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Hi Mike, I'm so sorry, I was very busy the last days, so I didn't find the time to try your object. But now I did, and I must... Object Plugins Re: (version... 2020-02-18 06:01 pm
Hi Mike, I didn't realize until today that you started a new thread for this object...  I just tried it out, and I must say:... Object Plugins Re: 0.2 2020-02-01 09:51 pm
I agree with Lawrie Pardy, I'd also prefer the bracket to extend over the flag. But it's not that important for me, so if it'... General Discussion Re: Producing a "jazz... 2020-01-11 12:10 pm
@ Mike: wow, you don't lose time! :-)  I don't see a great problem with the nomenclature: I would propose a dropdown-menu for... General Discussion Re: Producing a "jazz... 2020-01-09 08:20 am
Thanks also to HM Mueller! In case the object should not work, you proposed a nice workaround (even if I would also think tha... General Discussion Re: Producing a "jazz... 2020-01-08 07:02 pm
Hi Mike, I would definitely be interested in a user object! That's exactly what I would like to have: just choose a position ... General Discussion Re: Producing a "jazz... 2020-01-08 06:59 pm
Hi Lawrie, thanks for your quick response! This will surely help a lot, at least for those songs that only need one "swing" s... General Discussion Re: Producing a "jazz... 2020-01-08 10:58 am
Hi everybody, I just wondered if anybody could tell me how to insert a grafic indication in the score, that tells the reading... General Discussion Re: Producing a "jazz... 2020-01-08 10:03 am
I'd just LOVE to have a tool like it is discussed here! I've been layouting my scores for years now with the spacer tool, and... General Discussion Re: Spacing out endings 2019-10-28 09:33 pm
Hi Rick, good idea to put the verses on different staves (could have thought of it myself though...) :-) Thanks for your quic... Tips & Tricks Re: Can I change the ... 2018-09-18 07:46 pm