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Search & Modify

A new tool 'Search & Modify' is added to the multitool PYNWC: (version 1.4)

With this tool you can search a score for all objects of a given type that have some given properties.
Next you can:
    - Inspect where the occur (staff, measure number), with their nwctxt presentation.
    - Choose an action: 'Modify' or 'Delete.
    - For the action 'Modify':
        - Indicate which property(ies) you want to modify.
        - Fill in the new value(s) in a popup, that resembles the 'Notation Properties' window in NWC for the given object type.
    - At every moment you can leave to undo your choices or modifications.
    - On the main window, every input field is a combo box from you can select the appropriate value.
    Only those values that are of interest are presented.
    For instance: If you specified 'Clef' as object type and all clefs have the same value for 'Octave Shift',
    that property is not present in the 'condition' lines.
Detailed description:
    The main window consists of following parts, from top to bottom:
        - The frame 'Make your choices' to specify:
            - Where to search (selection, active staff, all staves or visible staves).
            - The object type to search for.
        - The 'Conditions' frame where you can set up to 6 search criteria.
          If you specify more than 1 condition for the same property, then all the objects are selected that satisfy any of these criteria.
          Criteria for different properties must be satisfied separately.
          At the bottom of the conditions frame you can see a verbose description of your selection criteria.
          It's updated after every completed condition line.
        - A status line, that indicates:
            - The object type to search for.
            - The number of objects found (dynamically updated).
            - A button 'Show'.
                When clicked a popup window will show the location and nwctxt presentation of the objects that satisfy the criteria.
        - The 'Action' line, with choices 'Modify' or 'Delete'
        - The 'Modifications' frame, where (if your action = 'Modify') you have to specify at least 1 and at most 4 properties.
            Only those properties can be specified that are present in the 'Notation Properties' window for the object type.
            e.g.: for a note you can't change the position, duration, accidental, staccato,....
        - Three buttons:
            - The action button. The caption will indicate the action you chose.
                If the action is 'Modify', a popup is presented that resembles the 'Notation Properties' window of NWC,
                in which the fields contain the values of the first object found.
                Only the fields for the properties you selected in the modification frame will be enabled.
                After you entered your new values, these will be set in each found object.
                All the other properties of each object remain unchanged.
            - The 'Reset' button. When clicked, every input is cleared so you can restart your input.
            - Finally a 'Cancel' button to leave without any action taken.

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