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Auto Slurring Tool

This may be useful to other users, I have just written a php tool to automatically slur single notes. I may extend it to chords and rests later if I find that useful. Do let me know if you find problems with it and I will endeavour to solve them in a future release.
Install it in your usual tool scripts area, in my case Scripts\JGASlur.php.
The command is :
php\php.exe Scripts\JGASlur.php "/number=<PROMPT:Select number of (selected) notes to slur:=#[2,12]>"

Select the set of notes that you want slurred, invoke the tool and input the number you want in a group of slurred notes. The tool will slur them for you. I have found it useful when slurring repetitive string parts.

I hope it proves useful - I have found scripts from others in the forum very useful in learning the api, thank you.



Re: Auto Slurring Tool

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Dear Geoff,

I tested you tool today and I must say that it does more than I expected when reading your explanation.
I ran the tool with no notes selected and then the whole staff gets slurs grouping notes with the chosen number.  :)

One thing may or may not be useful: the option to choose upward or downward slurs.
The default direction for slurs (and ties) is not good when layering staves for "rehearsal scores".
But this can be fixed manually, by selecting the whole staff and changing the directions in the NOTES-page. So if you don't need it yourself, just see if you add this feature or not.

You didn't mention options for you user tool, so I have chosen the default (Input Type = Clip Text and no other options chosen) and that worked just fine.

Thank you for this user tool!