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Attachments - Warren Porter

Filename   Downloads Message Posted
131.nwc 956 n-tuplets (vs m-tuplets)
14 Dawn Vocal622.nwc 543 Re: What have I done wrong, diapearing guitar chords?
3of3w.nwc 235 Re: Triplet of triplets
401wp01.nwc 537 Re: hiding staff (another question)
711a.nwc 458 Request for a grace note tool
711b.nwc 434 Request for a grace note tool
93.nwc 1,617 Notating Pentuplets
adagiotest.nwc 963 Re: Noteworthy to ABC (ABCgen)
alleycat.nwc 717 Re: what sound does a guitar make
As_Tears_Go_By.nwc 383 How to fade out in repeat of last few measures?
As_Tears_Go_By_Oboe.nwc 391 Re: How to fade out in repeat of last few measures?
AveStrings.nwc 407 Displaying fast running notes
BachAirWIP.nwc 309 Problems with Air
BalladeSamp.nwc 141 Fermatas vs Arpeggios
balleau.nwc 414 Lining up text (not lyrics) so midi/karioke program can display them.
barlines.nwc 550 Re: Nwctxt webpages to work on dynamics and tempo
bumblebee2.nwc 388 Re: How to separate treble & bass staves from one staff w/ ledger lines
bumblebee3.nwc 399 Re: How to separate treble & bass staves from one staff w/ ledger lines
ChannelTest.nwc 552 Re: Playing NoteWorthy Tunes on a Modern Church Organ
clip85.nwc 486 Re: 2 note tuplet
cuartosDeTono.nwc 160 Quarter tones
cuedemo.nwc 1,047 Re: Cue notes?
cuedemo2.nwc 1,118 Re: Printing Parts For Ensemble Members
DemoOr.nwc 505 Re: new barline type?
demo_vol.nwc 392 Re: How do you do fp<f on a long note?
etude10a.nwc 704 Re: How to put a rehearsal symbol at front of a line?
ex7791.nwc 444 Re: chord insert
exercise.nwc 403 Re: How to make a set of single staffs?
GapDemo.nwc 317 Re: Indenting the staff.
gracedemo.nwc 961 Re: Grace notes at 100% accuracy
GraceFix.js.txt 321 User function to play grace notes before the beat.
GriegIII_2aSnip.nwc 409 Re: Unable to insert a clef between triplets.
GriegIII_2bsnip.nwc 402 Re: Unable to insert a clef between triplets.
harmonictest.nwc 378 All midi instruments
IMG_20190517_0002.jpg 439 Cross Staff beams
Immoral, Impossible.nwc 582 Re: Something to lighten the mood...
JesuJoy.nwc 1,488 Triplets v. Duples, 3/4 v. 9/8, Hiding "3" in triplets
LayerNo.nwc 326 Swapping between 4 and 2 staves for a chorus.
Mandolin_3.nwc 372 Re: Why is there extra space on a hidden clef?
Murrah.nwc 180 Getting final text in the 2nd ending.
My Wild Irish Rose503.nwc 463 Re: NWC Newbie Presents...
nummeas.js.txt 463 Re: Bar Numbers
nwcfail.jpg 707 Re: Trustworthy
Obersnip.nwc 453 Need help with a slide (gliss)
pentupleta.nwc 387 Re: When "regular" quintuplet and so on?
Quintuplet1.nwc 528 Re: Quintuplets
quintuplet_issue_revision2.nwc 397 Re: Quintuplet Problem
RDW1265a.nwc 429 Re: Keep accidental on tied grace on main note when audit accidentals
rg2wp_laura.nwc 396 Re: Special Ending Pattern
Rubato.js.txt 464 Rubato