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Add empty staff

This tool creates a new, ‘empty’ copy of the active staff.

Possible uses:
– to start with a new staff (not filled with rests) that inherits the ‘structure’ of the copied staff, so you’ll just have to enter the notes in the empty measures;
– to create a tempo or a conductor staff (filled with whole rests).

Installation :
- Download and save the file in YourScriptsFolder and change the extention' txt' to 'js'.
- Open a NoteWorthy File
- Choose ‘Tools’, ‘User Tool…’ or enter Alt-F8
- Click ‘New…’
- Enter the name of the tool and choose a group or enter the name of a new group
- Command Line: "Wscript YourScriptsFolder\AddEmptyStaff.js <PROMPT:Execution Mode:=|Show|Modify|Help> "
- Command Line: “Wscript YourScriptsFolder\AddEmptyStaff.js <PROMPT:Fill measures with rests?=|No|Yes,Visible|Yes,Visibility=Never> <PROMPT:Copy Lyrics?=|Yes|No> <PROMPT:Execution Mode:=|Modify|Show|Help>”
- Input Type: File Text
- Under  'Options': check 'Returns File Text'

P.S. You can find this and other tools also on my website

Any comments are welcome.
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Re: Add empty staff

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I corected the command line in my original post, wich seemed to be wrong.
Always look on the bright side of life!