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Attachments - David Palmquist

Filename   Downloads Message Posted
NWC12-8clips.png 547 Re: Converting common time to 12/8
NWCdemo-differentlyriclayers-1point75.nwc 595 Re: Possible to use less verse lines for refrain?
NWCPrintPreviewZooms.gif 768 Re: Probably it's a stupid question but...
PrintSample1.pdf 571 Re: Print quality - too much white space
PrintSample2.pdf 638 Re: Print quality - too much white space
Sample headings.png 220 Re: PageTextMaestro and PageText.
Sample-chords2.gif 1,697 Re: Entering three note chords with individually timed notes
SampleClip.gif 2,742 Re: Percussion sheet music that plays properly !! :D
SampleGlissando.gif 945 Re: Glissando
SampleMBR.png 1,081 Re: Multi Measure Rest Suggestion
Sample_chords.gif 1,743 Re: Entering three note chords with individually timed notes
Sample_note_equivalency.nwc 484 Re: Equivalent Notes
Score_layout_demo.nwc 497 Re: Special opening decoration for SATB
Score_layout_demo2.nwc 435 Re: Space and Invisible rests
Score_layout_demo3.nwc 422 Re: Control of measure size, etc.
Sextuplet.nwc 413 Re: Confusing marks in printed music
SharpEye-MusicXML artifacts.png 652 Re: A compliment!
Skipping_a_section.jpg 624 Re: tryin to figure out how to do this...
Slurs-and-triplet-flaws.jpg 1,382 Slurs and triplet brackets - oddities and wishes
Special_ending_demo.nwc 551 Re: Local and master repeat / special endings
Stemlets.PNG 1,526 Re: Beam.hmm (0.4)
TempoEquationSamples.png 855 Re: 0.1
Tie-into-endings.gif 760 Re: Trouble with note tied into 1st ending but not 2nd
trillexample.png 198 Re: (2.2)
triplet-accent-clash.gif 690 Triplet bracket directionCan't paste this illustr
Underscoresample.gif 1,130 Re: Wishes...
Weird_Repeat_solution.nwc 403 Re: Weird Repeat