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Printing on half page
Is there a way to print music out on a half page in landscape - folded in half like a booklet or basically a hymnal size page.  I want to make some song booklets that are 5.5 wide and 8.5 tall but can't figure this one out without manually cutting and pasting.

forgot the version
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I forgot to say I'm using version 1.75c

Re: Printing on half page
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G'day Robyn,
there are a few approaches that I can think of:
a) some printer drivers (in XP at least) will allow you to adjust the number of "pages per sheet" of to do "booklet" printing.  This may not get the right works on the right pages...

b) use the print preview to copy to either the clipboard or to file and either paste (clipboard) or import (file) into a desktop publishing or word processor application.*

c) install a PDF printer device and create PDF's which you can then edit into a booklet with a PDF editor.

* if you've looked at my fonts then the demo page was produced using copy and paste into an Writer document which was then exported to a PDF.  See and open one of the PDF's listed under usage - the last page is the demo page that I am referring to.

There are several other posts that address this.  Check out:

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Re: Printing on half page
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If you use a Notation Size of 14pt, try this:
On the left hand pages, make the Left Margin 1/2" and the Right Hand Margin 6".
On the right hand pages, make the Left Margin 6" and the Right Hand Margin 1/2".

Print the left hand pages. If using an ink jet printer, allow a while for the ink to set.
Put the pages in the printer printed side down with the printing closest to the printer. Print the right hand pages.

If you must have a Notation Size of 16pt, things get much more complicated. Most hymns need more than 4 1/2"
If your printer can print edge to edge in landscape (many can't), you might get away with:
LH Page Left 1/4" and RH Page Right 1/4", and/or a narrower gutter. Many hymns will still need more width.

One solution is to use Legal Paper. A place to start is:
LH Page Left 1/2", Right 7 1/2"
RH Page Left 7 1/2", Right 1/2"

NWC2 can pack more stuff in a line than version 1.75c. See the attachment 'Hymns.png'
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Re: Printing on half page
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Some Canon printers, like my IP1600, have a "Booklet printing" mode which does all the hard work for you.

Re: Printing on half page
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With many HP Laserjet printers, it's a simple matter of "Print on both sides", "Two pages per sheet", "Left binding".
The "Left binding" takes care of the correct page numbering. Don't forget!

Re: Printing on half page
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Thanks you all for the suggestions.  They all work to one degree or the other but since I have an HP laser printer I tried the "print both sides" settings and it worked great.  The only problem was the text.  Each time I change the text size, of course it makes the note size a bit bigger....but that's OK, it fit on a half page.  This particular item is just a single line melody hymn with 3 verses to be included in a memorial booklet during a service, so people can sing.  I also am looking ahead to song booklet for Christmas, so this is great.   Thank you all so much.