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Multibar rests

I use the Multibar rest user tool and am very happy with it.  I use SwingDings instead of Boxmarks for the font, because Lawrie made it put the number above the horizontal line - that's more conventional.

Currently, the MBR sign appears right at the beginning of the first bar of the rest group.  If some staffs have rehearsal letters placed at the beginning of that bar, they are forced to the right because the MBR text affects their position.

I'm willing to edit the tool, but I don't know the coding.  Can someone tell me exactly what code I should use to change the position of the MBR text so it appears at the beginning of the second rest measure instead of the first, please?

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I haven't ever used this tool myself, but I took a quick look at the PHP source.  It appears to me that you can just change the 1 line "$Txtpos = 1" to read "$Txtpos = 3".  Instead of inserting the MBR text before the first object (which is the first rest), it should then insert it before the third object (which is the second rest - the second object is the first bar).  I think this will do what you are asking, but I haven't tried it myself.

Re: Multibar rests

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Works perfectly.  Thank you very much, Purdue. Randy

(Very sorry about getting your name wrong, Randy - I must have been distracted just before I replied.) 

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Very cool.  Glad that worked for you.