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General Discussion / Re: Bug when using percussion
Last post by TopQuark -
So, are you saying I cannot have more than 16 separate instruments (ie. MIDI channels?) If I combine organ and piano grand staves, that helps, but then I can't add a piccolo part because I already have 16 channels in use? I'm sorry, I didn't mean to turn this into a full discussion of the MIDI standard. I'ts probably here somewhere else on this forum.
General Discussion / Re: Bug when using percussion
Last post by TopQuark -
Regarding automatic note heads: I cannot find that option on Staff Properties. Does that feature even exist? Jut press X note head when composing that staff. I'm not sure what I did wrong that one time.

There are a lot of nuances to this software. I have had great success with it, given my limited knowledge. Now give me a few months to glean everything I can from these fora.
General Discussion / Re: How to unclick duration
Last post by hmmueller -
Typically, this happens (to me) when caps-lock is enabled on the keyboard; also if you press 3 on the numeric pad (if there is one), num-lock must be on. But simply restarting wouldn't correct all that - so this is not a good explanation. But other than that, I have never seen this problem ... hm.

One thing you can try in this case: Press + (plus), which should switch to the next longer duration - in your case, from eighth to fourth. If this also doesn't work, the program definitely seems to be somehow "stuck" (could be Windows fault - I get this every now and then), and then restarting is the only option.


General Discussion / How to unclick duration
Last post by TopQuark -
I clicked the "eighth note duration" button and now every note is an 8th note. Pressing 3 doesn't change it to quarter notes. I can't seem to unselect 8th note in the menu button bar. This is 2.75a.2

Seems like a bug where the note duration got stuck. I restarted the program and it's ok now. Pressing 3 changes the button bar to quarter notes now.
General Discussion / Re: Bug when using percussion
Last post by hmmueller -
No, this behavior has not changed - it was never seen as a bug, however, exactly because the assignment of MIDI channels is easily changed. And that assignment is quite "heuristic" anyway: If you have more than 16 staves, the lower staves will all get channel 16; or, in important cases, two or more staves need the same channel (e.g. piano; maybe also organ) etc.etc.

So, in the end, NWC expects its users to understand (or find out?) the "strange channel 10 behavior" - which is in the MIDI standard, far away from NWC; so we all live with it - and manually assign channels ... preferably in templates that are used for writing scores (that's what I do).

I hope this helps ... but you found the main problem anyway.

(What I dont understand: You wrote: "all other staves play as percussion, note heads change to X" - but that's not what would happen if just one staff accidentally had MIDI 10 assigned to it. Can you give a hint why that did happen??).

General Discussion / Re: Bug when using percussion
Last post by Lawrie Pardy -
Hi Topquark.
Just by way of an FYI, MIDI channel 10 is always the percussion channel*.  This is part of the MIDI standard.  Using a percussion clef does not define the staff as a percussion staff as far as NWC is concerned, it is there for correct appearance on the printed page.  You could also use a bass clef and get the right sounds, but the wrong appearance.  NWC doesn't care what MIDI channel is assigned to a staff, BUT your synthesizer does.

I agree it can be a bit of a "gotcha" when NWC automatically increments the MIDI channel number for each additional staff and the 10th staff created gets channel 10, but I'm not sure I'm ready to call it a bug...  It is however, something to be aware of.  Perhaps programming around auto assigning channel 10 might be a good idea and worth being made a suggestion.

When you change the notehead shape (E.G. to an X) it will remain the new shape until changed again.  This is always a manual action.

* there are specific exceptions to this but they are basically irrelevant in this context.
General Discussion / Re: Bug when using percussion
Last post by TopQuark -
It seems that the bug was: (at least when the score was created in 2.0:)

The staves get MIDI channels numbered 1, 2, 3, ... When it hits 10, that staff (in my case the cello part) got MIDI channel 10 because it was the 10th one I created. This seems to make it a Percussion staff.

I hope this bug has been fixed in 2.75a.2 but I don't want to go back and recreate the score. Changing the MIDI channel to 12 now it sounds like a cello.
General Discussion / Re: Bug when using percussion
Last post by TopQuark -
I created the percussion staff as a regular staff with a percussion clef. I added a single note with an X note head.

The problem is the Violoncelli staff. It is using Midi channel 10 (whatever that means). The instrument selected is "Cello."

The file was created in 2.0 and I just upgraded to 2.75 and it did not fix the problem.

(Trying to attach the .nwc file but I can't see how to do that here)
General Discussion / Re: Bug when using percussion
Last post by hmmueller -
Can you tell us what you mean by "percussion staff"? Is it
- a staff with MIDI channel 10?
- a staff which you started with a percussion clef?
- a staff where you changed the notehead form to X before you started writing the staff?

Then, it would be helpful if you just attached your problem file to the posting here, if this is ok for you (or maybe a shortened score with e.g. only the first 3 or 4 measures of each staff).

(And, could you check the precise version of NWC? - it is under Help->About and says something like Version 2.75a.2)