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Restrictions for NWC2 Beta...

I purchased NWC back in Jan 1997 via PDSL, but now I am unable to download and try the beta because I don't have a CD and did not order version 1.75 directly from you. I also suspect that I will not be granted a licence to NWC2 because of this.

In my opinion this is discriminating against some of your oldest customers.

There is NO WAY that I'll purchase the sowftware twice (as is suggested on the beta enrolement page) in order to get an upgrade.

Very disappointing.

Re: Restrictions for NWC2 Beta...

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... this is discriminating against some of your oldest customers.

I could understand this in the context of a barber or grocer but what does it have to do with 10 year old software? 
(The question is entirely rhetorical.)
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Re: Restrictions for NWC2 Beta...

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Hmm well...

I paid the same price as everyone else who purchased the software, but due to purchasing before other people, I am denied an upgrade.

Perhaps you can explain to me, at what age does software become exempt from ethics?

If there is a valid reason for this, then I'll accept it. Please share.

Re: Restrictions for NWC2 Beta...

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I think this has already been discussed in another topic, and the conclusion reached was that it was worthwhile to purchase an upgrade CD for $15.

If not, you can give up on NWC and instead purchase Finale or Siblelius for a nice $600.

I'm sure that would be more convenient and a far better value for you.

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Re: Restrictions for NWC2 Beta...

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Of course its worthwhile to save $585 instead of purchasing one of the heavyweight packages.

Thats not the issue to be honest. If everyone had to pay for the upgrade I would gladly purchase. Hell $15 is nothing!

Can nobody offer any reasonable justification for this?

Re: Restrictions for NWC2 Beta...

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[EDIT before actually posting:  Started typing this two messages ago, and have been delayed.  Don't think the two replies change anything.  I think my Second point might be most relevant.]

First - NWC never promised an eternal license.  In my manual for NWC 1, on page 1, there is the text "The name and code ... will register any shareware version 1.* release of Noteworthy Composer ... " .  I don't think you will find anyone who find anything better for NWC 1.  I'm not at all convinced that NWC is being unethical.

Second - my copy of the shareware cost USD39 just over seven years ago.  So you've had the use of the software for $3.90 (at most) per year.  Newer users pay much more per year than you have.  You could argue that NWC is being unethical because it hasn't reduced its price for old software.  I wouldn't argue that, though.

Third - it would be difficult to find a software company that offers free upgrades, unless the next release is known to be imminent.   But read this, quoted directly from NWC (
If you are currently considering purchase of NoteWorthy Composer Version 1.75b direct from NoteWorthy Software, with your purchase, you will be shipped a version 1.75b CD, you can participate in the beta test if you like, and you will be granted a license to download and use version 2 when it is released. Our plan is to make the download available for a limited time upon the official release of Version 2.

In other words, if you shell out the $15 upgrade now, you get a license to use NWC 2 when it appears, as well as a license to use NWC Beta now.  There is no way you will get a cheaper license for NWC2.

Sure, there are some late-purchasers of NWC1 who appear to have gotten a better deal than you.  But if you do the sums, you'll come out ahead, simply because you've had so much use of NWC1:
  • you've used NWC1 for 10 years, paying $39
  • let's assume you pay the $15 upgrade now, enrol in NWC2 Beta now, and upgrade to NWC2 when it is released
  • let's assume you use NWC2 Beta/NWC2 for another 10 years
  • Total cost is $54 over 20 years, for $2.70 per year
Now take a new user who pays $39 for 1.75b CD who buys today:
  • assume the person immediately enrols in NWC2 Beta, and upgrades to NWC2 when it is released
  • assume the person uses NWC2 Beta/NWC2 for 10 years
  • Total cost is $39 over 10 years, for $3.90 per year
Who's better off?  Yes, there will be people who bought 1.75b CD a couple of years ago, who will pay less than $3.90 per year.  I bought 1.55b at the end of 1999 for $39, paid the $15 upgrade in mid 2004.  Assuming I use NWC2 Beta/NWC2 for ten years (let's assume end of 2016 to get a whole number of years), I end up paying $3.18 per year.

Fourth - software developers need to eat, pay the mortgage/rent.  If they only earn money from new sales, they will spend all their time creating completely new products and selling them, rather than spending time improving products.  I would hate to be stuck with NWC1.55b, which leads to ...

Finally - for the cost of $15 dollars, you are denying yourself access hairpin dynamics, different note-heads, selectable font for engraving, very powerful user-tools (and the ability to edit your work in a text-editor, if that's your thing), improved staff labels, improved accidentals tied across barlines, and a whole lot more that I now probably take for granted.  I kept NWC 1 on my system for a short while, but haven't touched it for more than two years.

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Thank you Ewan :)
Your post makes a great deal of sense. I'd not really thought about cost per year either..
To be honest though, your 4th reason makes me feel real bad now, and that made me purchase the CD :)
Can't wait for it to arrive now ;)

Re: Restrictions for NWC2 Beta...

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Congrats on your CD!  I have to admit that I too thought it was a bit unfair, until I realised just how much value I'd already got out of NWC1 that the later-purchasers hadn't.

Cheers, Ewan

Re: Restrictions for NWC2 Beta...

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Can't wait to see your status go up to "Beta Tester!"

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<----- :D

Re: Restrictions for NWC2 Beta...

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Glad you did it, Memran.

Re: Restrictions for NWC2 Beta...

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