Stem with RestChords
The Play notes on entry option uses the instrument's transposition. It will also use the correct instrument patch if it has previously been played into the current staff's MIDI channel. You can generally do this by pressing Shift+F5, then F6, after you set the correct instrument for the staff.
After you posted this, I did find an old copy of the font hosted at our site. I updated it with the same version found on the Scripto.