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Problem installing User Tools Starter Kit

When I run the starter kit I get the following "Computer says no!" message:

This package requires a properly installed copy of NoteWorthy Composer 2. NoteWorthy Computer 2 is either not installed or has been altered since its installation.  Setup aborted.

I have 2.75a.2 installed and a valid Authenticity ID (I used it yesterday to get my forum account) and . What is the installer looking for that I might have altered. I think I copied over the installed files from an earlier computer because I had a number of extra plugins and maybe I couldn't find the installer; I can't see NWC2 in the installed programs control panel. What is the starter kit installer looking for? Is it a registry key I could enter for example?

I do still have the 2.5 installer I purchased as an upgrade in 2012, and the 2.75a update installer if I need to re-install but I'd rather not do that if it's avoidable.

Thanks in anticipation

Re: Problem installing User Tools Starter Kit

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I think you can re-run the 2.75a.2 installer - I believe it should fix any registry entries that are broken
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Re: Problem installing User Tools Starter Kit

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Thank you. I found I had the 2.75a installer, re-ran it and then I was able to run the startup kit installer. It overwrote my modified version of ChordPlay.nw.nwcuser.lua but I just put my modified version back in place and all is well. It didn't affect a couple of extra User Tools I'd installed.

Thank you.