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Tips & Tricks / Can I change the space between the lyric lines?
Hello everybody,

I have a question to you guys: is there any possibility to increase the space between the lyric lines in a piece with several verses? I would like to make it a little easier to read the different lines, so I think it would be helpful to have more space in between the lines.
I suppose there isn't any possibility to do this with a regular program function, is there?
But I could imagine there could be a way using a little user object. Is there someone who can help me?

Thanks in advance! :-)
User Tools / Is it possible to scale down some of the staffs in a score?
Hello everybody,

even if I suppose this isn't possible, I just wanted to ask you to be sure.

My problem is: I'm actually editing a score of a piece for choir and piano. In order to reduce the number of pages, I would like to scale down the two piano staffs (to perhaps 60% or 70% of its actual size). Is there any object plugin or user tool which allows me to do just that? To have the four choir staffs at normal size, and under it the two piano staffs in a smaller scale?

I'm curious what the answer would be... Thnaks anyway! :-)
General Discussion / Problem with midi playback
Hi everybody,

I am actually going crazy because either the programm OR my computer aren't doing what I want them to do, and that's: Insert an Instrument Patch (f.ex. Clarinet) and simply GET a clarinet sound.
Unfortunately this isn't what's happening: I insert an instrument patch, and nothing changes. Or I get the instrument I want to hear, and 3 notes later it's the wrong one again...
Is there anybody who can tell me what exactly the problem is, or what I can do to fix it? Thanks in advance!

P.S.: I attached the score I am actually working on. Curiously the problem occurs most of the time in the flute staff (with sounds like a clarinet) and in the clarinet staff (which sounds like a trumpet or a flute).
General Discussion / staccato: possibility to get smaller dots?
Hi there everybody,

once again I have a little "wishlist item", and I wanted to ask if anybody has an idea how to create it:
there have been now several occasions in which I would have liked to have the possibility to change the size of the staccato dots (I hope this is how it is called? I'm not sure...) I think, these dots are quite big and heavy in their normal appearance, and (at least to my view) they often "disturb" the eye a bit when looking on a page, at least if there are continued staccato passages.
That's why I ask you creative other users: has anybody an idea how to approach this little problem of mine?

Thanks in advance! 

General Discussion / shortcut for "visiblity: never" ?
Hello again,

there is just another question I have to the experts in this forum:
Is there perhaps a shortcut to change the visibility of a note or a group of notes to "never"? As a teacher, I am regularly creating work sheets for my students in which they have to fill in some of the notes, and it is really annoying to click each time with the right button, THEN select properties, THEN select visiblity, THEN select "never" and THEN click ok.
You see what I mean? :-)

Greetings from Germany
General Discussion / How can I create a single staff orchestral bracket?
Hello again,

some months ago, I asked some questons in this forum, and I got some wonderful help by some of you! First of all: thanks a lot!
Now I got a new problem, and I hope that some of you will have an idea how to solve it:

when creating an orchestral score, it is sometimes necessary to add an orchestral bracket to a single staff (f. ex. in a Mozart symphony when the oboes are the only woodwinds participating). The problem is: if a use the layering function for the first and second oboe, I don't know how to get an orchestral bracket only for this single staff (which then consists of two staffs layered together).

I added you one of the scores in which I need this single staff orchestral bracket. And I just created an example of the first page in a graphic programm, to show you how I want the score to look like.

I would be glad if someone of you had an idea how to solve this problem.
Thanks in advance! :-)

Greetings from (actually very rainy) Germany