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Audit ties

I wrote this tool in response to this topic: Persistent (stuck) notes

It inspects all tied notes in all staves and reports the folllowing situations:
1. The destination note of a tie is muted and the source note is not, or vice versa.
2. A tie has no destination.
3. There are 1 or more notes between cource and destination note.

The first and second situation cause a hanging sound on playback and should be corrected, the 3th is just a notification.

Installation:Download the attached file and drag and drop it upon any open NWC file
Any suggestions or bug reports are welcome!

11/07/2017: new version to take accidentals into account
Always look on the bright side of life!

Re: Audit ties

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Cool, thank you for doing this.  I think it will be useful.

Re: Audit ties

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I just realised I didn't take accidentals into account. Correction will follow...
Always look on the bright side of life!