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Repeated Measures

This tool allows the user to repeat a measure many times. After selecting the measure to be repeated, there will be a prompt for the total number of times that measure will be played. For example, if you answer 10 to the prompt, the measure will be repeated 9 times showing only bar lines, the repeat measure sign, and repetition number on every 4th bar.

Staff Bold is 0.5 the size of Staff Metrics and Boxmark2 under User1 is 1.375 that of Staff Metrics.

 wscript "'Browse can insert the path for you' \repMeas.js <PROMPT:Tot Times?=#>"
     Suggested path \Program Files (x86)\Noteworthy Software\Noteworthy Composer 2\Scripts\

Rename the attachment removing .txt before installing.

This was my sample file, but you will have to change the User1 font if it doesn't contain Boxmark2.
Code: (nwc) [Select · Download]

You may need to change lines 58 and/or 59 to use a different font or User font number.
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Re: Repeated Measures

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Some notes:
  • if the tool is in the standard directory (usually your suggested path) the calling line can be simply
    Code: [Select · Download]
    wscript Scripts\repMeas.js <PROMPT:Tot Times?=#>
  • Boxmark2 as User 1 can seamlessly be replaced by one of the most recent  ;)  fonts created by Lawrie: MusikDingsSans.ttf or MusikDingsSerif.ttf
  • I usually use the same size of Staff Metrics for User 1 in the whole score. Warren, you can add your scaling factor 1.375 to that specific text only.