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General Discussion / File Opening Problem
Now, recently I reinstalled NWC 1.75b, if this has anything to do with it. The problem is that when I try to set NWC files to automatically open with NWC 2.14, which I use far more often than version 1, because of it's wider use elsewhere, it states: Noteworthy Composer 2.lnk is not a valid Win32 application. Instead, than I opt to try to set it to open with Version 2 viewer. This is even worse. It appears to work, but when I look back, nothing has changed!
General Discussion / Font
All right, a simple question. I have both the NWC2SDA font and NWC2SwingDings font in my C://WINDOWS/Fonts folder. For some reason, my v1.75b automatically picks the Swing Ding one. How can I change this?
General Discussion / Ecossaises (Rondo)
I was looking through the NWC Scriptorium the other day, and I saw someone named Evan Caplinger had composed this piece:
It was better than most of the "Classical" pieces that were submitted to the Scriptorium.
The crazy part was that, apparently, the person was born 1997,
which would make him 9 years old, give or take 1 year, today!
Download the file and give your opinion, please.