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Did you ever want to listen to your NWC-file in the composer, but with another tempo? That is easy, isn't it? Just add a tempo object at the beginning of the file - or change the tempo in the - already present - tempo object!
Until ... all of a sudden, in measure 216 or so, your speed changes are gone just because another tempo object is present at that spot.

This little tool overcomes this issue. It just scans the whole file for tempo objects (also the hidden staves if available) and modifies the value in all tempo objects with a scaled value (in percent).

You will get feedback of the number of tempo changes that were made. Modifications are also made in hidden staves.

Be aware that, before the first tempo object appears in your score, a default tempo (quarter = 120) is used. This default tempo cannot be changed with this tool. So, when you want to speed up or slow down these files, first add a tempo object with default tempo (quarter = 120) manually at the beginning of a staff.


download the lua-file to a folder of choice
ALT+F8 (Tools - User Tools)
GROUP ==> choose a name for the group (an existing or new one)
NAME ==> choose a name for the tool (for instance CHANGE_TEMPO)
COMMAND ==> Browse to the downloaded lua file
Check "Returns File Text"  (Radio Button File Text is automatically selected)
Check "Prompts for user input"


ALT+F8 (Tools - User Tools)
GROUP ==> Select group in which you have put the tool
AVAILABLE COMMANDS ==> Select the name that you gave to this tool (for instance CHANGE_TEMPO)
Fill in the percentage for the tempo modifier

Re: Usertool : CHANGE_TEMPO

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Long long ago Warren wrote a web tool to do that: but your solution is more "integrated" with NWC.
I suggest to try using the NWC player to find the right pace then use your tool to make the definitive changes to the score.
Thank you, Bart.