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Warren Porter
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Violin & Tenor II; Chess, Semware, & JavaScript
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2002-01-01 05:00 am
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If your tempo track has the tempos and rehearsal symbols (if needed), it can be layered into the part you are printing.  To p... General Discussion Re: Things I Don't Know 2019-01-23 05:49 pm
The shortcut key for a slur is ";" and it's done once for the whole chord.  For a tie, enter a "/" before each note in a chor... General Discussion Re: When using TIE's ... 2019-01-23 12:28 pm
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I am trying to grasp the trill object and while I understand parts of it, I am a long way for having a handle on it.  Is ther... Object Plugins Primer for writing NW... 2019-01-06 01:23 am