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General Discussion / Reassigning function keys?
F5 has always toggled between Play and Stop.  I bought a new HP laptop that uses F5 to turn on and off the backlight on the keyboard.  It must intercept Noteworthy software, because F5 no longer toggles bewteeen Play/Stop.
Has anyone discovered an alternative to Play/Stop function key outside the Tools/Play/Play dropdown menus?
General Discussion / Exporting to MIDI files
When exporting a NWC file to a MIDI file the default is to "Type 1 MIDI"  If I always want to export to a "Type 0 MIDI" is there anyway I can change the default from Type 1 to Type 0?
General Discussion / Fermata export to MIDI file
The fernata plays correctly when using NWC "play" command, but when exported to MIDI file, and played there, the fermata commands seem to be ignored entirely.
General Discussion / Encoding notes of different lengths
I see a lot of NWC files that appear as they do in published form. How does one encode two or more notes together when they are different length?   I can make them all the shortest length and tie them the together to accomplish this, but I would prefer the alternative more traditional notation. 

For example say I have a measure with a half note C and a quarter note E and two eight notes F and G all to be played with two beats (the quarter and eighth notes are on the stop of the half note.  The files I see are not different staves layered together, but encoded that way in a single staff. 

There is a discussion of chords in the user manual, but this are not really chords, but multiple notes of different lengths played together. This method is prevalent, but I don’t how to duplicate it.
General Discussion / Difficulty trying to tie certain chords.
How do I tie two chords together with one (or more) of the notes in the chord is an accidental of the other?  For example, say one chord is C-E-G notes and the second is C-Eflat-G.  Any attempt to tie these  making the two Cs and Gs tied is not recognized by first highlighting the chords in question, then using the tie command..  Is there a trick to getting two or more chords tied?  LIke Major to minor chords?
General Discussion / Default settings
Where are default settings stored, and can they be modified?

For example, the default setting when exporting a MIDI file is MIDI type 1.  How do I change that to a default setting of MIDI type 0?

or the default setting for Tempo is 120.  How can that be set to T=100?

There might be others, depending upon the user who wishes to set them upon start-up, rather than be required to change them each time they are initiated.

Are defaults embedded into the NWC code, or stored in an external file?
General Discussion / NRPNs in NWC 2.75 Beta
I posed a question to Noteworthy support whether NRPNs would be supported in the new version of NWC and got a reply from Beth at Noteworthy that, yes they are included and that I should download the beta version.

I did so, but I, for the life of me, can not find any command, dialog box, drop down, or other feature that allows me to insert a nerpin.  Does anyone have an idea where I should start?  I'm not a NWC techie like a lot of you and need an "idiots guide to Noteworthy"   Note that the beta version has no references in the user manual about NRPNs or RPNs or any insertion points for organ stops.

I posed this question several years back and someone suggested I look into instrument trees.  The organ we use doesn't really accommodate that facility.  I can set pistons by sending standard instrument patches on a special channel, but as for individual stops, I had to await this new version.  I'm really looking forward to doing some registration and voicing if I can ever figure out now to do it! 

Thanks in advance if anyone here has any information or expertise in this area.
General Discussion / Fix for a bug?
If I tie together two chords using the / command, all the notes that match each other in the two chords will be tied.  For example if I have two tonic chords C-E-G one half note, one a dotted-quarter, all the C,E,G tones will be tied.  But if I change one of the Es to an E-flat, and use the / command, NONE of the notes are tied. For example the tie between the Cs and the Gs disappear.  Is there a fix for this anomoly/bug?  If one of the notes in the two (or more) chords are a natural and a flat, or a natural and a sharp of the same notation F or G for example, then ALL of the common tones in the chord can not be tied.  Bummer.
General Discussion / MSB/LSB codes
Can anyone help me translate MSB and LSB entries from a NRPN (Non-Registered Parameter Number)?  I have a list, and some of the NRPN codes are greater than 127.  Do I start over by added 1 to the MSB and subtracting 127 from the LSB?  If NRPN = 114, then would MSB = 0, LSB=144 and if NRPN = 144, then would MSB = 1, LSB = 17?
Instrument Trees / Using NRPN codes
I have a chart of NRPN codes for the stops of our Allen C12 organ.  Can I use them to construct an NWC instrument tree?  Also, what about an ensemble of stops?  For example, if I want to set a staff to play Diapason and Flutes together on the Great?