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NWC on Ubuntu

I am trying to use NWC 2.75 onto Ubuntu 16.04 using Wine 2.0. It is running, but I can not hear my music.
Who can help me?


Re: NWC on Ubuntu

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Did you install a software synth?
(Hai installato un qualche sintetizzatore software? Non credo che Ubuntu ne abbia uno nativo, visto che, sic!, tendono a considerare il MIDI un formato obsoleto  ;) )

Re: NWC on Ubuntu

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As Flurmy mentioned, you must first have a functioning MIDI device.
Timidity did the trick for me some years ago.
When that was working, I simply pointed NWC to this device in its Midi options.

I didn't use Ubuntu very often and after some kind of upgrade my working configuration was lost and I didn't repair it any more. Maybe today better alternatives to Timidity exist, but I don't know.



Re: NWC on Ubuntu

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Start by installing the Viewer and getting it working. In Ubuntu 16.04, you can install and run NWC Viewer using these steps:

  • apt-get install wine freepats timidity
    (installs the necessary wine and timidity software)
  • winecfg
    (confirms your wine config)
  • wget
    (downloads the NWC Viewer install package)
  • timidity -iA
    (Launches TiMidity++ as ALSA sequencer client)
  • winefile
    (double click the setup_nwc275_viewer.exe to install the viewer)