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Tips & Tricks / Re: Select All Staves - How To?
Last post by roycee -

Thank you - will have a look at Coria

(EDIT - I don't have to delete a staff in Musescore to silence it)

It's great to have a forum like this because otherwise (as with Transpose All) you're looking for something that doesn't exist. Thanks to all

So the procedure now looks like this

Either I scan my sheet music to PDF and use a PDF to MIDI program, or I get hold of a MIDI file
I then import it into NWC if it's in the key I want or import into Musescore first and Transpose it into a simpler key. (For example, one bassline I would really like to master is in F# Major, 6 sharps and it gave me trigger thumb for a period because it involves loads of stretching - one click and it's in F or G!)
I can then play in NWC where it's nice and large on my 24" monitor, or view like a page of sheet music with sound in Musescore

One final question (for now at least) - I'm assuming that there is no way in NWC of deleting every other staff and then viewing it as a vertical piece of sheet music with sound (I know I can print it out but then there's no sound). All I have managed to do is view it scrolling sideways, not vertically. Which is fine, it's just not like the traditional method

No need to reply unless I'm wrong though

Tips & Tricks / Re: Select All Staves - How To?
Last post by Bart -
Dear Roycee,

For learning, you could try (

It is possible to load an existing NWC file and you can play them with one specific voice outstanding. (several options possible).
It's not as good as NWC, but tweaking the voices/volumes/... so that your voice is clear without overwhelming the other voices is somewhat tricky in NWC. In you can play with settings without messing up the NWC file.
Our choir members are using this intensively to learn their voices.
In my normal NWC files I focus on clear prints and good global sound. For, I change my files so that every voice has lyrics, repeated sections are spread out ( cannot handle repeats), etc. but the adaptation for can be done in 15-30 minutes.
And most of all, the website generates the sound so that playback is not limited to Windows users.

Tips & Tricks / Re: Select All Staves - How To?
Last post by roycee -
I had a memory of importing KAR files but when I looked a few days ago I couldn't see the option - I understand now. Thank you

Re Other Programs
I can do what I want now using Musescore and NWC so I'm fine thank you. All of this is for my general education and amusement, I'm never going to be reading seriously. When I learn a new bass part at present, I put the track into Amazing Slow Downer, raise it by an octave, and adjust the EQ so all I hear is the bass line. I also use sites like Moises or Lalal Ai to produce isolated bass patterns as well - these are good for the notes but not for the feel
I'm soon going to be trying out various PDF to MIDI pieces of software so it looks I'm going to be busy!

Tips & Tricks / Re: Select All Staves - How To?
Last post by Bart -
Dear Roycee,

You can just drag a .KAR file in NWC. Not needed to do the detour via Musescore.
Or open it with FILE OPEN (song files). .KAR files are not in the option list but it works flawlessly  ;)

Tips & Tricks / Re: Select All Staves - How To?
Last post by roycee -
Wow! So quick! Thank you

Have just got locked out of the forum - so I'm having to rewrite this ...

I was going to use Musescore 4 but found the editing a nightmare and it appears that you have to delete a staff to silence it which makes a playalong thing very difficult if you want to reinstate a part. You then have to have multiple versions

What I can do is take a MIDI or KAR file, put it in Musescore, transpose it and then open it up in NWC

I am trying to improve my reading on bass so I move the bass staff to the top of the page. It scrolls along nicely and I can make any alterations to the bass part relatively easily and mute other parts as I like

Final question - does NWC 2.75 offer much over 2.0 if this is all I'm doing?