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General Discussion / Re: Multiple Licences?
I'd like to know wether it's possible to group commands outside a site, e.g.:
I'm in a music school and want my students to work _at home_ with NWC. Does site license apply?
If not, is there a group reduction?

Thank you in advance.
General Discussion / Re: Wish: Provisions for translations
Hi Rich,

Still waiting for translation, of course ;-)

Did you make some steps ahead or is the situation still the same?
Now that version 2 is officialy released, I suppose you'll have a bit more time?

For translating the doc, I've found myself clueless as I'm using Linux and there is no way to edit the Publisher format the doc is written in.
Therefore, it's impossible for me to be of any help.
Nevertheless, if it were possible to have some "reasonably standard" format, I'm sure I'll could help.

It's the same thing concerning the program itself. If you've made provisions for translations, I'm sure I can help.

Waiting to hear from you,
General Discussion / Re: NWC2 on Linux/Wine
Well, I can't resist to give you some stuff again;-)

In trying to update my NWC2, I get the following message:

Impossible d'exécuter la commande spécifiée. Le fichier ou le dossier file:///home/bernard/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/NoteWorthy Composer 2/栢瑴獰⼺眯睷渮瑯睥牯桴獹景睴牡⹥潣⽭睮㉣瀮灨欿祥戽瑥㉡ㅸⰸⰰ〲㠰㘰㈲㌬䍨捶湶䠴坱䩙歉䉬煄䝴≯Ⱜㄭ〬ⰬⰬ n'existe pas.

Nice characters, aren't they?

Good evening, it's time to bed for me here ;-)
General Discussion / Re: NWC2 on Linux/Wine
Another problem for this evening (And after that, I go to bed, I promise;-))

In certain circumstances, the Preview hangs and kills the entire application.

I've noted:

1) The preview mode is pre-calibrated to a certain size (which annoys me because I own a big monitor and I always have to enlarge the preview, but that's another question);
2) When the problem arrives, it seems that the preview begins in full screen (but only the top of the window is displayed);
3) Certain pieces always hangs (the Carmen sample, for example);
4) It's more likely to hang if I've modified important things like margins, number of staves, etc.
5) It hangs under the viewer too.
General Discussion / Re: NWC2 on Linux/Wine
In addition to the «Tab» key problem (or not?) I've noticed that the «Del» key seems to be counted twice, too.
When I use it, I get:
1) the current note deleted
2) the dot (for dotted notes) selected.

Perhaps also a problem with the «numLock» key?
General Discussion / Re: NWC2 on Linux/Wine

Good day,

Wine had lots of trouble with NWC's tabbed dialog boxes (which are modeless, but with special hooks to make them modal). I suspect that you won't see much improvement on that front any time soon.

I'm back with this (old) issue because there are news: The 1.0 version of Wine is out and I'm asked wether the bug still exists.

I've tried some softs around but I couldn't reproduce the bug with any of them apart NWC2.
Even there, it's not pretty clear.

For example, in the File/Open or File/Info dialog boxes, the Tab key functions perfectly, but under Staff Properties, Tools/Options or File/Page Setup, the bug appears.

I wonder if there isn't something peculiar in those dialogs?
General Discussion / Wish: smaller spaces between notes and slurs
Well, It's not very beautiful when you have two staves with slurs having the slurs cross together.

For example, I've got a violin II part ging from middle B to low D then high D and an alt part (in treble clef) staying between high D and G.
Both are slurred and the slurs cross together...
General Discussion / Wish: connecting bars between Lower- /Upper grand staff and orchestral
Ifeel a bit frustrated when I want to make groups of instruments under NWC/NWC2 because I can't make the bars connect together.

When I give the Orchestral style for different staves, the bars get connected together between staves.

When I make a piano part, using Upper grand staff and Lower grand staff, bars gets also connected together between staves.

But when I maxe a mix - let's say for SATB, if I try to give the soprano Upper grand staff, the bass Lower grand staff, no configuration permits me to have bars connected for the Alt and Tenor staves. I think giving them Orchestral style could make bars connected upper and lower...
General Discussion / Wish: moving keys for b, natural and #
It would be very much more natural for me if the 7, 8 and 9 keys where mapped respectively to b, natural and # instead of natural, # and b.

A real plus would be if you could customize your keyboard affectations, of course not losing your modifications along updates...
General Discussion / Re: No preview with Wine
Emh... I don't have the EMF nor Raw options.

The driver I use is Postscript. It's then postprocessed to HP-PCL language by CUPS.

Any other idea?
General Discussion / Re: No preview with Wine
A few ideas:
  • Use File->Printer Setup ... to insure that you have a printer selected.
  • Look at File->Page Setup ...->Preview (too bad that you can't copy the info to the Clipboard)
  • If Wine allows you to have a default printer, you should select one.

Of course I've done that already.

Under File/Printer Setup, I get my HP LaserJet declared under CUPS.
Under File/Page Setup.../Preview, I get exactly the same message...

I've tried to reselect it by default under CUPS, but this doesn't do anything.

Strangely enough, Whereas under CUPS, I get a localization of the printer (which I've given to CUPS), under Wine, I don't get it. I don't know if there is of any interest...
General Discussion / No preview with Wine
Good day,

Under Wine, I've configured a printer which functions perfectly with NWC2.

The strange thing is, when I try to preview, I get the error message "There is no default printer. A printer must be installed before this operation can be performed".

Apart from that, when printing, the count of pages is at 65535, even if my work is only 2 pages long, but I think this is a consequence of the preceeding, no?
General Discussion / Re: Wish: Provisions for translations
Hi, Rich,

A .po file is basically a list of pairs of expressions: the first in originating language, the second in translated one.

There is a different file for any available language.

The magic is, if you only pick a .po file and adapt it to you own favorite language, the concerned application _is_ translated.

The only thing is to make provisions in the source code to support this facility.
The library is called gettext and the only thing you have to do is to write like this (exemple in C language):

printf(gettext("Hello, %s, glad to see you again\n"), name);
instead of simply:
printf("Hello, %s, glad to see you again\n", name);

In the .po file, you'll get only:
msgid "Hello, %s, glad to see you again\n"

Then, the translator gives the following:
msgstr "Bonjour %s, content de vous revoir\n"

... and that's all folks!

This is what I call "provisions".
General Discussion / Re: NWC2 on Linux/Wine
This means that if bersyl91 says it works fine, I might actually be able to switch to Linux if I wanted to.

Well, what a responsibility! I don't know if I'm that important...

I want to thank very much the development team for it's reactivity, I'm really impressed.

And YES! I now *can* write eigths with their flags visible *and* proceed to the update.
Of course, it'll be better if Wine's bugs are fixed, but many thanks again for the workarounds.

That said, I have to mention that I haven't tested the MIDI output nor any and all NWC2's funcionnalities under Wine. So I can't assert for sure that what I think sufficient for me is enough for others. Your mileage may vary.

It's enough to build, edit and print scores of 25 pages for SATB, organ and gong (this is what I just did).

..and now, I go to bed, because here, it's 2:00AM ;-))
General Discussion / Re: NWC2 on Linux/Wine
Well, at wine-hq, they want a diff -u, but I can't create it for them...

Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2007 06:18:27 +0100
From: Marcus Meissner <>
Subject: Re: Proposed patch for "fonts.c"


> 352c352
> < static LPWSTR FONT_mbtowc(LPCSTR str, INT count, INT *plenW)
> ---
> > static LPWSTR FONT_mbtowc(HDC hdc, LPCSTR str, INT count, INT *plenW)

Please use "diff -u".

Ciao, Marcus
General Discussion / Wish: Provisions for translations
I've presented NWC to many colleagues but I'm always limited by the fact that it's only in english.

We, Frenchies, are not very comfortable with foreign languages and prefer having software in french.

Is it possible to work on an internationalization of NWC?
If provisions are made, it could be a mutual effort. For example, with the use of the "gettext" library, you end up with a .po file which has only to be correctly translated to have 90% of the work done.

Even better, this .po file is dynamically loaded and it's then possible to manage a huge quantity of translations with a unique code...

With a .po file, I think I could translate NWC in some days...
General Discussion / Re: NWC2 on Linux/Wine
Oops! I realize that I've not described this issue here.

Under Wine, when I use the tab key to navigate between fields, the cursors moves _two_ fields away instead of one.
If I use shift-tab, the same occurs (to fields before instead of one).

Very strange, no?
General Discussion / Appearance of the last printed system
Good day,

I wonder why the last printed system can't be justified exactly as the other ones?
Okay, I can check "Extend last system", but it gives me a lot of space _after_ the last note and this is not beautiful.

Do you think possible to have this last system appear exactly as what you get with a forced system break at a bar?

General Discussion / Re: NWC2 on Linux/Wine
Ok, I think I've understood grosso modo what you speak about concerning symbol fonts.
But I don't understand really how I can have NWC2 work under Wine/Linux?
The problem may be very simple an resolved with a duplication of the glyphs at the places Wine tries to find them, no?

The problem is, I don't now anything about creating TTF fonts, nor can I figure out WHERE NWC2 hits the font map in thos cases.
Does someone know enough to build a test font that I may try?
General Discussion / Re: NWC2 on Linux/Wine
Well, on WineHQ, someone asked me an excellent question: Does the bug appear with version 1.75 ?

So I installed V1.75b and tried, and the flags appear perfectly.

Does someone have an explanation? a turnaround? something?
General Discussion / Re: Bug in measure bar count
No, no, I think you missed the point:

It's a correct behaviour for the numbering not to be increased between the two repeat bars, AND I've precised that I didn't want it to be increased.

BUT it's also not incremented at the NEXT bar, so I become TWO measures numbered 2 in this example.

Or did I miss something?
General Discussion / Re: NWC2 on Linux/Wine
No, that is not right. NWC2STDA is a symbol font and you are not getting symbol font mapping.
I don't know if any of that will help.
Worst case, you may need a custom version of the font.

Well, I don't know what you mean with "symbol" font. All I know is that a font is a map of characters into a certain encoding. Perhaps I don't have to make a parallel with alphabetic chars, but I think it's not that important.

Your idea may not be bad: making a custom font may be a good idea. It seems that there is no common place between the encoding I get and the one which exists on Windows. So I can perhaps enrich the font with a copy of the flags at the right place for ISO-8859 encoding...

Thank you for the detailed map, I'll try this, I think.
General Discussion / Bug in measure bar count

When I have a double repeat (a left one followed by a right one) inside a measure, the next measure number is the same as the one with the double repeat.

Example (3 measures from Mozart's Turkish march):

General Discussion / Bug in default folders config
Hi all,

I just understood why at some times, NWC2 told me it was unable to save my work, whereas I didn't ask him anything.
In fact, I use a nonprivileged account to compose on WindowsXP (when I'm not on Linux, of course ;-)) and therefore, I'm not authorized to write under c:\Program Files.
So the autosave function fails, of course.

Perhaps using another default folder _and_ changing the error message a bit could be a nice idea ;-)
General Discussion / Re: NWC2 on Linux/Wine
Hi Rick and Rich,

Thank you for your answers.
I've already followed Matt's instructions, but it refers to a fairly old Wine version and on NoteWorthy version 1.
What I'm trying to do is having version 2 working on a recent Wine version and whereas most of what Matt says still applies, I'm confronted with new issues.

For the font characters, I can see chars above 127 (It's fundamental for me as I'm french and use accented chars).
Can it be a problem of hardcoding ? On my Linux box, the flag for a sixteen note with stem down is character "à" (a with a grave accent). Is this encoding ok? I'm afraid the Windows codepage and the ISO 8859-15 encoding don't match exactly...

With charmap, I can see the flags encoded as follows:

8th stem up : Ç (C cedilla)
8th stem down: á (a acute)
16th stem up: É (E acute)
16th stem down: à (a grave)
32th stem up: Ñ (N tilde)
32th stem down: â (a circ)
64th stem up: Ö (O diaeresis)
64th stem down: ä (a diaeresis)

(Well, they're not all on the 4th line down but it's certainly a problem of screen resolution: I can only have 14 characters on one line)

Concerning the permissions, I own the integrality of files in my wine environment. I'll try this as root, it can be an idea, thanks.
General Discussion / NWC2 on Linux/Wine
Godd day all, and all my best wishes for the coming new year!

I'm trying to use NWC2 on my Linux box with the Wine (non-)emulator.

I'm confronted with three curious problems:

- I can perfectly install NWC2, but it's then impossible to upgrade it (error during the copy of nwc2.exe)
- "wings" of notes shorter than quarters are replaced by bizarre vertical rectangles, but only if not beamed
- the "Tab" key is interpreted twice in dialogs (e.g. it skips two fields rather than one).

In fact, the second issue is the most important, because it prevents me from printing the music I compose.

Anybody here having any idea?

Thank you in advance...