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General Discussion / Re: HELP ME!!!!! :(
It does look like you copied all that from the website, especially the
Copyright © 2006 by NoteWorthy Software, Inc., fitzclan.

Are you having trouble with having it make any sound at all, or a drum sound,  music man?
General Discussion / Re: Help needed!
Did it come with the advent of the internet, or are our schools really that bad? I have heard the excuse that we don't bother with capitalization and punctuation so that we can write faster. Hogwash! It may have been faster for Erich to write his question but for the one trying to decipher the code, it's more trouble than it's worth. Your punctuation is the least of your problems.  I think Erich that you would do well to get a grip on the english language before trying to tackle musical notation. If you are only willing to give it the same effort you have shown with the written language, you will never become a musician worth bothering with. I seriously couldn't even figure out what you were trying to say. Learning the position of the notes on the staff is not something you should be trying to avoid any more than sentence structure, grammar and punctuation. No musician is going to try to interpret your musical thoughts unless you are willing to write them in the standard fashion which is precicely what this tool NWC is for, just as the word processor is the tool used to convey your thoughts, ideas and queries. Your question should "read like a book", not like the Rosetta Stone. I know that this sounds harsh, but someone's got to say it! A modicum of effort on your part if you don't mind.

I admire your sticking to the English rules, but

1) I think you should have put it more politely
2) I think John Ford is right
3) Exaggeration is not needed in this case.
("I seriously couldn't even figure out what you were trying to say"? I could understand him as well as I could understand you!)
$) Insulting him does not help anything. You were not being "harsh". You were being plain insulting.
General Discussion / Re: Possible?
I believe it is in fact possible, being a mediocre pianist myself.
I've attached a "polished up" version:
General Discussion / Re: Display Bug During Playback
I often encounter this bug.

As long as it's not interfering with actual print results or MIDI output, why bother, though?

I suppose y'all respond with something about perfection. 
General Discussion / Re: newbie problem
Well, it could be

A)The tracks are muted
B)You have instruments set to hacky channels. This always happens to me.
C)In the Windows Volume Control, you don't have your soundcard turned up/on. This started hapening to me recently.
General Discussion / Re: Restrictions for NWC2 Beta...
I think this has already been discussed in another topic, and the conclusion reached was that it was worthwhile to purchase an upgrade CD for $15.

If not, you can give up on NWC and instead purchase Finale or Siblelius for a nice $600.

I'm sure that would be more convenient and a far better value for you.

(Sarcasm is returned with sarcasm!)
General Discussion / File Opening Problem
Now, recently I reinstalled NWC 1.75b, if this has anything to do with it. The problem is that when I try to set NWC files to automatically open with NWC 2.14, which I use far more often than version 1, because of it's wider use elsewhere, it states: Noteworthy Composer 2.lnk is not a valid Win32 application. Instead, than I opt to try to set it to open with Version 2 viewer. This is even worse. It appears to work, but when I look back, nothing has changed!
General Discussion / Re: New Signature
I wish I could say I see the sketch the whole time, but both Rick and RobdenHeijer's pictures are "Image Hosted By Tripod" to me. In the actual signature, I can see perfectly well, though. Maybe you should use another free web server.
General Discussion / Re: More dots - version 2.14
Code: [Select · Download]
is musical, and is still overlapping.
General Discussion / Re: Out of tune/off-key
Since all the conventional answers have already been said, I'm going to be extremely radical. In a rare situation, your sound card could be misfunctioning.
General Discussion / Font
All right, a simple question. I have both the NWC2SDA font and NWC2SwingDings font in my C://WINDOWS/Fonts folder. For some reason, my v1.75b automatically picks the Swing Ding one. How can I change this?
General Discussion / Re: NWC2 beta 2.13 crash
I don't know much about operating systems, but I have an old version of Windows XP, and tried your 'crash n' burn' procedure twenty times in a row, and nothing happened. Hmmm...
General Discussion / Re: Spacing problem: first note after clef (Beta 2.10 )
Three against one! Or four against one. All right, all, right, you're right and I'm wrong, sure. But I don't understand the problem of such preeminence. Apparently, you don't wish to have space. Therefore, I guess you're complaining that a piece of text which does not have the width preseved takes up too much space. In that respect I find you correct, I guess. I have two last things to say, however.
1) I have found this sort of thing in some engraved music, and
2) The space is less than 5mm, it's more like 2 mm.
General Discussion / Re: Spacing problem: first note after clef (Beta 2.10)
I'm not exactly sure that anyone that uses NWC 2.1 to print music will look at the score and shriek in dismay, "No! The notes are too close to the clef! The apocalypse is coming!" All right, perhaps that was an overstatement. But the point is, it's 5 millimetres. What kind of person would scour a sheet of music to spectifically to find this sort of thing?
General Discussion / Re: Spacing problem: first note after clef (Beta 2.10 )
You have a knack for finding the most trivial problems less than three seconds from their creation. Who's going notice 5 mm of extra space? For that matter, who's going to care? I don't understand your problem that needs help. In the quoted post, you declared there was too much space, and now, apparently, you've decided there's too little. I say you should just ignore it.
General Discussion / Re: Fractional beam direction in Beta 2.08
That is strange. Probably NWC incorporated the direction for whatever reason, and forgot to make it point the other direction when the first note is inserted. It's only trivial, really. Most scores would simply bar the first two and the second two seperately.
General Discussion / Re: Note Spacing
Well, one factor is if it's a chord with notes adjacent to eachother, the spacing will be wider, of course. For some strange reason, unbarred notes with stems upwards suffer a similar fate. Extra note spacing in the note properties makes it even wider. However, I can't think of anythink that will make the spacing narrower. Pardon me if I'm wrong; I'm not an expert.
Tips & Tricks / Re: Swing Tempo
I think what Metroid means is making the entire staff a smaller size, as shown in the attachment. I do not think there is a way to achieve this on NWC nor NWC2 beta.
Tips & Tricks / Re: Swing Tempo
As far as I know, no, there is no way to make a seperate part in the same score in smaller print.
As for the swing tempo, to my knowledge (which, admittedly, is quite small), the only way is to use a hidden staff.
General Discussion / Re: Ecossaises (Rondo)
Thanks for being polite to my rudeness. I don't know what came over me. Anyways, I found another young one.  Daniel Abolafia. About 14 years today. Hmmmm, not as good as the Eccosaise, but still pretty good.
General Discussion / Re: Ecossaises (Rondo)
I think that that's child discrimination! Are you implying that children don't know how to do these things?

Sorry if I sounded a bit harsh, but I hate it when people propose that children can't do something an adult can solely on age.

I do think that if the child knows how to conpose such a thing, he wouldn't need to dictate his notes to an adult, though.
General Discussion / Re: Midi editor
I use a recording device to play record the MIDI, than edit it on Audacity.
I guess that's a bit complicated, though...
General Discussion / Ecossaises (Rondo)
I was looking through the NWC Scriptorium the other day, and I saw someone named Evan Caplinger had composed this piece:
It was better than most of the "Classical" pieces that were submitted to the Scriptorium.
The crazy part was that, apparently, the person was born 1997,
which would make him 9 years old, give or take 1 year, today!
Download the file and give your opinion, please.
General Discussion / Re: first song
You're right, you don't want to ask that question.

It's a really, really, really long story.

It's basically just something I co-founded at school, but it's origins come from way before that.

By the way, Anonymous, what's the name of the song? Is it 9738?
General Discussion / Re: first song
Technish? I concur. It's very good for a first song.
Hey, I'm just echoing everyone else, aren't I?
Getting the download from the storage site was kind of complicated,though.
It took me three days to figure it out.
Have you considered getting the registered version of NWC, though?
I know, I sound like a shameless edvertiser. Ah, well.
Anyways, good job!

P.S. Trend? Oh, you mean you did this too?