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This object can be used to draw ukulele chord charts above a note or chord. This is a simplified version of GuitarChord with a number of options removed (barres, capo, numbered dots, etc.) and several changes to handle differences in ukulele charts.

Paste the following snippet into NWC 2.75, then go to Tools > Manage Objects to install the object.
Code: (nwc) [Select · Download]
|User||Pos:6|Name:A|Finger:"2 1 o o"|Size:2|Style:Sans
|User||Pos:6|Size:2|Name:C|Finger:"o o o 3"|LabelOpen:N
|User||Pos:6|Size:2|LabelOpen:N|Name:Ddim|Finger:"1 2 1 x"
|User||Pos:6|Size:2|Name:Fm9|Finger:"o 5 4 3"|TopFret:2|Style:Swing

When adding a new chord, the user can choose one of 180 predefined chords, for each of Standard and Baritone tunings. Or, they can choose "(Custom)" to create a chord chart from scratch. When a chord is added to a staff, if there is another Ukulele object earlier in the staff, it will inherit the style and properties of that object.

Following are the parameters used to configure the chart:

Chord Name: Name of the chord, drawn above the chart. It is displayed using a font which displays 'b' and '#' as flat and sharp symbols.
Font Style: The font style to be used for the chord name and label text. The possible values are Serif (MusikChordSerif, Times New Roman), Sans (MusikChordSans, Arial) and Swing (SwingChord, SwingText). The default setting is Serif.
Fingerings: Contains the fret position for each string. o = open, x = don't play. Default value is blank.
Chart Size: Size of the chord chart. This value can be thought of as a scale factor. Default value is 1.
Frets to Show: Number of frets to show in the chart. Default value is 4.
Top Fret: Top fret displayed in the chart. When the value is 2 or more, the fret number is displayed to the right of the chart. Default value is 1.
Label Open Strings: Determines whether 'o' is displayed above open strings. Default value is true.
Fret Number Position: For charts where the top fret is greater than one, the fret position which
will be labeled to the right of the chart. The default is 1.
Chord Name Offset: The vertical offset for the chord name, ranging from -5.0 to 5.0. The default is 0.

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The object has been updated, with the following changes:
  • The predefined chords now include versions for C tuning (soprano, concert and tenor) and G tuning (baritone) ukuleles.
  • The number of chords (for each tuning) has been expanded from 35 to 180.
  • The fret number displayed for chords not played at the top fret has been moved from the left to the right side of the chart.
  • An additional parameter is available to control the fret number to receive the above position label.
  • An additional parameter is available to offset the vertical position of the chord name.
  • The thickness of the top fret bar has been reduced (when top fret is greater than 1).