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Warren Porter
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Violin & Tenor II; Chess, Semware, & JavaScript
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2002-01-01 05:00 am
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2020-08-06 11:50 am
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Quote from: SEBC  -  2020-07-21 10:02 pmThen I tried the top pick: is the one t... General Discussion Re: Is the NWC Viewer... 2020-08-05 03:13 pm
Is this what you need?Code: (nwc) [Select · Download]!NoteWorthyComposerClip(2.751,Single)|Bar|Note|Dur:4th,Dotted|Pos... General Discussion Re: Converting common... 2020-07-08 12:16 pm
What I wanted to do was post a link in other forums that would play a nwc file--looks like a no-can-do.FWIW, I did a webpage ... General Discussion Re: Is the NWC Viewer... 2020-07-06 12:16 pm
Thank you, it looks like the answer is NO.I've found the Play button on Scriptorium listings helpful, but was looking for som... General Discussion Re: Is the NWC Viewer... 2020-07-05 11:35 am
Quite a few years ago there was a NWC page that played the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto without the need for the user to have ... General Discussion Is the NWC Viewer/Pla... 2020-07-04 06:31 pm
I have a user tool to add or back out velocity to dynamics. Choose Custom Dynamics on the right column and copy to your nwc s... General Discussion Re: Velocity might be... 2020-06-26 12:21 pm
There are two types of people: those who can extract information from incomplete data General Discussion Re: MIDI exporting bug? 2020-05-25 11:39 am
I have a pair of tools that may help NWC Tools.Resting Staff takes a staff you have copied from another part and turns them i... General Discussion Re: Auto-Fill Empty M... 2020-04-29 12:28 pm
Audacity can mute voices and play back small portions of a song to help when transcribing it. General Discussion Re: Edit M4As? 2020-04-25 11:55 am
I just started to transcribe this: Julián Carrillo`s messe in quarter of tone, for male chorus. I am using a pitch bend of 20... General Discussion Quarter tones 2020-04-24 02:23 am