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Tips & Tricks / Re: Percussion sheet music that plays properly !! :D
Thanks for the comments :)

The main reason for choosing the MIDI-OX method is for the ease of use. Once its set, any percussion part I write will simply work. No need for extra staffs, layering, transposing etc. It is sure to be the fastest method, and will result in no beaming anomalies.

Also editing later will be less cumbersome.

You are right of course, about this music in later years, or if people who don't have this set up view the file and not hearing it properly. For me it seems ideal as all I do is compose music for my band to play.
Tips & Tricks / Percussion sheet music that plays properly !! :D
We all know how it should look, but the GM on channel 10 looks nothing like sheet music would. Back in windows 3.x we had mapping files which we could use to alter the output pitches, but no longer.. :(

This would not normally play as you would expect:
<Image Link>

There is a nice little app called MidiOX, available from here

You need to download and install both Midi Yoke and Midi OX.

You will now have some extra midi "devices" available in NWC, (and other apps). Select MIDI Yoke NT: 1 as an extra playback device.

<Image Link>

This "device" can then be applied to a staff. Choose channel 10 for you percussion sound.

<Image Link>

If you are to play the staff now, you will hear nothing! What we need to do is have MIDI-OX recieve the Midi data from the Yoke and relay it on to our real playback device.

Load up MIDI-OX. Go to the Options menu, then choose Midi Devices...

In the MIDI Inputs box, choose MIDI Yoke NT: 1
In the MIDI Outputs, choose your playback device.

The dialog box should now look somethinglike this:

<Image Link>

At this stage you should be able to play the staff, but it won't be like percussion notation, you'll be getting bells and whistles and God knows what else :) It is still good to test at this stage.

If you do not hear anything, double check the Port Routings. (View menu, Port Routings...)

<Image Link>

Now we need to apply some mappings, so that NWC will "read" our percussion staff correctly.

Within MIDI-OX, use the Options menu, Data Mapping...

Click on Insert

<Image Link>

Choose channel 10.
Enter the Input Value 1 min and max to 59 (This is the 1st space above the staff when using a drum cleff)
Enter the Output Value 1 min and max to 57 (This is a soft crash symbol)
Leave  everything else as it is.

In this way you can remap any note to plas as any other note.

I have set a basic configuration like this:
<Image Link>

This gives me a bass drum, snare, hihat and symbol.

If you want to find more notes and the corresponding values, we need to monitor for them.
1st thing to do is set MIDI-OX to display values in decimal, instead of hexadecimal (since the mapper uses decimal).

In the Options menu, Data Display, unset both so not on Hex.

Now that that is done, use the Actions menu, and select Start Display.

Anything you play in NWC will not show up and you can read off corresponding values. We are interested in DATA1 only.

<Image Link>

I have not gone into a huge amount of detail, but this should hopefully provide some useful ideas for you all :)
General Discussion / Re: Restrictions for NWC2 Beta...
Thank you Ewan :)
Your post makes a great deal of sense. I'd not really thought about cost per year either..
To be honest though, your 4th reason makes me feel real bad now, and that made me purchase the CD :)
Can't wait for it to arrive now ;)
General Discussion / Re: Restrictions for NWC2 Beta...
Of course its worthwhile to save $585 instead of purchasing one of the heavyweight packages.

Thats not the issue to be honest. If everyone had to pay for the upgrade I would gladly purchase. Hell $15 is nothing!

Can nobody offer any reasonable justification for this?

General Discussion / Re: Restrictions for NWC2 Beta...
Hmm well...

I paid the same price as everyone else who purchased the software, but due to purchasing before other people, I am denied an upgrade.

Perhaps you can explain to me, at what age does software become exempt from ethics?

If there is a valid reason for this, then I'll accept it. Please share.
General Discussion / Restrictions for NWC2 Beta...
I purchased NWC back in Jan 1997 via PDSL, but now I am unable to download and try the beta because I don't have a CD and did not order version 1.75 directly from you. I also suspect that I will not be granted a licence to NWC2 because of this.

In my opinion this is discriminating against some of your oldest customers.

There is NO WAY that I'll purchase the sowftware twice (as is suggested on the beta enrolement page) in order to get an upgrade.

Very disappointing.