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General Discussion / Re: Multi staves
Last post by Warren Porter -
For the top staff, use it as a tempo staff and use it for all tempo indications and rehearsal symbols, then fill it with hidden rests and bar lines. Layer it into the part you want printed.
Printing Parts for an Ensemble
General Discussion / Re: Best wishes to all here
Last post by Francis Beaumier -
Here in Wisconsin, a 16-page order goes into effect tomorrow that shuts down all non-essential businesses. "Non-essential" is defined fairly broadly. It still allows restaurants to operate on carry-out only. And the tax office that I work at qualifies under the "financial services" category. It basically just puts teeth ($250 fine or jail time) behind what he's already asked of us. Unfortunately, the library where I work at is interpreting the order as a demand to send everybody home (we were already closed to the public, which is all the order requires of us), and since some jobs can't be done from home or can't be done fully, many people will be either out of work or employed at 50%. Of course being the IT guy, I am both able to work from home and asked to keep working until the very last zombie.

I will continue to keep all who are experiencing real hardship in my prayers. I am counting my blessings over here.
General Discussion / Re: Best wishes to all here
Last post by William Ashworth -
Flurmy, are you OK? We haven't heard from you in a bit, and I know Italy is dire.
General Discussion / Re: Multi staves
Last post by William Ashworth -
You have to enter them on every stave. But it can be done with copy and paste. Goes pretty fast.
General Discussion / Multi staves
Last post by AY Solly -
I usually work with multi staves.  Quartet, ten piece to full band scores 16+ staves.

Is there a way of transferring common features from the top stave to all subsequent.

I'm thinking predominantly of things like time signature changes.  Do I have to enter them manually on every stave?
General Discussion / Re: Scriptorium Update
Last post by Richard Woodroffe -
The Scriptorium has been updated with works submitted by :

Bertrand Vanbrabant   Serenata 'Rimpianto' Op. 6, No. 1   (Tosselli)
Richard Woodroffe   Trost im Liede (Comfort in song)     (Schubert)
Mike Gibson   Mass in D major (Mass no 1; Hofkapellmeister-messe)   (Salieri)

If you would like to be notified every time the Scriptorium is updated, please send an e-mail  requesting Scriptorium Update
notification to scriptoman "at" tiscali "dot" co "dot" uk

Try and stay fit and well in these trying times.

General Discussion / Re: Best wishes to all here
Last post by Flurmy -
Don't trust the Ministry of Health!
They said that with mask and gloves you're allowed to go out.
I did it, but I discovered that everybody else was also wearing shirt and trousers!  :)

(N.B. A very outdated joke. The current rule is easier: you can't!)

It seems there can be a correlation between the air pollution level and the virus spreading.
The PM10 can be inspired and can support the virus.
General Discussion / Re: Best wishes to all here
Last post by Flurmy -
Higher and higher.
Latest news: The emergency level has been raised again.
Still too many people around, so the virus keeps spreading and making victims.
N.B. For transgression there are up to 3 month of jail!
Various cities are exporting... cadavers.
No more places to bury them. Military trucks are transporting coffins all around.
And rumours are that all the people working in the sanitary servces can forget their summer holidays...
General Discussion / Re: Best wishes to all here
Last post by William Ashworth -
Nobody gets the toilet paper thing. I'm not even sure the toilet paper hoarders get the toilet paper thing. Once these things get rolling, they don't need to be understood: if others are doing it, some people just think they have to do it, too. Like lemmings off a cliff, except I've been told that lemmings don't actually do that. They're smarter than some humans.

Re the vegan/vegetarian section still being full: unfortunately, not true. I have a family member who is a respiratory therapist in San Francisco, and - needless to say - she's been incredibly busy. She's also a vegan, and she primarily eats fresh produce. A couple of days ago, she posted a picture on Facebook of empty produce shelves: it seems hoarders have been after those, too, even though what they hoard won't keep. My family member's comment: I work really hard all day saving people's lives, and then I get to the store and there's nothing here I can eat.

....but China has turned the corner. Only 34 new cases yesterday, all people who appear to have caught it elsewhere. They've started, slowly, to re-open. Here in Oregon we seem to be running about a month to six weeks behind them. Looking forward to May....
General Discussion / Re: Best wishes to all here
Last post by Lawrie Pardy -
Some days ago I heard about toilet paper shortage in Japan, then a friend of mine reported the same from Portugal, then the USA, then my cousin and Bart from Belgium...
Toilet paper shortage? Why? Who can explain that to me?
My friend from Lisbon said there are many jokes about it... (And Bart demonstrated it too.  :) )
I surely don't get the toilet paper thing either.  They might get a runny nose, they're not gonna get a runny bum!

It's so bad here in Oz that toilet paper cannot be found for love nor money AND there are busloads of people traveling the regional areas and stripping supermarkets.  Not only dunny roll either, but tissues, paper towels and food staples.  Especially canned goods, rice and pasta.  The travelling "strippers" have created such a problem that many regional supermarkets are demanding ID to prove people live within the area the store services.

These idiots are creating the very shortages they're frightened of.  I used to think I lived in a relatively intelligent society...  Clearly I do not.

The major supermarkets have introduced reduced opening hours and are now dedicating the first hour after opening to disadvantaged shoppers like the elderly and disabled just to ensure they get a fair go at buying what they need.  I fully support this initiative and applaud them for it.

Some people are claiming that the "strippers" are sending the stuff overseas.  I hope this isn't true, but if it is we should deport the mongrels to whatever country they're sending to WITHOUT their purchased goods!

This pandemic is creating a new world too.  I predict many "bricks and mortar" stores will close permanently, as will many office blocks as workers and their employers come to grips with the currently enforced telecommuting.  Should see a lot less cars on the road as a result, and less crowding on public transport.

Unfortunately, many small business and sole traders are going to go bankrupt too.  And there doesn't seem to be a musician in the country with any gigs.  I'm in 5 bands, as well as playing occasionally in church.  Four of the bands have cancelled rehearsals and gigs, and the 5th is about to.  I expect playing in church may go too, though we may come up with a workaround for that.  One of the churches we have a close association with have moved to streaming their services.