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Object Plugins / Re: (2.2)
Last post by Mike Shawaluk -
@Flurmy has graciously made changes to that add a new parameter, to delay the start of pitch bend playback. As noted previously, the pitchbend playback code was previously added by @NoteWorthy Online , and I don't completely understand all of the code involved, so I will trust that he's done it right. If there are issues uncovered by other users, we'll have to tackle them the best we can :)

Many thanks to him for this addition!
General Discussion / Re: "Scoring Notes" article on the history of notation programs
Last post by fathafluff -
Minimal remarks about the two scores: The 16th beams in the trumpets in m.3 and m.7 are definitely wrong in the Sibelius score.
What are the rules for "half-beams"? It seems that the definitive source for notation rules is "Behind Bars." I assume one needs to buy the paper book ($74 on Amazon) or Kindle version ($41) to use this reference work. Are there references online?
General Discussion / Re: "Scoring Notes" article on the history of notation programs
Last post by SEBC -
It is so interesting to see the NWC and Sibelius scores side by side. Thank you, William and Harald, for making that possible! I haven't had a chance to do a comparison in this way before. I see what you are saying about the readability of the Sibelius score. The notes seem a little chubbier to me, and is the DPI higher for the Sibelius output? It looks crisper, and the background looks whiter on my screen.

Edit to add: William, I really appreciate when you tell us about your experiences! It is something that I have considered, but I just don't have the time right now with my PhD studies to learn a new program. I am always holding out hope that some user adjustments might solve the problems with NWC!

Second edit: Thanks for sharing that article, too, on the history of music notation. It looks like a good read.
General Discussion / Re: Scriptorium Update
Last post by Richard Woodroffe -

Wishing you all a very happy New Year

The Scriptorium has been updated with works submitted by :

John Hooper   Pater Noster    (Verdi) Choral Rehearsal Version.
Warren Porter   Scènes de la Csárda No.4 'Hejre Kati', Op.32 (Hubay)
Mike Gibson   Give Almes of thy Goods   (Tye)
Richard Woodroffe   Daphne am Bach (Daphne by the brook) (Schubert)
Richard Woodroffe   Poisoning Pigeons in  the Park   (Lehrer)
If you would like to be notified every time the Scriptorium is updated, please send an e-mail  requesting Scriptorium Update
notification to scriptoman "at" tiscali "dot" co "dot" uk

Stay safe

General Discussion / Re: Digital Whiteout
Last post by Lawrie Pardy -
it's of less interest these days as things like being able to gap the staff have made it pretty obsolete.

The idea is to use a block, or blocks,  of white colour to cover over things you didn't want to see on a printout.  Simply create a text object using a character that gives the shape you want and set it to whatever highlight colour you've changed to white.

The "g" character from the Webdings font gives a nice rectangular block that works well.
General Discussion / Re: Import troubles
Last post by Flurmy -
It all depends on what you're needing!  ;)
Usually, the default is quite ok.
I was dealing with an odd request.

"The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook."
   William James
General Discussion / Re: 2022 starts
Last post by SEBC -
As usual, I'm late to the party! Wishing you all a musical and safe 2022! My teaching/doctoral studies are starting up online again instead of in person, our gyms, restaurants, and schools are currently closed, I've just suspended congregational singing in my church, and ordered a case of N95 masks for's a rough start, but there is hopefully some light at the end of the tunnel for us all!
General Discussion / Re: Import troubles
Last post by SEBC -
I usually just let the Import Wizard do its thing when importing MIDI because I don't know what the alternate approach would be.  Are there some "best practices" that I should think about next time?
General Discussion / Re: Season's greetings, merry Christmas, all the best!
Last post by SEBC -

This is the second year we had to cancel our choir's advent concert - we had rehearsed a longer composition "Weihnacht" I had written - with NWC, of course - which would have been nice to sing and, hopefully, listen to. So, next try next year!

I'm sorry to hear that, Harald. It is so disappointing for composers, choral directors, and choir members how this pandemic keeps rearing its ugly, non-singing head! I composed and presented lots of solo music instead this past Advent season, but can't wait till we can sing in ensembles once more. I did a graduate composition course that focused on choral music last year...of course, I haven't been able to hear any of the pieces I produced sung yet!
General Discussion / Re: Greetings
Last post by SEBC -
Welcome IR

I'm also a longtime user, and find this forum to be invaluable for answering my questions, figuring out solutions, showing me new ways of doing things, and implementing user designed features. It has kept me using NWC all these years, rather than switching to another program. I hope you will enjoy exploring the forum discussions.