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General Discussion / Probably a stupid mistake
I took a piece of music that I had previously modified and made another change which required the addition of two staves.  Each of the two new staves contains 2 rests and 3 notes, along with - on one staff only - a lyric line with two words (3 syllables). Each of them, of course, is layered with another staff. Everything "works" just fine, and it looks OK on the viewer, but when I print (or even preview the print) those two new staves are missing altogether.  I've tried printing with everything unlayered, and they don't show up at all.  I'm sure it's got to be something simple, but I can't figure out.

Edit:  I just made a small change to the one staff - reversed the stems of the notes, and added some rests where they should have been, but weren't practical to add without the extra layer - that staff now shows up on the print preview.
General Discussion / Did Firefox cause this?
I just upgraded to the latest version of Firefox yesterday, and I notice now when playing a piece, it plays several notes past the end of what displays before changing the display.  This seems to happen only in Viewer Mode.  It also seems to be related to the fact that in Viewer Mode, when the piece goes back to the Master Repeat open, the display is set several bars before the beginning, and this seems to be the number of bars that play "ahead" before being displayed.  (Am I making any sense here?)
General Discussion / Arpeggios
I'm still on Largo from Xerxes - is it common practice/does it make sense to use multiple layers for one staff?  For instance, I already have a layer to make everything come out even - can I add a layer making invisible arpeggios, while showing the arpeggio symbol on a visible staff?  I presume I would have to make the notes with the symbol mute, along with the notes with the actual sound being invisible.
General Discussion / Note pattern throws off bar length
This afternoon I started notating Handel's Largo from Xerxes, and at the thirteen measure, something went wrong.  If you are not familiar with it, most of the piece has a melody on the treble clef, plus chords of 3 quarter notes in each measure.  The base clef is mostly 3 quarter-note chords. On the 13th measure, the melody line is a dotted quarter note followed by an eighth and another quarter.  The chords on the same clef line up correctly.  But on the bass clef, the third chord lines up under the eighth note, and it thinks there should be another 8th of a beat in the measure.  Anyone know how to deal with this?
This is what it looks like:

General Discussion / Not a music topic; board software issue
In the pull-down menu from a given topic, I will click on "goto General Discussion", and it will take me to the next forum level up (Noteworthy Software).  Is there a setting in board software to correct this?  Also, when I read one topic in a given forum, that forum shows as having been read, while there are still unread topics there.
General Discussion / Hidden symbols and staves
I thought if I looked hard enough, I could figure this out for myself, but I simply can't locate the tools to do it.  Rich explained to me how he modified something I did using hidden staves and symbols.  I came up with the exact same issue on another piece, and I thought I could use his information to fix it - but I can't unless I know how to "hide" them (the staves, at least).
General Discussion / Placement of symbols
I'm sure I've seen it somewhere, but I simply cannot locate the instructions on how to select above or below a note for the placement of a fermata.
General Discussion / Losing a toolbar
The piano keyboard at the bottom of the NWC window - is that what is called the piano toolbar?  I've lost it, (don't know how or when) and I can't recover it.  When I view toolbars, it is checked.  I've even tried turning it off and back on, and nothing seems to work.  I suspect I accidentally hit some key or combination of keys that eliminated it, but I can't figure out how to get it back.
General Discussion / Layering
First of all, I want to thank Beth for helping me get back on the site after having lost (and forgotten) all my info.

Now, my question is this:  When you write the notes on two or more staves, and then layer them, is there away to actually "combine" the notes in the layered staff?  What I mean is, to make it appear that there is only one stem for the two notes layered together.  If there is no such way, how can I input multiple voices on one staff?  As I've mentioned before, I'm a rather new and somewhat timid user of Noteworthy, and don't spend enough time on it to really learn all the ins and outs.  I do not not have in means of input to the software other than manual, using the keyboard at the bottom of the screen.

My original intent was to use it to reproduce a bunch of old children's songs that I learned as a child, but that has somewhat fallen by the way, as my efforts at proper harmonization aren't the best.  Of course, I could always reproduce them with just the melody.  Anyway, I've been doing some experimentation, and I suppose that I will eventually arrive at a new purpose, but I keep getting stuck, such as with this layering issue.
General Discussion / Dumb question, but ...
I don't have time to look through the entire forum, but I suspect this has been answered before.  I'm a fairly new - and rather timid - user of Noteworthy 2, and I've noticed that on some "ready made" music I've copied from various sources, as well as editing I've done my self, some of the symbols don't "work" in playback on my computer.  Most notably is the fermata.  Why does it work sometimes and not others? Is there a way I can make it work.  I've also tried putting in pedal symbols, and they have no effect.