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2002-01-01 05:00 am
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Let me withdraw the wish.  I didn't pick up that just holding the right arrow while in the active (short) staff would scroll ... General Discussion Re: Edit window scrol... 2019-08-16 08:18 am
Thanks, Rick.  The wheel on my mouse doesn't do that for me (running on Windows 10) - perhaps the mouse is outdated (it's wir... General Discussion Re: Edit window scrol... 2019-08-13 12:54 am
Our band received some donated music which is missing a score.  It's 353 bars long with parts for the full gamut of concert b... General Discussion Edit window scrolling... 2019-08-12 10:21 pm
Flurmy, you wrote "That's why I hate the things invisible in edit mode. "Have you tried changing the colour for hidden object... General Discussion Re: What happened to ... 2019-05-19 09:37 am
Quote from: benspratling4  -  2019-03-08 12:54 pm..., they may as well buy Finale (churches get a 42% discount!),... to enabl... General Discussion Re: Working with *.nw... 2019-03-08 08:40 pm
I'm not familiar with lasconic's converter.  Maybe the problem is the converter rather than NWC. Have you tried Niversoft's? ... General Discussion Re: Working with *.nw... 2019-03-08 02:13 am
Quote from: benspratling4  -  2019-03-03 07:46 pmHope, because lasconic's .nwctxt -> MusicXML converter makes mistakes when m... General Discussion Re: Working with *.nw... 2019-03-04 10:11 am
Just highlight the entire clip (from "!NoteWorthyComposerClip(2.751,Single"to  "!NoteWorthyComposerClip-End")  then copy it, ... General Discussion Re: Orchestration Tem... 2019-01-29 09:50 pm
How interesting!  I confirmed that by opening the nwctxt in a text program.  Thanks, both.I wonder if the insertion happens w... General Discussion Re: A compliment! 2019-01-28 09:17 pm
You may be right about the purpose, Mike, but if you take a look at my example, you'll see they mark bars where invisible ite... General Discussion Re: A compliment! 2019-01-26 07:33 am