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Tips & Tricks / Select All Staves - How To?
Last post by roycee -

I got hold of NWC many many years ago to help my children with their school music projects. I thought it was really good and still do, particularly for little tweaks to a score

I upgraded to 2.0 about 15 years ago

It's very heartwarming that such a useful little program is still around, and with a forum too!

I'm now planning to improve my very poor reading skills by using NWC with MIDI files but I want to transpose many of these files to simpler keys 

I know how to transpose a single staff - but can't work out how to select all of them

Any help REALLY gratefully received
General Discussion / Issue: installing object plugins
Last post by Bob -
The installation of object plugins silently fails if the Object Plugins directory is absent.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open a file that uses one or more object plugins.
2. Open the Insert>Object...>Manage Objects dialog.
3. Perform an online synch.
4. Install updates.

1. Create the missing directory indicated by Tools>Options>Folders>Object Plugins.
2. Then follow the steps above.
General Discussion / Re: Scriptorium Update
Last post by Richard Woodroffe -

The Scriptorium has been updated with works submitted by :

John Hooper       Bethlehem   (Maunder)
Richard Woodroffe    Des Mädchens Klage 3rd Version (Schubert)

If you would like to be notified every time the Scriptorium is updated, please send an e-mail  requesting Scriptorium Update    notification to nwcscriptorium "at" gmail "dot" com

Stay safe 

General Discussion / Re: Wav and MP3 files from NWC.
Last post by Flurmy -
Be aware that you will need the NWC 2.8 beta version of the Viewer installed to use the "Play to" feature.
I seemed to remember that it was possible, but I was unable to discover how.
Indeed, in the last reinstall I installed the viewer 2.75a 2.
Probably I didn't keep the original installation file waiting for the official relase... :(
Where can I find version 2.8 beta?