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Exporting to Lilipond

I have downloaded, unzipped and saved the nwc2ly application to C disk.
I opened a previously made nwc2 file.
I pressed Alt + f8 to open the User tools dialogue.
I clicked on New and filled in Name as "Noteworthy Composer to Lilypond exporter" and Command as "C:\nwc2ly\nwc2ly.exe" as instructed.
Then I clicked OK  - and absolutely nothing happened!
What am I doing wrong, please??

Re: Exporting to Lilipond

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Now that you have it defined, you actually need to use the tool on some input.
If I run it on this:
I get this:
% Generated by nwc2ly version 0.21

\version "2.4.0"
\header {
  title = "Title"
  subtitle = "Subtitle"
  composer = "Composer"
  instrument = "Instrument"
  copyright = "Copyright"

\score {
 \header {
  piece = "Piece"
 #(set-accidental-style 'modern-cautionary)
 \clef treble
 \key c\major
 \time 3/4
 a'4 b'4 c''4 |  % 1
 \bar "|."
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